by Joseph DeMaio, ©2021

(Apr. 20, 2021) — Representative Maxine Waters (D. CA) – now seeks to incite rioting in the streets if the result in the Derek Chauvin trial over the death of George Floyd is anything other than “guilty, guilty, guilty.”  She also suggested that people ignore a mandated curfew and “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is acquitted. 

This is the species of flame-fanning which if committed by a Republican congressman would result in demands for immediate expulsion from the House by Democrats…, but is met with yawns and even praise from Shrieker of the House Nancy (“I-left-my-brain-in-San-Crapcisco”) Pelosi.  What a wretch.

Indeed, Pelosi added that Waters should “absolutely not apologize” for her incendiary words.  Waters and Pelosi seem clearly to favor rioting in the streets and the destruction of Minneapolis if former Officer Chauvin is not convicted by the jury.  And Judge Peter Cahill, presiding over the Chauvin trial, was not exactly pleased with Waters’ inflammatory and potentially “reversible error” exhortations.

This episode in the continuing unraveling of the rule of law and the foundations of a constitutional republic which has endured for the past 233 years should tell you everything you need to know about the Democrats’ moral depravity and Lord Acton’s observation that “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Pelosi and Waters are now the poster children for the stunning accuracy of that admonition.

Photo: Nancy Pelosi’s website

Both Waters and Pelosi, as an accomplice, will be responsible for every shattered window, every firebombed police cruiser and every looted flat-screen television following any verdict – acquittal or conviction – in the Chauvin trial.  The only principles guiding these leftist insects are expediency and power.  They lack even rudimentary intellectual capacity and value little else than how many torque foot-pounds of violence can be squeezed from the crisis now bubbling in Minneapolis, with a hat-tip to Rahm Emanuel.

Tell me again that the Republic can wait until 2022 to regain control of the House.  C’mon, man..., tell me.  I’ll wait.  While waiting, your humble servant might go back to review what could be done sooner than that, as discussed here.  P&E readers might consider doing the same… and maybe even communicating with their representatives in Congress. 

Yes, Virginia, the House of Representatives would be a much different – and vastly improved – body under the leadership of a Speaker McCarthy.  Kevin McCarthy may have some detractors, but at least his surname is not “Pelosi.”  And that “reset” could happen a lot sooner than the 2022 mid-term elections…, if some folks just started dancing…, just sayin’.

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  1. Maxine Waters does not live in her 43rd Congressional District. She resides in a wealthy Los Aneles neighborhood which is outside the 43rd District.

    Waters represents one of the most underserved districts in the country. It is violent, minority and poor. But Waters does not live there. She lives in a mansion in very safe, mostly white, and very rich, Hancock Park with all her millionaire friends. You will never find Waters protesting in her neighborhood.

    Twenty-one members of the House of Representatives, like Waters, live outside their districts.

    Unfortunately, the Constitution does not require that a member of the House live in their district, only that they live in the state where the district is located.

    Something needs to be done about this. Representatives should live in the district they represent.

  2. If a conservative had said what mad maxine polluted waters said the devildemocommiecrats and their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists would be having kittens of outrage. Chauvin was found guilty by jurors intimidated by violent political rhetoric not evidence. This diatribe by a lunatic should not be tolerated by the speaker of the house, nor any other devildemocommiecrat, but nutty nancy, madame botox, is just as satanic, unhinged, and hateful towards We the People and liberty!!!!!!!!!!!