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Composition of the U.S. House of Representatives,
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(March 11, 2021) — Desperate times call for desperate measures, even bold, outside-the-box measures.  And if ever the Republic needed such measures, it is now.  Listen up:  when the Goofball-in-Chief – with the nuclear launch codes never more that a reach away – cannot remember either the name of “that outfit over there” (the Pentagon) or the name of “the guy who runs it” (Biden’s Secretary of Defense appointee, Lloyd Austin…, a black four-star Army general in his prior life), you know or should know that there is a problem.  Not just a “problem,” but a deadly serious problem. 

Faithful P&E readers, Biden’s slide into either full-blown cognitive meltdown or clinical dementia would be obvious to even a blind Martian…, but not, of course, to the mainstream media or Democrat sycophants in Congress and the Beltway.  Or White House Press Flak Jen Psaki.  The intrepid P&E Editor recently posted an article referencing Biden’s recent and dramatic cognitive deterioration which you should read.

Mind you, Biden is no ordinary Deep State Beltway septuagenarian.  He happens to be the person presently holding the title – if clearly not the stature and gravitas…, not kidding… – of President of the United States.  The Editor’s post noted that commentator and former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino has confirmed that Biden’s cognitive abilities are “deteriorating rapidly” and that inside the White House, “they are panicking right now on what to do with Joe Biden.”  As a former Secret Service Agent with continuing “connections,” Bongino’s comments, let us agree, carry more weight than just mere gossip or “facts” from MSNBC, Jen Psaki or, of course, CNN’s Brian Stelter.

As evidence of Biden’s utter disdain and contempt for the United States and its citizens, look no farther than his “c’mon in, amigo” policies at the southern border.  If you think that the current rate of tens of thousands of illegal aliens pouring over the border each week is bad, just wait until it reaches hundreds of thousands.  Or more.  Biden’s unconstitutional and inexcusable refusal to enforce the border, thereby violating his oath of office to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed” under Art. 2, § 3 of the Constitution, will soon eradicate altogether the border between the United States and Mexico.  Can you say “high crime and misdemeanor?”

Moreover, as but one sliver of “beyond a reasonable doubt” evidence of House Speaker Pelosi’s contempt and distilled hatred for anyone who did not vote for Biden, look no farther than the despotic contents – ignore the title’s stealthy camouflage  – of  her “For the People” Act, H.R. 1. 

Apart from its blatant unconstitutionality – a fluid, “living, breathing” concept these days under Chief Justice John Roberts – if H.R.1 ever became law, it would guarantee fraudulent elections and the cementing in place of Democrat edicts, fiats, executive orders and agency dictates for decades to come, if not in perpetuity…, and if by the term “perpetuity” is meant “until the total collapse of the Republic.”  The nation cannot wait until 2022 to reclaim the House and the Senate.  It cannot wait until 2024 and another general election.  Action must be taken.  Now. recall Lord Acton’s warning: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  And dogs lick themselves because they can.

Accordingly, your humble servant has a suggestion, but buckle up, because this gets a bit “out there.”  It may even be deemed “fantasy,” but so what?  Desperate times call for – let us label them “innovative” rather than “desperate” – measures.  What is now happening to this once-robust constitutional republic is its destruction by an “absolutely” corrupt Democrat power wood-chipper, but instead of wood, the things being shredded are copies of the Constitution.  No time to waste.

Ready?  Here goes.

First, Mr. Bongino frequently refers in his podcasts to the anecdote of the “second person to get up and dance.”  If nobody stands up to start a movement rolling, the movement dies. Inertia (and Newton’s First Law prevail.  But if one person gets up and starts to dance, others around take notice and watch.  Then – this is the important part – a second person gets up and starts dancing, too… then a third… then a fourth and fifth…, and soon, a movement is in full swing.  But without the first and second dancers, the movement dies.

It is time for congressional dancers.  Now.  Not in 2022.  Not in 2024.  Now.  Your humble servant’s suggested solution involves not only invocation of the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from access to the launch codes, but also addresses, first, the enigma of what to do about installing constitutionally-ineligible Vice-President Harris into the Oval Office.  Second, even if Harris were declared constitutionally ineligible, the problem surfaces of what to do about the arguably even worse prospect of installing the next person in the line of succession upon the disqualification of Harris, i.e., the Wretch from San Crapcisco, Nancy (“let-them-eat-Jeni’s-ice-cream”) Pelosi

All of this assumes, of course, that Biden’s marionette masters – including his wife – do not conclude that in order to avoid the disgrace of invocation of the 25th Amendment, he could be “persuaded” to go through the ignominious exercise of publicly resigning from the office…, perhaps at the end of one of his infrequent, scripted yet totally incoherent speeches.  Hey, if he doesn’t even know what he is signing, why not just blindside-bamboozle him and put as the last line on the teleprompter: “Oh, by the way, I am resigning as President immediately.”?   Watch for the potential triggering of that option over the next few weeks.  

Again, stay with me here, folks, because while the following is admittedly waaayyyy out in left field – beyond the warning track, the parking lot and the city where the ballpark stadium sits – it is offered as a “first one to dance” analogy.  And what might that action entail? 

Well, glad you’ve asked.  Here is the modest proposal, hat tip to Bongino.  Before next month, a minimum of seven (7) sitting Democrat members of the House of Representatives should publicly declare that they are at long last putting nation before party, and patriotism before Pelosi.  The current makeup of the House is 220 Democrats, 211 Republicans and currently, 4 vacant seats.  To speculate, if each vacant seat were eventually filled with a Democrat – an unlikely proposition but offered for purposes of discussion – the current composition would be 224 Democrats, 211 Republicans.

Under the proposal, the first Representative would stand up and “dance” by declaring that, after deep and serious reflection and for the good of the country, he/she is switching from being a Democrat to being a Republican.  Not just committing to vote with the GOP, but switching to become a Republican.  If Ronald Reagan could do it, why couldn’t they?  The Left would go wild; Pelosi would screech in denunciation; Schumer’s brain would explode; MSNBC, CNN and Psaki would howl in dismay.  Let them; the louder the better. 

And then, a second Democrat House member would do the same thing.  More howls.  Then a third and fourth House Democrat would follow.  More, even louder howls, maybe even cancellation and blocking of Twitter accounts to stem communications between and among Democrat dancers.  Then guess what: if, at the end of the dancing, at least seven (perhaps fewer) Democrats had experienced their own personal patriotic epiphanies, the result would be a shift in the composition of the House from majority Democrat to majority Republican, say: 218, maybe more, pachyderms to 217 donkeys.  Not in 2022 or 2024.  Now, in 2021, when it matters. 

Of critical importance, however, it would also occasion a new vote among the members for a new Speaker of the House.  That might be existing Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy or it might be some other Republican.  The crucial point here is that the person next in line of succession after Harris would – mercifully – not be surnamed “Pelosi.”  Then, guess who would have the necessary “standing” to challenge the constitutional eligibility of Harris?  That’s right, Virginia: Kevin McCarthy or whoever became the new Speaker of the House. 

Mind you, the Supreme Court (or, at minimum, Chief Justice Roberts) would likely still try to preserve Harris as Vice-President and search for a way to deny standing.  But like the opportunity Michael Pence forfeited, abstract standing would exist.  Moreover, even if no challenge were made to Harris’s eligibility, at least the unacceptable potential for Pelosi to remain in line for the office would be eliminated.  Whew.

Boom.  Full stop.  If Harris were to be (finally) declared ineligible and removed, the Democrats’ express train to the destruction of the United States would be brought to a screeching halt.  No more talk of packing the Supreme Court; of statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico; of institutionalizing election fraud; of air-freighting more midnight pallets of billions of dollars to the “death to America” mullahs; etc., etc., etc. 

Yes, Virginia…, your humble servant is painfully aware that the foregoing proposal has, on a scale of one to ten, a success potential of negative three.  Maybe more.  Moreover, the proposal would depend entirely upon Democrat members of the House putting aside their political biases and expectations of plum committee assignments and power, an unlikely event.  And yet, without some sort of tectonic alteration of the balance of power in the Congress and the replacement of a president who daily confirms that he is unfit for the office, we as a nation are likely headed for a cataclysmic disaster from which there likely could be no recovery.  It is that serious.

So, call the proposal a fantasy; call it dumb; call it impossible.  They said that about a brash businessman winning the presidency in 2016, soooo…. anyone have a better suggestion, other than capitulation before 2022 to the Democrat-engineered catastrophe now unfolding? 

I’ll wait.

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