by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

“The Last Supper” depicting Judas Iscariot in right forefront
(Artist: Carl Bloch, public domain)

(Apr. 1, 2021) — “I’m A Long Gone Daddy” (1:59)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Our contact at the Pentagon has informed us that any mention of ‘upholding the Oath’ will get your security clearance yanked faster than you could say Jack Robinson.’  Since the fraud Biden-Harris ousted Trump — via the election fraud executed by the Deep State — every positive suggestion that the Trump Administration put forth to the Pentagon has been scrapped, replaced with regulations that guarantee our military gets decimated in the next skirmish, so a heads-up warning to any aircraft carrier operating within a thousand miles of North Korea and China: FAIR WARNING. Now to the show.”

“Glad to be here.”

“Wait until you’re introduced, please.”

“Okay, if that’s how you want it. You know who I am; the audience knows who I am. I mean, I’m wearing my uniform, for goodness sake, and I have my blackboard-on-wheels front and center; what more do you want?”

“It’s for those who don’t watch the show at 3:00 in the morning, that’s why, and to those who only get us by reading the transcript.”

“Well, as long as you put it that way. Why don’t they record the show?”

“Maybe they forgot or a thousand-and-one other reasons; who knows? Ladies and gentlemen, our featured guest tonight is our very own General, the General.  Welcome to the show, General.”

“Glad to be here, Professor Zorkophsky, and I’ve brought my blackboard-on-wheels with me in case I need to draw encirclements and enfilades. Maybe I’ll draw a ‘crossing the T,’ or how the Union Army defended Little Round Top at Gettysburg.”

“Maybe, but you can call me ‘Zork’; I feel it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere. So, tell us what you think about Mike Pence’s chances of running for president?”

“What, all of a sudden ‘Pulse’ turns into ‘Comedy Hour?’ You’ve got to be kidding: Mike Pence, the ‘Judas of our time,’ has as much chance of being president as, well, as Biden has, which is a big fat zero.”

“So the Republican Party won’t nominate Pence?”

“What ‘Republican Party?’ There is no ‘Republican Party’; used to be, but no more. All you have today is the ‘Democratic Socialist Party’ and RINOs on one side of the political coin, while on the other you have the ‘Constitution Trump Party’; understand?”

“Yes, we do. Excuse us while we take this quick commercial break.”

Amazing Grace” (3:33)

“And we’re back. So what do you think about it all?”

“I think that the Deep State placed a puppet in the White House that is entirely under their direct control, just as Pence would be, especially since he passed the ‘Deep State Test’ by accepting fraudulent votes as legitimate votes.”

“So Pence has a chance of winning?”

“Oh yes, an EQUAL chance as anybody else the Deep State nominates. You see, everybody read Trump wrong, everybody but the real Americans, people who actually believe in the Constitution; the people who stand with hand over hearts when the National Anthem is played; citizens who don’t want Muslims in our country, let alone in the military; citizens who want each and every illegal immigrant deported, and that includes anchor babies and DACA scammers.”

“Speaking of Muslims in our military, what’s the plan?”

“Deep State’s plan is for the United States to take the side of the Islamic States to bury Israel once and for all, which is why the JCS has allowed Muslims within its ranks, all the way back during the Kuwait War, when Hasan Akbar, a U.S. Army Sergeant, murdered two and wounded a few more. Premeditated murder: a Muslim killing Christians; a Muslim killing Americans; a Muslim killing Infidels, just as it teaches in the Quran.”

“So why do they have even one Muslim in the military, especially when they know Muslims won’t fight against their fellow Muslims and will do anything to kill Jews, Christians and every other human being on the planet?”

“I’m sorry, but you already asked that question and I already answered. Let me answer your repeated question this way: the Deep State is ahead out of the gate; the end of the first year is at the quarter-mile mark; going down the back straight is halfway; going into the third turn is the three-quarter mark and the end is back to the START-FINISH line.”

“I understand.”

“Now the timeline for the Deep State to confiscate our guns is by the three-quarter mark, understand?”

“Yes, General, I do.”

“The Deep State will manufacture and manipulate whatever it takes to get our guns, even if it takes murdering ten thousand third-graders to pass illegal laws to circumvent the Second Amendment; trust me. As it stands, we still have a chance to take our country back, but once they take our guns, all is lost. Notice they NEVER suggest taking the weapons of the criminals.”

“Yes, we’ve noticed that; be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?”

“That it would. I hear a lot of the troops are greatly dissatisfied with the JCS for not upholding their Oath, which is a good sign. It has always been and forever shall be that the Colonels are the backbone of our military, so maybe we’ll see if that’s really true.”

“Yes, I agree, which leads us to the time to wish our listeners, and readers, a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. If I were Israel, I’d be worried. Burger time: my treat.”

Suspicion” (2:35)

Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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  1. Indeed, someone got to Pence “to get his mind right”. Likewise, and moreover, someone also got to all the members of the Supreme Court to fall in line. For example, they won’t touch a case involving recent presidential voter fraud nor Obama’s usurpation. Also, are there any links or similar related action related to “Obama Met Secretly with 8 of 9 Justices of Supreme Court” dated: Mon. Jan. 19, 2015 by john gaultier . Is there any related connection to Scalia’s demise?

    1. Jeffery;
      Here’s the deal: you are at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter says to you: Jeffery, if you answer this question truthfully you will go to Heaven, if not, well, too bad for you. Was Antonin Gregory Scalia murdered or did he die of “natural causes”? Here’s some help: being smothered by a pillow is not “natural”. Maybe in the Secret Service and in the FBI, someone getting smothered by a pillow is “natural”, but we don’t count being smothered by a pillow “natural” up here, even though the pillow itself may be considered “natural”.
      Here’s a bonus question: was judge John Roll killed because he was about to rule in favor of exposing Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, as a fraud or was it something else entirely that had no connection with anything he was about to rule on? Do you think ‘WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?’ played a part in Roll’s untimely assassination, if it was politically motivated, or just your everyday plain murder that included collateral casualties?
      Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

  2. For YEARS I was chastised by die-hard Trumper’s when I brought up the topic of NOT trusting Pence. I always felt like he was too reserved and hiding something, not to mention that he was suspected of being involved in Human Trafficking… yeah, that went over like a lead balloon… but it was ALL true, and as disgusted as I was with that sickening Traitor when he showed his true Rat colors, I also felt vindicated. In the end, we were played all along. Does anyone really think Trump didn’t know WHO and WHAT that seemingly stoic Clown was besides just being a typical RINO? VP’s are thoroughly vetted and everyone knows everyone’s business in the Political realm, and I knew something wasn’t right from Day One when he picked that phony, mild-mannered snake in the grass… TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… and Trump threw in the towel FAR too easily. He was either in on it or they GOT to him. The NWO will threaten or disappear ANYONE that gets in the way of their agenda, including their relatives and the family dog.

      1. Four years ago no one saw any evidence of Pence being a Deep State Traitor either. I don’t believe everything I read but there have been far too many articles over the years, including FBI informant Timothy Holmseth who wrote a letter to then Attorney General Sessions regarding Pence and AG Pam Bondi and their involvement in Human Trafficking and Pedophilia. THIS IS their pass-time and is a huge money-maker for these embedded Criminals. I stand by my comment. The World is run by these Demonic animals, and you need to dive a little deeper.

        1. We have read the Holmseth letter. Regarding specific allegations, however, The Post & Email maintains that an individual is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.