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(Mar. 13, 2021) — “Bolero” (2:30)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I’m your Roving Reporter (RR), back from a well-deserved vacation, and will be your host. By popular demand, the General will be our featured guest for this show, but first I’d like to say that, as in just about everything in life, practice makes perfect, so I want all of you to master your gun safety and marksmanship skills. Now, if I offended anyone by not saying ‘marks-person-ship’ skills, please do yourself a favor and change the channel. What do you say we get this commercial out of the way and then hear the General’s announcement?”

“I didn’t know I had an announcement; what announcement?”

“I thought you said you had something important to say that just can’t wait.”

“Look, anytime a General opens his mouth you know importance is going to be said, that’s all. All I said was I’ve got something to say and, the rest, as they say, is history, as in ‘historical statements passed down through the ages.’”

“You wouldn’t have an overinflated ego, by any chance?”

“I’m a student of our Constitution, which is more than I can say of those pipsqueaks over at the Pentagon. The nerve, or actually the ‘absent nerve,’ or is it ‘missing nerve‘? No matter, but what’s important is that they sat on their duffs while our country was taken-over by a bunch of anti-Constitutionalists. Call them Socialists or Communists, or Pelosi-ists; you know the type: hates the USA; suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome; doesn’t mind her State being turned into a Third-World-Country cesspool.”

“That’s right: where were our troops while our country was being taken over? It was as if an invading army just walked in and there you have it; it was that quick. At midnight Trump was ahead, and then the next day the Fake News reported nothing but lies.”

“That is very true; they were lies then and they’re still lies now. A lie is a lie is a lie. Write that down; make a note of it. It’s one of those ‘historical utterances by a famous General,’ or would be if you’d write it down.”

“So you’re famous now?”

“I’m a General; it goes without saying. I say the Colonels at the Pentagon ought to discharge their bosses, is what. Maybe it’s about time the colonels on down the chain of command started to act like they took the Oath; what do you think of that? Unlike Shakespeare*, I say the first thing we do is get rid of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the real culprits in our country’s demise.”

“How’s that?”

“Now how anti-American do you have to be than to allow Muslims in our military?”

“Well, seeing how Islam is a political philosophy, as Nazism was, I guess not any more than that.”

“Precisely. Let’s say you’re at war; do you want the enemy in your camp? No, you wouldn’t, so why do we? And another thing: you’re not supposed to be in our country unless you’re here legally, so why do we have even ONE illegal immigrant within our borders? Answer me that.”

“I can’t; maybe because big business makes money off of cheap labor; maybe because unions priced themselves out of the market; maybe because the Dems allow unregistered voters to vote; maybe because we are NOT a nation of laws but a nation of whatever it takes to destroy the Constitution; is that about right, General?”

“Ever hear of a battlefield promotion? Well, I think I’ll make you a Major, even though you’re out of uniform. You do have a uniform, don’t you?”

“I used to.”

“Go to the PX and get yourself fitted; that’s an order, soldier.”

“Well, if I’m a Major, what do I do?”

“As little as possible, specifically to stay out of the way of your Lieutenant Colonel, is what. Be invisible; be the desk; be the outgoing papers.”

“No way.”

“It’s how to get ahead in the world, son: don’t make waves.”

“But what about ousting the JCS; wouldn’t they be big waves?”

“You bet, for the greater good and not like you were selfishly trying to get ahead. Let me throw in a bit of advice for the younger crowd: once they take your guns, you’re defenseless, and once you’re defenseless, that’s the end. Just ask the Germans, Cubans, Venezuelans and all the other fools of the world — past, present and future – who drank the Kool-Aid and traded guns for tyranny.”

“Excuse us, please, while we take a short commercial break.”

Guantanamera” (3:10)

“So it’s your opinion that they’ll come for our guns; is that correct, General?”

“Think about it, Major; they broke every law in the book by their, so far, successful coup, so what makes you think they’ll shy away from disrespecting the Constitution in every other way? They’ll have to take our guns until that time we get our act together and do to them what they plan to do to us.”

“I do believe you’re right, General. They’re following in the footsteps of past coups, aren’t they?”

“And if they wait long enough, they’ll get to see exactly what they’ve wrought: total destruction; people staved and murdered in unprecedented numbers; it’s just a matter of time. If I had a company of Marines, I could take over, kick Biden out and swear in Trump for another four years, but I don’t have a company of Marines.”

“I wish you did, General.”

“Which is why I’m ordering you, Major, to find yourself a company of men who are smart enough, brave enough and patriotic enough to take the bull by the horns and act like the men did in 1776 and put Trump back where he belongs. My God, Major, with each passing day this Biden-Harris fiasco may destroy our country from which there is no recovery. Get to it.”

“I’ll certainly do my best, sir.”

“I know you will, son.  Remember, all we’ll be doing is to right a wrong. You’re dismissed.”

“By the way, we’re not wearing masks because we subscribe to Professor Zorkophsky‘s philosophy of ‘trashing the masks.’ And with that we’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Part II, Act IV, Scene II: Dicks says, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” It has been said that William actually didn’t mean exactly that, but he might’ve meant exactly that. Just as well, he also could’ve aimed his barbs at judges, and exclusively judges.] 

Where Were You When I Needed You” (3:01)


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  1. I love this. If I wasn’t majorly disabled I would be proud to be in that company of men that undo the coup and reinstate President Trump to his rightful position in the oval office that we won on Nov 3, 2020 before the FRAUD started!!!!!!!!!! I have the training and experience as a former Special Forces soldier but lost the physical ability to a severe stroke on Aug 19, 2014. God bless America!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Bob;
      When I ran for president in 2012, part of my platform was to draft every citizen to serve their country for two years at whatever capacity to do them and the USA the most good.
      Age or physical ability was no deterrent; the point was that everybody had to contribute in some meaningful manner, from riding a tank to riding a chair as a hall monitor at the local high school.
      Even though you may not be able to rappel from a helicopter like you used to, we still need information officers who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is; to tell the truth.
      You’re not through with your enlistment yet, Bob: the Oath is forever.
      You’ve just been drafted, Bob: welcome aboard. Hone your rallying skills.