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by Professor Zorkophsky, ©2021

(Feb. 23, 2021) — Act I

The curtain rises as the house lights dim to the music ofJi Hoo’s Theme” (1:19), revealing the deck of a Navy ship. There are seven sailors dressed in dungarees sitting beneath a gun turret. The ship is sailing in calm seas as twilight approaches. The conversation travels from one to another.

“Just sayin’, you got to be blind or stupid not to see it.”

“If I’m blind then how am I supposed to see it? You think you’re so smart.”

“So you’re saying that that truck driver who drove those already filled-out ballots, and every single one of them for Biden, from New York to Pennsylvania made it all up, is that what you’re sayin’? For what, so they can fire him? I don’t think so. And then what about all those votes they snuck out from under the tables in Georgia? Do you think that was all made up, too — someone doctored the surveillance videos?”

“No, I ain’t goin’ that far.”

“Look, it’s like being pregnant: you either are or you’re not; there’s no ‘a little bit’ about it. Let me ask you this, then: how many votes would you consider a fraud? One? Ten? Ten thousand? There were hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes counted; I mean, how much does it take?”

“Then how come Pence said it was okay to accept them? That’s what I want to know.”

“Because the Deep State has an insatiable appetite for money, that’s why. You know what their motto is? ‘Heck with the country, just give me the money.’ Look, why did you sign up?”

“To serve my country, what else? And the G.I. Bill and the healthcare part.”

“Fine. Did you take the Oath?”

“You know I did; we all did.”

“And when you took the Oath it was for real, right?”

“Of course it was; what’s the point?”

“The point is that politicians and judges maybe took the Oath but they had their fingers crossed, like they don’t mean it, like that ‘snake-in-the-grass’ Chief Justice Roberts.”

“I heard Roberts is worth hundreds of millions; maybe the IRS ought to audit him; what do you say to that?”

“Never happen because he’s part of the Deep State, just as Sessions, Barr and Pence are. They all belong to the same club where the double standard applies; the place where an ineligible candidate (Obama) can become a de facto president; where an honorable active-duty doctor, LTC Terry Lakin, can have his Constitutional rights stripped from him in public and the Joint Chiefs of Staff fail to come to his aid; and where the Secretary of State can have a private email server that gets our Ambassador to Libya murdered and Seal Team Six wiped-out.”

“That’s right, they all get away with it, and if anyone complains it’s always ‘no standing,’ like we don’t have a right to know. I’m getting ashamed having joined up to fight for a bunch of crooked two-faced lyin’ crooks with Biden at the top, the head crook.”

“And our First Lady, his wife: chief ‘First Lady Crook.’

“How much do you think he’ll take to sell us out?”

’Going to the highest bidder: sink a US Navy destroyer for a hundred million.’

“Ten million.”


“My Dad’s boss served in Vietnam and he said that with Biden as president he feels ashamed that all those men who died for flag and country died in vain; that the Founding Fathers are turning in their graves seeing the direction this country is taking.”

“Has taken. Don’t forget the toppled statues.”

“That right, isn’t it? Let the nitwits destroy the past so the future has no basis for legitimacy. If you have nothing to compare the present to, how can you tell in which direction the future will be?”

“Hey, not to change the subject but my sister sent me this piece of music she said I ought to listen to, so maybe I’ll play it? ”

“Sure, go ahead. Glad to hear it.”

“Promise to listen to it?”

“Yes, yes, let’s hear it.”

Story of a Soldier” Ennio Morricone (5:34)

“So fall the dice;

how high is the price

 we pay?”

“Thanks for sharing that with us and tell your sister the same.”

“That goes for me, too.”

“I got to say, though, that I didn’t sign up to have the Commander-in-Chief nothing but a low-life fraud.”

“Look, we’re all on the same boat.”

“Was that supposed to be a pun?”

“All I’m saying is that I don’t like this Biden character, why, there’s reams of evidence that he’s a crook since day one.”

“The whole Biden Clan.”

“But kicking Biden out won’t solve anything: you got to take the whole Deep State down.”

“Trump was foolish to name Sessions, and then Barr, as his Attorneys General.”

“Heck, he should have read The P&E; maybe then he would’ve read where his choices of AG’s weren’t so good after all.”

“Too late now.”

“Country is going downhill fast. With Trump there was at least a chance; with Biden there’s no chance at all.”

“Looking pretty bad, isn’t it?”

“Cops will follow illegal orders; the military, too, and the judges are all crooked. Every judge in the USA is on the side of the Deep State, and that’s a fact of life. Go ahead, try and get a hold of one of those voting machines and, even if you could prove anything, the court won’t accept any evidence proving they falsified the votes in the first place, so you’d just be wasting your time.”

“And speaking of time, we’re now in a race between the crooks and the Patriots, each vying for the Second Amendment: one is for it, the other is against it.”

“So the crooks want guns for cops and themselves so they can rob the Patriots, and the Patriots want guns so the cops and the crooks don’t rob, rape and kill them.”

“They take our guns, they take our country.”

“How in the heck did it ever come to this?”

“Ignorance born out of stupidity is the only answer that makes any sense, and for proof just look no further than our university campuses, the spawning ground of the Socialists’ philosophy of ‘something-for-nothing.’

“Oh, you mean like ‘Free College’ but who pays for the teachers and janitors, or are they going to work for free? And what if there’s a roof leak; what then?”

“Taxes through the roof.”

“Another pun.”

“That was a good song; tell your sister that we all appreciated it very much. Hey guys, what do you say we hit the hay? Busy day tomorrow.”

The sailors saunter off-stage as Taps” (2:11) is played while the curtain lowers and the Stars and Stripes are taken down from the ship’s mast, portraying the funeral of all who died for the United States as their country ends on a sad note of having a fraud of a government, starting with the head fraud: Biden.


Professor “Trash the masks” Zorkophsky

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  1. It hurts me so to know that all of the above is true and there’s not a darned thing I can do about it. When the Supreme Court tanks, you know you’re all done. I truly feel for all those who gave their lives to protect this country. FOR WHAT! So Biden and his ilk can destroy everything they died for. I scream out for justice, but there is none.