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President Biden represented Delaware for 36 years in the U.S. Senate before becoming the
47th Vice President of the United States. As President, Biden will restore America’s leadership
and build our communities back better.” – Bden White House

(Feb. 12, 2021) — “Wake Up Little Susie” (2:05)

Guard duty by our troops — cannon fodder, expendable and unsung heroes — somewhere in Afghanistan.

“These rocks look exactly the same as the last time we were here.”

“That’s probably because they are.”

“Then why are we even here in the first place?”

“Because in the first place we were sent over here to wipe out the 22 terrorist training camps, but we couldn’t accomplish the mission because the ‘Rules of Engagement’ prevented us from targeting civilians, that’s why.”

“And then what?”

“And then State and Defense decided to move the camps to America: mission accomplished. We won.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Easy: no civilians killed and no more training camps. It’s a win-win and everybody’s happy.”

“What about Fort Hood and all the other places where Muslims killed Americans?”

“As long as it’s not reported or dwelled upon, no problem.”

“Except for the ones that were killed and maimed, and their loved ones, friends, neighbors, relatives, acquaintances.”

“That’s right; besides them, no problem. Think ‘win-win’ and you’ll be on-board with Pentagon and Government-speak.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be ‘on-board,’ as you say.”

“Be a lot easier if you just accept the way things are and go with the flow.”

“If everybody thought like that, we’d still be a colony of England and Elizabeth would be our Queen.”

“Well, that’s probably true but better you just go along to get along’; it would make life a lot easier.”

“Nobody said life is supposed to be easy, did they? I’d rather have right than easy any day. I mean, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t anybody?”

“Are you kidding? Where’ve you been, on Mars? Look how those politicians accepted the fraudulent election: why, they just lay down and took it. Pence knew about the illegal votes in Pennsylvania trucked-in from New York; we all watched as that truck driver spoke his piece. And everyone in America saw those boxes of ballots snuck from under the tables in Georgia; we all saw it.”

“Then how come they say Biden is the president?”

“First of all, everybody knows he’s not the president because, truth be told, Trump won everywhere; carried every state. But what’s even more truthful than votes is money, and that’s what the election was all about: honesty vs. dishonesty; truth vs. lies; honest deals vs. kickbacks, payoffs and bribes.”

“So the payoff trail won the day?”

“At the expense of the Republic; that was the price Biden-Harris paid: they became president and VP and America became a satellite of China.”

“But what of the American people?”

“What of it?”

“You know what I think? I think it’s the same as a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. If you’re stuck with one – and know it – you just lost $20; you’re supposed to take it to the bank and they take it and that’s it.”

“They don’t give you a real twenty in exchange?”

“No, they don’t. Nice try. So think of Biden-Harris as counterfeit president and VP, but our problem is there’s no place to take them and get real ones in exchange. We’re leaderless unless we start thinking of Xi Jinping as our president, although, to be honest, Trump is our real-to-be-honest real president.”

“So the Biden-Harris ticket is, is what?”

“Yesterday’s news, just like Mike Pence; of no account. Think of Mike Pence as the ultimate embarrassment, the modern-day Judas, the fool who accepted fraudulent results when he knew, when all of us knew, that the election was rigged and that the votes were not counted honestly.”

“Or not counted at all.”

“For sure, and since a large number of the politicians in Congress are lawyers, it gives a whole new basket of materiel for ‘lawyer jokes.’”

“Give me one.”

“How about, ‘How many lawyers does it take to figure out that the hidden boxes of ballots under the tables were fraudulent? None of them: because they can’t even count to ONE.’”

“That wasn’t so funny.”

“But it’s true.”

“So our Commander-in-Chief is the Chinese president? Maybe it’s Barry Soetoro.”

“Barry who?”

“Barry Soetoro is just another name for Obama, or didn’t you know? Maybe his real one: we don’t know. And he wasn’t born in Hawaii, like he said: he was born in Kenya, like he said.”

“No fooling?”

“If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.”

“So we have a counterfeit president who isn’t even the president?”

“It’s nuts. I used to ask my next-door neighbor, who is a Vietnam Vet, how was it over there and he’d say, ‘Beginning to look just like here’ with these BLM, ANTIFA and Dems.”

“No way; really?”

“Really. He keeps on mentioning some NAZI playbook, ‘they’re following it word for word,’ but I haven’t found any ‘playbook,’ and I’ve searched the Internet.”

“It’s not a playbook like a football coach has, you idiot; it’s the whole history of the NAZI takeover of the German Republic back in the 1930’s, word-for-word; play-by-play.”


“Remember back when the Attorney General was Janet Napolitano, and she classified Veterans as ‘Domestic Terrorists?’ Nothing’s changed. Well, that’s not quite right.”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean, used to be we could always fall back on the Constitution, but the Democratic Socialist Party of the United States has put an end to that, proof of the fraudulent election. If people refuse to listen and accept the facts right before their eyes, there’s not much else you can do, is there?”

“No, there’s not. So the payoffs will continue; we’ll no longer be energy-independent; and when inflation goes double digits it’ll be too late. We’re seeing a country implode, just what the John Birch Society preached in the ‘50’s and 60’s.  End of religion and welcome to the birth of Communism.”

“So what’s with these rocks?”

“Who cares? Got an email from my sister saying that Pulse is going back on the air, if it’s not already.”

“Wow: some good news for a change. Here come our replacements.”

’Counterfeit’: Biden is nothing but a fake. You know, it fits him like a glove.”

It’s Late” (1:34)


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  1. this regime is illegitimate, Donald Trump is still my president. I WILL NOT COMPLY with any executive order or legislation passed by those in congress and signed by the communist puppet usurper, joe dementia!!!!!