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by Bob Russell, ©2021

The White House Oval Office, dalatindiva, Pixabay, License

(Jan. 23, 2021) — Dementia joe, the illegitimate empty suit infesting the oval office, jumped right in to get started finishing the destruction of America per the orders of his bosses, satan and Nazi war criminal george soros.  By cancelling the Alaska Pipeline, Mr. dementia directly killed more than 50,000 jobs, and the $15 an hour minimum wage is going to kill many thousands more.  Checkout clerks at retail stores and at most fast food places will be replaced by machines because the positions, usually staffed by high school or college students as first jobs or retirees seeking supplemental income for inadequate socialist “security,” don’t justify that rate of pay.  It is the radical leftists’ intent on the destruction of liberty demanding these outrageous actions, not those doing the jobs.

The corrupt union labor boss thugs finally got their wish: total satanic control of government, and the people in union jobs are the first to suffer; how ironic.  I spent my entire working life being forced to pay union dues whether I belonged to the union or not and was discriminated against because I spoke out against union bullying and thuggery.  The union bosses always negotiated for benefits for themselves, usually selling the workers out for personal benefits for themselves.  When they called for a strike they still got paid while workers didn’t.

Top that off with throwing the borders open to millions more illegal-alien invaders seeking “freebies” from government and the recipe for destruction is complete.  The invaders from Central America are bringing in disease and poverty that will quickly spread to people not protected as the political ruling class are.  Walls and guarded gates are “immoral” and “racist” except when it is the political ruling class living behind them.

Devildemocommiecrats are using the coronavirus, a biological attack by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP), to isolate people and increase their subjugation of We the People.  Devildemocrat governors and mayors have ordered small businesses and Christian churches closed as “super-spreader” dangers while allowing huge “box stores” and anarchist rioters free rein to do as they wish when and where they wish.  Those thugs are also financed by Nazi war criminal george soros, who should have been hanged for his crimes against humanity committed before and during World War II but devildemocommiecrats instead imported his evil and helped him increase his wealth so he could keep them well-paid.

America is in a very bad place right now, ruled by greedy tyrants and supported by people either too stupid or too deceived by satan to see their own destruction at hand.  Leftists hate President Trump, the true winner of the 2020 election; and the deep state political ruling class, both parties, fear him because he was trying to drain the swamp of them.  Sadly, President Trump took a way-too-casual attitude, thinking he had more time than he did after the cheating in 2016 failed to prevent his election.  He thought he had defeated them but they came back in 2020 with an even more devious plan.  Mr. dementia even went on television bragging that he had the best VOTE FRAUD scheme ever developed, one that would ensure his election, and it worked with the help of the deep state gop TRAITORS in Congress, the courts, and the office of vice president.

Mike Pence has been a huge disappointment to me.  I thought he was a staunch conservative that We the People could count on but it turns out he was either intimidated or paid to betray President Trump, the Constitution, and We the People.  Well, they have succeeded in their coup against the only President since Ronald Reagan to truly honor the oath of office to the Constitution and We the People.

Devildemocommiecrats have declared conservative speech, that speech criticizing tyranny, to be a criminal act with punishment of imprisonment for dissent, likely in the FEMA concentration camps built by the globalist george w. bush for such a day as this.  When bush started the camps I hoped they were for treasonous scum like nutty nan pelosi, upchuck schumer, fuhrer obama, hillary clinton, blm and antifa, traitors, insurrectionists, and seditionists but they were built to hold patriots until we are worked and/or starved to death.  Nutty nan pelosi, upchuck schumer, and other devildemocommiecrats have made it very clear that anyone opposing their autocratic rule will be severely punished and I am sure to qualify.

It is beyond sad to see the nation I fought for being destroyed from within like this but the way liberals have been driving the nation away from God for the last 60 years or so it was bound to happen.  God’s blessing has been lifted, as it was when ancient Israel left God to worship false “gods.”  The devildemocommiecrats will most likely also reverse President Trump’s support of Israel, another nail in the coffin of America.  God told Abraham, I think it is in Genesis, that he would bless people who blessed Israel and curse those who cursed Israel.  It appears curses will now come back to us as they did during the regime of fuhrer obama!

I am old and very disabled but I am concerned about three generations of my descendants now alive in America.  My oldest child is 46 and my youngest great-grandchild is 5, with 18 more in between.  It is they who will suffer greatly under the satanic rule that now grips this once-great nation, a nation established “under God with liberty and justice for all.”  God and our founders established America as a Christian nation, despite the liars who claim otherwise.  I have seen many quotes from our founders, too many and too lengthy to list here, that prove what I say, but communists who deny God and booed him at the 2012 devildemocommiecrat convention still deny the truth because it doesn’t help their evil agenda.

I hope to see this trend reversed once the stupid and/or deceived people come to their senses, if they ever do, but I believe it is too late.  IF there is another election it will be a Soviet-style dog-and-pony show that will only further entrench evil in government.  I daily pray asking Almighty God to have mercy on His people and to throw the satanists out before they can fully accomplish their evil plans.  In ancient days, usually after several hundred years of slavery and suffering, the Israelites were freed by God and given another chance to worship Him only.  I don’t know how long America will be under satan’s thumb but I hope it isn’t long.  I pray the “rapture” of the church will come soon so God’s people don’t have to suffer under tyranny for very long.  I don’t care for myself because I am old and don’t have a lot of time left here anyway but I feel for those younger, especially the babies and little children who will face another holocaust like the Nazis used to murder 6 million Jews and millions of other “undesirables.”

Nutty nan and upchuck schumer plan to go ahead with their impeachment sham because they still fear a resurgence of President Trump.  The evil leftists will do everything they can to destroy our patriot President, Donald Trump, because he represents their opposite: class, honesty, honor, and integrity.  The evil ones will get their time to rule but face a very hot eternity because of the evil lives they live now.  Their unchecked lust for power and wealth in this life will be an albatross around their necks in eternity.  They don’t think so because they don’t believe in God but He is real, just as gravity is real, whether one chooses to believe or not believe.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. AGREE! The fact that Beijing Biden and the other commiecrats surrounded and protected themselves with military force and WALLS/BARRIERS shows they know that 80 million Americans believe they are fraudulent and are against them. I am praying to the Lord to get rid of this usurper AND the illegal ‘heels up’ Harris. President Trump must have the Italian witness, who openly stated he rigged the software, to testify publicly in the U.S.



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