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“Protest” in Portland, OR July 22, 2020 (Wikimedia Commons, cc by 2.0)

(Jan. 20, 2021) — Over the last five years millions of Americans attended a rally to see their President, Donald J. Trump. The best President ever.(1) (2) There were over 125 rallies and not a one of them was a riot. (3)

On the other hand, BLM and Antifa, the Siamese twins of the Marxist Anarchist revolution, have organized and carried out hundreds and hundreds of protests in just eight months, almost every one of them a riot. Arson, murder, massive building damage, shattered glass, innocent citizens brutally terrorized, assaulted, cars destroyed, police violently attacked, precincts burned to the ground. Close to three billion dollars in damages. Cities they destroyed are still boarded up, including Washington, D.C.. Over 30 people dead as a direct result of their violent acts. (4) Their insurrection. Their domestic terrorism. (5)

This stark, historical contrast reveals who these groups are and how they generally behave. A mob of patriotic, overwhelmingly peaceful Americans who are fans of President Trump and a mob of anti-American mostly violent domestic terrorists.

We don’t have to guess if BLM Antifa agitators instigated the violence at the Capitol; they have confirmed what many of us who were there saw.

John Earl Sullivan, a known BLM organizer, was arrested and indicted by the FBI for his involvement in the Capitol riot. (6) Even though the FBI first interviewed Sullivan on January 7th, they denied any BLM Antifa involvement until January 14th, one day after the House voted to impeach Trump based on the fabrication that he ordered supporters in the speech he gave that day to riot and lay siege to the Capitol. Not a coincidence on the part of the FBI but perfect timing. (7)

In December Sullivan posted a flyer calling for fellow BLM Antifa rioters to “Kick these fascists out of DC on January 6, 2021 Dump Trump for good.” (8)  Many flocked to D.C.. Later, they bragged on Sullivan’s Discord that they infiltrated the MAGA March. (8)  “The screen shots, found and compiled by a conservative Twitter user, show the leftist rioters planning their invasion of the sanctified grounds of the Capitol, discussing how they will wear pro-Trump camouflage, you can see John Sullivan posing in his MAGA hat and most strikingly, admitting how the police enthusiastically let them proceed past barrier after barrier until they were inside the consecrated halls of the U.S. Capitol.”

James Sullivan, John Sullivan’s brother, says he is convinced that his brother planned the riot and he believes that 232 BLM Antifa have been identified as being there. He informed the FBI and others about it. Congressman Mo Brooks knew from colleagues that Antifa were coming to start trouble. (9)

Now we have learned that a filmmaker, Jade Sacker, who has worked for CNN, MSNBC and PBS, was with Sullivan that day. At one point when they are walking toward the Capitol Sullivan is captured on video saying, “I’m just anti government type s***, Jade hold, hold this, let’s f*** that s*** up.” (10)

Later, on Sullivan’s own video (11) when they are inside the Capitol, after breaching the police line and the building, Sacker tells John, “I’m gonna give you a hug now. We did it! You were right; we did it!” Sacker

[First, it is clear by this statement that they have had previous conversations about what would happen that day and Sullivan had promised her that they would breach the Capitol. Second, she is happy because he made good on his promise.]

“Dude, I was trying to tell you, I, I couldn’t say much.” Sullivan

[Sullivan had to keep some of his plans to riot and storm the Capitol secret and could only tell her so much.]

“You were right.” Sacker

[Again, he promised her it would happen and it did.]

“Oh, my gosh!” Sacker

[She can’t believe the wonderment of it all. Was this before or after Babbitt was shot?]

“Is this not going to be the best film you have ever made in your life?” Sullivan

[Sullivan gave Slacker the exclusive on the riot he planned and that she knew he was planning, a false flag event she could use to make an award-winning documentary about how violent Trump supporters rioted at the Capitol. And he would be a star.]

“Yes!  Love this. Wait, you aren’t recording, right?” Sacker

[Uh-oh. You didn’t just record me clearly revealing that you planned the riot and breach of the Capital and that I was in on it?]

“I’ll delete that s***, but I didn’t record you or me, just voices.” Sullivan

[Yeah, I did record you; everyone will know it’s us and no way in h*** I’m deleting the best riot of my life and I will post it on the internet because I want everybody to know what I pulled off and that I’m the greatest counter-intel infiltrator of all time. **** Trump!]

Sullivan helped set up the scene that ended in Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt’s death. He ordered the two armed officers guarding the door to the House Chambers to leave, albeit with such concern for them, and they did. Then he egged on what looks like his fellow BLM Antifa rioters to break the glass in the door. When the job was done they told Babbitt to jump through first (so polite, not cowardly at all); they even helped to lift her up. Within seconds she was shot in the throat by a Capitol Police officer. The officers Sullivan had ordered away from the door were standing a foot or two behind Babbitt when she was shot. After he filmed Babbitt’s death Sullivan and his sidekick, Sacker, hightailed it over to CNN to give Anderson Cooper an exclusive look at his recording of the woman dying.(12)

BLM/Antifa inserted their mayhem into a peaceful rally and march of a million Trump supporters. It did not take very many of them to paint the march as a “violent mob.” Celebrated war correspondent Michael Yon says there is no doubt that Antifa directed the riot and that they sent their A Team to do the job. (13)

When Trump was still speaking we saw BLM/Antifa working hard to get MAGA marchers to follow them to the Capitol. In an interview with the Rolling Stone, published on Jan. 13, Sullivan, in spite of wearing a Trump hat, was quoted as saying,  “I was worried about people recognizing me and thinking that I was Antifa or, like, BLM or whatever,” he says.

Why does Sullivan think he would be recognized? Because of all his documented activities with BLM/Antifa. In the Rolling Stones article he reveals that Trump supporters did suss him out.

He also said that, “I had to relate to these people [Trump supporters], and build trust in the short amount of time I had there to get where I need to go. (14)

My take on this statement? Sullivan had to get this riot show on the road and to the Capitol before 1:00 pm when they would begin to count the electoral votes. He had a timeline and one that may have been coordinated with people waiting at the Capitol building.

In the same article he describes Babbitt’s death, “I see her start trying to climb through the window, and I’m like, “Don’t go in there, don’t go in there,” but I know she could not hear me. So my thought was to get that moment on camera….Because I knew she was going to die.  I wanted to show the gun firing, and the bullet hitting her, and how she dropped to the ground.”

Why was he so sure she was going to get shot? To die? He says it was because of the way the police officer was holding his gun, that he meant business. But any time an officer draws their weapon they mean business and most of the time no shots are fired and no one is killed. But Sullivan was so sure and positioned just right to get it on camera.

When I arrived at the Capitol BLM/Antifa were frantic to agitate MAGA marchers, ordering them to move forward, move forward, toward the Capitol, “You can’t let America down! Don’t stop now!” Maybe they got a hundred or two MAGA to bite, out of a million, and there were probably a few out of those who were excited by the violent confrontation but this was clearly a BLM/Antifa show.

In another interview with the Rolling Stone, Photojournalist Saul Loeb captures a tale of two “mobs” not only with his photographs but with his words. (15) The interviewer says, “And looking at some of your photos, many of them [Trump supporters] looked like they were having a great day out and truly enjoying themselves.”

To which Loeb honestly and, I believe accurately, describes what happened that day.

“Yeah, I think there were a couple different groups of people. There were the sightseeing protesters, that maybe weren’t the first group that breached the walls, but wandered in when the doors were open and were like, “Wow, this is the Capitol. Look at these paintings!” in awe of where they were and how they got there. They were taking selfies and doing live social media video feeds and taking pictures of each other.  And then you had the groups that were trying to create havoc. There were definitely different dynamics.”

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  1. IF I an 80 year old mother, grandmother. great grandmother know what happened at the Capital break in on Jan 6th 2021 , WHY don’t the Idiots in the Congress and Senate know who was at fault like John Earl Sullivan an ANTIFA & BLM organizer who was arrested and stop their second PHONEY Impeachment. NANCY PALOSE’S son in law was photographed outside that day with the man with the Viking outfit before he entered the Capital building that day who did not commit violence that day, I wonder if she ever questioned her daughter Alexandria about her husbands contact with the Viking man that day. IF Nancy ever questioned the meeting Nancy will never admit having any knowledge about it because she is too busy bringing another fake false IMPEACHMENT of Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi who is a very deranged hateful person that should have been thrown out of Congress a long time ago just on Insider Trading she should have been convicted of while she held up the vote on Visa for two years while investing many millions and gaining many many millions within a few days because of inside information in 2008. But that is the way SOME very powerful people on the Washington Swamp operate. There are many people serving long prison sentences for the exact crime.