January 20, 2021

Dear Editor,

As long expressed in writing and orally, I have always been appalled by Donald Trump, the man, and even more so today!

However, I now feel no shame in making the following points: 

For some 15 years now, those truly caring for world peace have, with great trepidation, watched as the collapse/decline of democracy in NATO partner Turkey (the great Mustafa Kemal Ataturk must be turning in his grave) has accelerated, and Turkey’s rapid lurch toward fundamentalistic, Islamic feudalism is terrifying. 

The preceding, accompanied by Communist Red China’s imploding internal financial situation, China’s rising militarism and “heavily-muscled” commercial colonisation of many African, South American and other countries (including Australia’s Port of Darwin) has so many sinister parallels with Japan’s imperialistic behaviour leading up to World War II!

Now Russia, led by an ailing ex-KGB (not “Kind Gentle Brothers,” as the good-natured KGB claimed at the peak of the Cold War) officer in Putin is now, militarily, putting its oar in the water, aligning with Red China!

Trump, to his credit, has never initiated any new conflict. However, I had hoped he would strengthen the US financially and militarily to protect the Free World!

Trump brokered multiple peace accords throughout the Middle East, with even Erdogan (as narcissistic and low-life as Trump) now (probably, disingenuously) wanting to cuddle up to Israel again…after a big shove by Trump?

Donald  Trump curtailed both Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear militaristic activities. Now, Biden will do an “Obama” (financially rewarding Iran’s mad mullahs) and let the Iranians and North Koreans again threaten Israel and world peace big-time!

And the Biden/Harris (and the Democrats’ ultra-Leftist and anti-Western-Society [“The Squad’s”]) Green New Deal will simply (with no effect on Mother Nature’s climate change) batter Western economies into long-term, serious recession; condemn the world’s poorest to even greater suffering/disadvantage; and even further, strengthen truly despotic China’s Communist Party’s, Iran’s, North Korea’s and Russia’s hands!

Sadly, Donald  Trump merely epitomises all that’s gone/is wrong with today’s Western World!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. President Donald John Trump was ‘sacked’ by the swamp during his entire four-year tenure as the President of the United States (POTUS) of America while both of his hands were tied behind his back.

    Sometimes one must voluntarily swallow, the natural way of course, a harmless white placebo pill – meaning Donald John Trump as the POTUS of America – or swallow a lead pill the hard way – to the back of the head by the world-wide dominance of communism that now infests the democratic and RINO establishment.

    The choice is yours.

    The achievements that President Donald John Trump accomplished during his four-year tenure were many, within the law, and honorable; those unfulfilled promises that were not accomplished require less criticism by outsiders along-with more congressional cooperation.

    Always remember:
    1.) US patriots ‘have President Trump’s back’.
    2.) Brain-dead Xiden is not a legitimate POTUS.