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(Jan. 20, 2021) — Most eCommerce companies don’t invest nearly enough into their website. Some business owners believe that they’re saving money by skimping on web design services, but the truth is that they’re actually losing money. If you don’t invest in your website, you’re losing precious conversions, which could have translated to revenue.

Don’t underestimate what the professional touch of a website design company can do for your website and overall business. If a person walks into a store only to find a complete mess inside, they will walk right back out, losing that business a potential customer. That’s exactly what happens when online users encounter a poorly designed website. As an eCommerce company, your website is your most important source of revenue, and if you don’t give it the attention and upkeep it deserves, your business will suffer as a result.

The importance of good website design

Web design is more than just the visual appeal of your website. It also has to do with how easy your site is to navigate, how products are presented, how seamless the checkout process is, and more. These elements contribute greatly to whether a user will buy your products or not.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few figures:

  • 75% of users use website’s appearance to judge a company’s credibility. Meaning, if your site looks messy and unprofessional, it tells users that you aren’t a trustworthy brand.
  • 38% will stop browsing if the site is unattractive. As mentioned in the “store” analogy, users won’t be encouraged to stay and shop if your site isn’t visually appealing. Remember that online shopping is a largely visual experience, and you have to utilize effective and attractive design to push your visitors to stick around.
  • 94% if a site visitor’s first impressions are design-related. First impressions last, and it takes only a second for a user to generate an impression about a brand. It’s important that the moment your visitor steps into the site that they know what your brand is about. If you’re a clothing business that promotes a certain aesthetic, then that should be made clear through your site design, layout, and overall vibe.

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of good design let’s look at what concrete steps you can take to improve your website design.

Key design element in eCommerce websites

If you don’t know how to get started on improving your website design, Seattle Web Design Company offers some crucial tips on optimizing your eCommerce website for maximum chance of user conversion.

  1. Simple and clean layout

A nice, straightforward layout is great to highlight what’s most important: your product. Many eCommerce sites make the mistake of overloading their pages with ads just to squeeze every bit of ad revenue they can, but too many distracting and unnecessary elements can distract your potential customers and negatively impact your site’s overall look. Don’t be wary about having some negative space on your website. When used effectively, it can direct the user’s attention to key website elements. Having little to no ads per page also gives your site a more professional look.

However, this doesn’t mean that your site should be devoid of any creativity. A website that’s too plain runs the risk of being bland and boring. Take advantage of innovative multimedia elements and incorporate them into your webpage when applicable. The key here is restraint. Don’t go overboard with flashy elements, especially when they don’t contribute anything valuable to your business. A good example of effective multimedia use is having a scrolling banner on your homepage to inform new users about ongoing sales, new products, celebrity endorsements, limited edition items, and so on. You can also use full-page parallax scrolling for the same purpose.

  1. High-quality and high-resolution photography

Photos will be the only thing your user can rely on to examine the product they wish to buy, so give them the best quality photographs possible. Use hi-res images so they can zoom in as much as is needed. Show multiple angles of the product and include photos of the product being used or worn. Some eCommerce sites even go as far as to use Augmented Reality to allow users to try products using their camera.

  1. Reliable search and filtering algorithms

Your website should have features that make shopping more convenient for your user. In a typical brick-and-mortar store, you would have salespeople to ask if you were looking for specific products, but that isn’t an option for websites. Instead, websites utilize search bars and filters to narrow down the product catalog into the products the user is interested in. Test these features regularly to ensure they’re performing well. There’s nothing more annoying for a user than to be confronted with items they didn’t ask for. You can also add sorting options like sort by ascending price or show bestsellers first so users can customize their browsing experience.

  1. Easy navigation

On top of having convenient shopping features, your whole website should be easy to navigate. If a user clicks a link labeled women’s shoes, then they expect to be directed to that part of the site and nowhere else. Run regular site audits to make sure all the links are working correctly.

  1. Streamlined checkout process

eCommerce sites lose 75% of sales to shopping cart abandonment, and a lot of the factors that contribute to this are found in the checkout process. 60% of users blamed unexpectedly high shipping fees, 37% of users complained about being forced into making an account, and 28% got tired of the long or confusing process. Address as many of these concerns as you can to minimize shopping cart abandonment and guarantee more sales.

Every day, more people prefer to shop online thanks to the convenience it affords. While there’s no customer shortage, the challenge for eCommerce sites is to build a website that encourages conversions and fosters brand loyalty. Hiring a web design company ensures that you get a website with all the right features and elements that will surely increase your conversion rate and revenue.

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