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A free assembly of citizens freeing themselves from tyranny

(Dec. 21, 2020) — “Looking for Love” (3:52)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. I just heard that one of the big box stores was recently closed because they decided to set aside a quarter of the store for Sunday worship services. It was decided that the churches would rotate their services but on Christmas Eve they would muster their forces against the evil that is befalling America today. The Democratic governors closed the stores because they fear us citizens getting together and talking over the problems of the day. They fear free speech, the Second Amendment, and any reference to the Constitution. Today’s guest is William Desoto, a reputed expert; am I reading this right, in METH?”

“Yes, that’s right: Manipulative Election Chaos Theory, or METH for short. I like to say how excited I am to be on ‘Pulse,’ and I want to thank you for the invite, Professor Zorkophsky.”

“You’re welcome, but please call me ‘Zork’; we like to keep it informal on the radio. So, William, or can I call you ‘Bill?’ Oh, I’m sorry: excuse us for a minute while we take a commercial break, please.”

The One Who Really Loves You” (2:25)

“And we’re back. What does a METH expert do?”

“’Bill’ is fine, to answer your question. What I do is explain ‘spikes’ in election results. A good example would be this last election, where there are so many spikes as to make a porcupine envious.”

“Was that an example of ‘Meth’ humor?”

“Yes, it was. What I do is point out the obvious to the slow thinkers among us. There are no ‘spikes’ counting normal election results.”

“What about abnormal election results?”

“The words ‘abnormal’ and ‘spike’ are synonyms in the world of METH. Actually, I work for people who wish to remain in the shadows, in the proverbial ‘cigar smoke-filled back rooms.’ My clients are rich, corrupt and entirely ruthless.”

“If that’s the case, why are you exposing your occupation and identity now?”

“Because this is the end; the last dance; the last election.’ From this moment on, future elections will either be 100% fixed or 100% honest. We are, as they say, at the precipice of history: will it be told with a kernel of truth or will it be just an outright lie?”

“In your expert opinion, how does an ‘honest’ election happen?”

“First of all, we have nothing to do with the candidates themselves: all we do is count the votes. We recommend voter ID with photo and a fingerprint, soon to be replaced with retinal recognition as part of the equation. ID cards will only be issued after proof of citizenship, naturally.”


“And we, of METH, also recommend paper ballots, with signature, of course.”

“Goes without saying.”

“And that’s it in a nutshell.”

“That was easy enough, Bill. Any thoughts on the China-19 flu?”

“Yes, matter of fact, I do have a few. First, the Chinese rushed it in – or out – without the proper testing: it should’ve been a lot deadlier. And, on the reverse side, our military, the Chemical Warfare side, overestimated the China-19 flu effects and recommended the shutdown, a wise move if it was as dangerous as first thought. The assumption was that a shutdown would defeat Trump. They were wrong on both counts: it wasn’t as deadly and Trump wasn’t defeated: he won in a landslide in every state.”

“So the masks are…?”

“A symbol of Chinese control over the gullible; it’s as simple as that. And, when you think about it, even more so since we know that a flu virus so small as to make a face mask no deterrent whatsoever; none at all; zip; window dressing for the ignorant. The face mask is but a symbol of control, nothing more. Ditch the masks and let’s all get back to normal, okay?”

“Okay, now where does that leave us?”

“You know the reason they closed the bars and churches? Because that’s the one place where we speak our minds; mingle with neighbors and strangers alike; where we compare notes and experiences with no ‘political correctness’ and censorship; places where we get together and they can’t have that; they can’t allow us to exercise our Constitutional rights, as in ‘freedom of assembly,’ that they’re so afraid of.”

“And that’s all the time we have and so Bill and I will be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

The Cowboy Rides Away” (3:21)

Professor Zorkophsky    

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