by Sharon Rondeau

Gen. Flynn, Twitter, 12-13-2020

(Dec. 13, 2020) — On today’s “Sunday Morning Futures” hosted by Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret), who Bartiromo introduced as having “led” the Jericho March on Saturday in Washington, DC supporting President Trump’s re-election efforts, Flynn told Bartiromo that evidence exists to show “foreign interference” in the November 3 election which Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will be expounding upon on Friday.

Last month Trump issued a full pardon for Flynn, who had been prosecuted by the Justice Department for more than two years for allegedly lying to the FBI while he served as Trump’s first national-security adviser. Later, however, Justice filed a motion to abandon the prosecution which U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan chose to adjudicate rather than simply dismiss. The case had not reached its final conclusion when the pardon came.

Since that time, Flynn has given a number of interviews and appeared publicly in support of Trump, who insists he won the election over Democratic challenger Joe Biden despite an apparent electoral victory for Biden.

On Monday, presidential electors from all 50 states are expected to cast their votes in their respective states capitals. As noted by legal scholar Joseph DeMaio here, some states, including the “swing” states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, which Trump claims he won, do not penalize electors for voting differently from the reported popular vote on Election Day.

In her show promo on “Fox & Friends” prior to air time, Bartiromo was not specific as to what Flynn was expected to say.

Rather than speaking about his own ordeal first, Flynn said, “We have conclusive evidence of foreign interference in our elections, and it’s available to the public right now at or,” referring to two websites established or co-established by Atty. Sidney Powell, who represented Flynn during the latter half of his case.

Flynn went on to say that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is set to issue a report on Friday “on a whole range of issues.” “If he does the duty that I think he is very capable of doing and the intelligence community provides a clear, unfiltered assessment, then they’re going to discover that…”

In that case, Flynn said, “I think the President of the United States has to trigger his executive order, I think of 2018, and probably appoint a special counsel to look into all this. And what that does is slow everything down and has to put [it] on a fast track to be able to determine exactly what happened, because we have serious, serious foreign-influence problems with this Dominion voting machine.”

Several weeks ago, Trump’s campaign legal team issued a statement clarifying that Powell is not a member of that group, but rather, is working independently on election-integrity issues. Powell has told Lou Dobbs, also of Fox business, that Dominion Voting Machines and Smartmatic, which manufactures voting software, were deeply involved in switching significant numbers of votes from Trump to Biden overnight from November 3 to November 4.

It has been rumored that a Dominion server located overseas was at the epicenter of the deed. Powell herself said in a November 20 interview with Glenn Beck that “The servers at Scytl in Germany were confiscated the other day. I’m hearing it was our forces that got those servers, so I think the government is now working on an investigation of what really happened.”

In Arizona on November 30, the chairwoman of the Maricopa County Republican Party testifed that “she personally observed votes for President Donald Trump being tallied as votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden when input into Dominion machines.” Nevertheless, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on December 2 signed the “certification” of Arizona’s presidential electors for Biden.

A similar report came from U.S. Congressman Jody Hice of Georgia regarding a Dominion machine in Ware County, GA, but Gov. Brian Kemp, who Trump has criticized along with Ducey, signed the election certification for Biden generated by his secretary of state, Brad Raffensberger.

When Bartiromo asked Flynn, given Dominion and Smartmatic’s denials of interference, if he can “prove” his allegations, Flynn replied, “So there’s evidence already, like I said — go to, and in there is the evidence. It’s clear…Why not go and look at this thing? I know that there is still a preliminary review being done up in Antrim County; I don’t have all the details of that, but there is a hearing up there, I think…tomorrow sometime, but why not look into this if, in fact, the evidence that we have is true? And we definitely believe that it is true. There is clear, clear evidence, and so what we have to stop doing is saying, ‘Well, nothing to see here’; we’re going to continue to march down the road towards a false inauguration which the country will not allow that right now.” [sic]

He added that the Georgia January 5 “runoff” election of two U.S. senators, which will determine the balance in the upper congressional chamber for the next six years, is “a falsehood that people shouldn’t even be considering right now.”

On Saturday, CDMedia reported twice on voting aberrations and a forensic examination of voting equipment in Antrim County, MI, where a Dominion machine was found to have switched approximately 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden as confirmed by election officials although claiming it be an administrative error.

Separately on her program, Bartiromo interviewed US Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee will be holding a hearing, the first of its kind in Congress, on “what happened” in the November 3 election.

In yet another interview Sunday morning, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Bartiromo that he believes congressional hearings are an important step in discovering any voting irregularities or illegalities stemming from the high number of Americans, which he quoted as “77%,” who are not convinced that the outcome of the presidential contest is accurate. “Let the process play out; Monday the Electoral College meets; January 6 is when the joint session of Congress confirms what the electoral college vote was. But you can have a debate; if you have one senator and one representative object to certain electors from respective states being counted, you can have a debate. I think we owe it to the American people to have that debate. We’ll see what happens in the hearing that Senator Johnson has scheduled for this week. But what’s wrong with letting this process play out? For four years, the Democrats went after President Trump; why not let us have a few weeks to let the constitutional process play out so we can get answers for the American people?”

In the November 3 elections, Republicans gained approximately a dozen seats in the US House of Representatives following predictions that Democrats would gain. Republicans, however, remain in the minority in the House.

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  1. does not work. Contributions cannot be given. The site has been messed with so information cannot be read. Please have a tech fix Sidney Powell’s and These sites are messed up and it scares the American people to see this!! Sidney keeps telling us to look there and donate there. The sites are destroyed and don’t work!!

    1. The Post & Email has reported problems with the website, although we were able to open the Michigan lawsuit yesterday whereas over the weekend we were not. The public can contact Atty. Powell through

  2. President Trump has the historic mission of saving the United States from communist tyranny and I am sure that he will invoke the executive order of 2018 starting next Friday, the date that is 45 days after the election. NEVER has a president in history had such high responsibility. We have to save this country! If not, we will never be free !!

  3. A credible case for the President to trigger his 2018 Executive Order. It’s time. It’s now or never for this country. It will require guts–which Trump has plenty of–and unfailing patriotic determination. Rule of Law and constitutional governance ENDS if the Beijing Biden gang takes over January 20th–and we ALL know it. Especially the CCP and their Democratic Socialist allies. Good luck, America. Look to our Founders for guidance and courage.