by Sharon Rondeau

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(Nov. 16, 2020) — Over the weekend, Atty. Sidney Powell, a member of the Trump campaign’s legal team contesting the results of the 2020 election, claimed that Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic software were used to alter “millions” of votes for Trump to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who was “called” the winner by the media on November 7.

Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has also invoked the names of both companies as playing a major role in effecting an alleged win for Biden.

On Sunday, Powell began to offer specifics, claiming that Smartmatic Chairman Peter Neffenger was directly involved in a vote-switching scheme. She also claimed that U.S. politicians such as governors and secretaries of state agreed to institute Dominion hardware and Smartmatic software in their respective states and received “kickbacks” which enriched “family members.”

According to Powell and Newsmax TV, Neffenger recently joined the Biden “transition” team.

The software, Powell claimed, was designed to switch votes from “freedom” candidates to their opponents and has been used throughout the world. On Friday she told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that a conspiracy to oust Trump from the White House converged with Dominion hardware, Smartmatic software, the media, and the political left. High-profile attorney L. Lin Wood of Atlanta, who is also on the Trump campaign’s legal team, claimed Biden knew about the conspiracy and that Trump will be proven the true winner.

On Sunday afternoon, The Post & Email contacted Smartmatic at its world headquarters in London and its U.S. headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, after which we received the following response:


Dear Sharon,

The accusations made by Sidney Powell about Smartmatic are simply false and lack any merit. 

I invite you visit our website and read a statement we published in response to similar misinformation circulating about our company. You can also find answers to other rumors and conspiracy theories in this FAQ section.

It is important to highlight that Smartmatic has never owned Dominion Voting Systems. Furthermore, Smartmatic has never provided Dominion Voting Systems with any software, hardware or other technology. 

During this election 2020 US Presidential Election, we only provided technology and software to Los Angeles County. We had no involvement, direct or indirect, in any other county in the United States.

I hope you find this information helpful. Should you have any more doubts, do not hesitate to contact us again. 


Samira Saba

Integrated Communications Director

Before Powell made her specific claims against Dominion, The Post & Email contacted the company to request a statement on its equipment’s integrity against breaches but received no response.

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  1. As of tonight Donald Trump is 1-24 in legal actions re: 2020 election and the 1 is an insignificant ruling in Pennsylvania that will not affect the outcome there. His legal efforts appears to be crumbling into the dust as we watch.

  2. What else is Director FraudMatic going to say? We knew about these George Soros-linked SmartMatic machines YEARS ago before they likely helped that charlatan, O’Kenya “win” a 2nd Term, and NOTHING was done about it!
    Outsourcing our “Sovereignty” to a FOREIGN COUNTRY to count the Votes… great idea! That’s like leaving an open jar of honey out overnight in skid row and hoping the ants and cockroaches don’t show up.
    Cheaters CHEAT and liars LIE.

    1. Do some research. Obama’s OWN biography published in 1991 declared that he was born in KENYA. —— “It is easier to fool the people than to convince them they have been FOOLED” — Mark Twain

      1. Burt you nailed it. Also while Obummer was in Kenya, didn’t he
        also state it was his “birth place” ? He did. And let’s not forget a fabricated B. C. and numerous uses of several, others SSN’S. Under what other phoney names did Barry use ? He couldn’t pass a background check. Did he go to college on a foreign scholarship?
        What passport did he use when foreign travel was closed to US
        citizens years ago? Usurper is indeed his true title. Open secret? Indeed! “Scott Free”, perhaps not! Will he get”bagged”, highly likely. Especially, if Trump gets another term. Can this fellow truly sleep
        well at night. Highly, unlikely.