by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Oct. 31, 2020) — I believe this election is the MOST IMPORTANT one in my lifetime of 70 years.  I have never failed to vote in any election and certainly won’t miss this one.  I am disabled from a stroke but I will manage to get to the poll, stand in line as long as necessary, in whatever weather conditions prevail, and cast my vote to reelect President Trump.  There has never been a more critical juncture in our country, not in my lifetime.

If the devildemocommiecrats manage to fraud their way into control our Representative Republic will be replaced by the New World Order global dictatorship in a matter of months.  The Pravda/Goebbels media and devildemocommiecrat politicians make no secret, and in fact even brag about what they intend to do to us if they can seize control.  The FEMA camps built, staffed, and stocked by the globalist george w. bush regime will soon begin to fill up with patriots who are not immediately murdered for being patriots until only the useful idiots will be left for them to persecute, and they will soon find themselves victims of the tyrants they supported.

I am old and disabled but will do whatever it takes to cast my vote for liberty for future generations.  If they throw it away later I won’t be around to suffer for their bad decisions.  If the devildemocommiecrats manage to cheat their way to control I won’t be around long, either.  They will murder me because I WILL NOT bow to tyranny nor kneel before the tyrants.  It is up to We the People, especially we of faith, to cast our votes.  I will vote for those who support Biblical values, period.  I pray daily that Almighty God will come to the rescue of His people and stop the devildemocommiecrats from seizing control of the nation He created.

The platform of the devildemocommiecrat party pledges to destroy the nation by eliminating the Constitution, removing freedom of speech, worship, our God-given right to keep and bear arms, and to institute communist/fascist/socialist tyranny upon We the People.  The globalist george w. bush built, staffed, and stocked the FEMA concentration camps that biden and company, should they fraud their way into office, will fill up with patriots and Christian “haters” being the first incarcerated.  It is imperative that We the People get out and vote to reelect Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and give them patriots to help them in both chambers of Congress.  Every deep-state traitor, regardless of which party they belong to, needs to go.

I belong to ALL of the groups most hated by the deep state.  I am a devout Christian, Constitutional conservative, veteran, patriot, a gun owner, and was a hunter before the stroke that crippled me.   Worst of all, I won’t be intimidated into silence for fear of retribution at the hands of despotic terrorists. They definitely hate people who will openly oppose them, and I will most definitely openly oppose them.  Our founding fathers called on Divine Providence, Almighty God, to help them and I am doing the same thing, praying and asking God to intervene to save us from the satanic forces we fight.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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