Flag of Pennsylvania

by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 31, 2020) — At approximately 12:46 p.m. EDT, a slightly hoarse Donald J. Trump took the podium in Newtown, PA to speak in the first of four campaign stops in the Keystone State Saturday invoking the place where the U.S. Constitution was signed in July 1776.

“As your president, I don’t take my orders from the media, or, as I affectionately call them, the fake news media,” he said at 1:03, “and as you know they’ve turned out to be corrupt.”

“I do what’s right for America,” he said. “It’s made me a lot of enemies in Washington, but I wear that as a badge of honor.”

He recounted that in 2016, Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes went to him but that this year’s election is even more important.

Moving to the topic of “big tech,” he contended that “Section 230” of the 1996 Communications Decency Act should be “taken away,” which would cease the protections from liability companies such as Facebook and Twitter now enjoy for comments posted on their platforms.

Less boisterous than usual, Trump opined that his decision to run for president was “one opportunity to turn a country around,” something he said Democratic opponent Joe Biden will not do.

“Look at the history of this state…,” he said, “We are delivering real change…over these last four years we’ve been building the strongest middle class in history. We’ve built the strongest military in the world by far.” He said when he assumed office, the military was forced to go to “military graveyards” for parts to repair its equipment.

He said the American military arsenal is now “the envy of the world” and that it is his hope that “we never have to use it.”

When a general approached him early on and said, “Sir, we have no ammunition,” Trump said, he responded, “That’s something that no president should have to hear.”

He invoked today’s rescue by Navy SEALS of an American citizen from captors in Nigeria, which he said the SEALS executed “beautifully.”

“Instead of endless wars in countries that even you very sophisticated people have probably never heard of,” the world is more peaceful, Trump contended, invoking the peace treaty between Serbia and Kosovo executed in the White House.

He said the nation is “just weeks away” from wide distribution of a COVD-19 vaccine. “We’re rounding the turn.”

He said the vaccine will be administered “free” and “Americans will return to school and to life. By slashing red tape and cutting this bureaucracy, we’re producing the vaccine in record time.”

Biden, too, has called for coronavirus vaccines to be “free” to all.

He recounted how at the beginning of the pandemic, the country’s stockpile of equipment, particularly ventilators, was depleted, and gave senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner credit for having replenished it in short order. “Not one person who needed a ventilator didn’t get a ventilator,” he said. “We continue to make thousands a month,…we send them to countries in Africa who are having a terrible hard time, and we’re sending thousands to other countries,” Trump said, of which he is “proud.” “I think it’s just a tremendous story; I really do,” he added.

He commented that those welcoming him to rallies in Pennsylvania are “all waving flags” and proud of their country.

Antibody treatments such as he received early this month after learning he contracted the virus will be made available to those who need them “free,” he said, while recounting his experience with the virus. He said the morning after he received “Regeneron,” he “woke up and felt great.”

He urged Gov. Tom Wolf (D) to “open up this state.”

Moving to the revelations emerging with The New York Posts‘s reportage of the Biden family’s involvement with the Chinese apparently intertwined with Joe Biden’s influence while he served as vice president, Trump disparaged the legacy media for failing to pick up the story.

He said once the virus is “destroyed,” America “will be greater than it’s ever been.” “We should never, ever forget that China could have stopped it…” he said. “The far left is determined to lock down America, because what they crave more than anything else is to control you.”

At 1:54, he told the crowd that “there is only one way to save our American way of life,” which is to “show up and vote” on November 3.

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