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by the Mayor, ©2020

thedesigndept, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 26, 2020) — “Suddenly There’s a Valley” (3:02)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Hello, I’m the Mayor speaking from the Little People’s valley enclave deep in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. We just completed a referendum on the overt corruption of the Democratic Party. My job, as their Mayor, is to share with you our findings. Even though we may be small in stature, our dreams and aspirations are as big as Neil Armstrong’s famous statement, One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind(0:30). What I’m saying is that we feel it is our responsibility to expose wrongdoings, as we would expect you to do the same. Think of it as the Golden Rule of honest folk, if you want.

“Years ago, before JFK was brutally murdered, either of America’s two major political parties considered the other to be the ‘opposition party’ as a stopgap to overt excessive spending. If one party wanted ten new carriers, the other lobbied for half; if one party wanted four new bridges, the other two, and so on. Nowadays the conversation is whether to keep the Constitution or not; to allow ‘sanctuary cities’ or not; to allow the enemy to set up their own ‘Islamovilles’ or not; and to allow the ballot box to be stuffed or not.

“The newest flu virus to hit our shores from China is no different from a slew of others, except that this one was feared to be an expressed biological weapon. We think that the Chinese drastically underestimated its lethality, and so did we. But now we know it’s not what we thought it was, which is why masks and visors are now a real joke, but what isn’t a joke is the mind-control that such devices have on society as a whole. Think ‘mind-control,’ or just ‘control’, and you’ll get the picture.

“Another aspect of mind-control is demonstrated through television commercials, controlled by some entity, or a few independently: the point is that they are to be seen by millions every day. We are saying that a political agenda is being displayed; a thought process is being sold and it would behoove one to be aware of whatever it is they are selling.

“The overtness of what I am saying is called Fake News; the subliminals are in various commercials: the commercials are a subtle and powerful means of persuasion. News may be programmed a percentage of the day; commercials run all day. With me on the radio is Professor Zorkophsky, broadcasting from the General’s house while I’m, as I said, in an undisclosed location deep in the woods and mountains. Hello, Professor; would you care to add to what I’ve already said?”

“You know I do and, please, let’s dispense with the formalities and just call me ‘Zork.’ I thought your introduction to the subject of ‘pushing the lie’ was very well-done. I say: ‘Be aware of being in control or be controlled.’ You know it all started with the day Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) became the de facto president and it all went downhill from there.”

“Yes, we didn’t get any information from the street, but we’re on the Internet and have a satellite receiver that we made out of a garbage can lid so I say we’re pretty well-informed, wouldn’t you say?”

“Of course, especially since the transcripts of ‘Pulse’ can be read in The P&E, one of the more popular and informative news sources. Have you known Roving long?”

“Couple of years; back when he was really a roving reporter, he stumbled upon us and kept our location secret, so we made him our go-between, you know, us and the world.”

“Did you lock down?”

“No, we followed the example of the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, who treated China-19 as just another flu strain from China.”

“Lucky her.”

“Or, conversely, unlucky China: they didn’t kill us all.”

“Or said another way: ‘They didn’t kill us after all.’”

“Trash the masks.”

“Get a life.”

“Get your life back.”

“And that’ll do it. Trump all the way.”

“Amen, Brother.”

“Ditto to that. I want to say something about Ginsburg.”

“What about her?”

“Well, now, if she was so smart and admired how come she didn’t retire when Obama was president? Maybe she wasn’t so smart after all; maybe she didn’t do the Democrats any favors; maybe the Dems are worshiping a false god.”

“And what god would that be?”

“The State.”


“Goodnight, and goodnight to all of you out there listening and to those who are reading the transcript of this live radio show: Goodnight.

“Good show. I’m going for a burger.”

The Weight” (5:46)

The Mayor of the Little People

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