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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

RoyBuri, Pixabay, License

(Oct. 11, 2020) — Virtually every time you turn around these days, some Democrat politician is yapping hypocritically about the importance of “transparency” in government.  This claim is usually coughed up as a prelude to an immediate slap at President Trump for his purported lack of transparency on everything from his tax returns (which, by federal and state laws, are confidential) to why he “botched” (… yeah…, right…) the Trump Administration’s response to the Wuhan virus attack loosed upon the world by China – yes, Virginia, that is where it originated – and facilitated by its puppet enabling agent, the World Health [sic] Organization.

The most recent manifestation of the Democrats’ deceitful hypocrisy takes the form of their threats to pack the Supreme Court with additional leftist judges and their urging of Sleepy Joe Biden to publicly support the idea.  Adding additional leftist judges will, of course, transform the third branch of government – the judicial branch – into a mere rubber stamp of the other two branches, the ultimate goal of the Democrat politicians.

When Biden was recently asked about the issue at a campaign stop in Arizona, he refused to answer.  He then offered up perhaps the dumbest and most juvenile excuse for his refusal by stating that “the moment I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that… other than… other than… [he probably misread the teleprompter and instead meant to say “rather than”] focusing on what’s happening now.  The election has begun [again, he probably misread the teleprompter and likely meant to say “the voting has begun”].  There’s never been a court appointment once an election’s [sic] begun.”

Apart from Biden’s statement being wrong – a fact that his constitutionally-ineligible running mate Kamala Harris learned after stepping on her “Honest Abe” scarf during her debate with Vice-President Pence – the next day, while campaigning in Nevada, Biden was again asked for his position on the court packing scheme.

A reporter began: “Well, sir, don’t the voters deserve to know…,” when Biden interrupted (imagine that) and snapped back: “No, they don’t!  I’m not going to play [President Trump’s] game.  He’d love me to talk about – and I’ve already said something on Court packing. He’d love that to be the discussion instead of what he’s doing now. He’s about to make a pick in the middle of an election. First time it’s ever been done. First time in history it’s ever been done.”

Ummm…, no.  President Trump did not control when Ginsburg died. She could have stepped aside when the Second Usurper in Chief (“SUC”) was still in office and mooted this entire kabuki theater exercise, but for whatever reason did not.  Moreover, President Trump made known his pick of Amy Coney Barrett on September 26, 2020, well before all but a handful of states with “early voting” options had begun accepting early ballots.  Thus, if Biden has any complaint, it is with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has stated that he will move the nomination to a full Senate vote following the completion of the wholly optional “courtesy” hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Truth be known, Barrett’s nomination could proceed to the full Senate tomorrow, but for the historical – and not without exception in 1864 – “protocols” and “traditions” associated with such nominations.

Salmon P. Chase (1808-1873) served as governor of Ohio, U.S. senator from Ohio, Secretary of the Treasury, and Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (Photo: National Archives)

Biden and Harris can lie like Persian silk rugs: go back and read the actual facts of the 1864 nomination by Abraham Lincoln of Salmon P. Chase to the Supreme Court.  Lincoln did not nominate Chase until after Chief Justice Roger B. Taney (of Dred Scott fame) died in October, 1864, obviously, and did not forward his nomination to the Senate until December 6, 1864…, because the Senate was in recess and not in session until then.

The delay had nothing to do with the general election and Lincoln’s purported (i.e., Kamala Harris’s concocted) “Honest-Abe-let-the-people-decide” sentiments.  In fact, when the Senate re-convened on December 5, 1864, Lincoln thereafter immediately sent the nomination to the Senate and – listen up, faithful P&E readers – Chase was confirmed that same day.

This is entirely consistent with the remarks of now-departed Justice Ginsburg, who noted that a president’s power of nomination persists, along with the Senate’s “advice and consent” role, for all four years of his presidency, not just the first three.  To quote the SUC who nominated Ginsburg:  “Elections have consequences.  We won, you lost.  Deal with it.”

Returning, therefore, to Biden’s stonewalling of the American people regarding his position on stacking the Supreme Court with additional justices, it may well be that he is refusing to disclose his position in order to mollify (or even deceive) the radical leftists in his political party for fear of alienating them.

Even liberal law professors like Jonathan Turley note that the mere consideration of such a proposal – an end-around run on the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution – is problematic, but adds that Biden’s refusal to answer the question of whether or not he supports the plan is “deeply troubling.”

Biden’s hide-the-ball “transparency” – also known to rational adult minds as “cerebral opacity” – is not only deeply troubling, it is disturbingly reminiscent of Nancy (“I-left-my-brain-in-San-Crapcisco”) Pelosi’s admonition to House of Representative members asking what was in the comically-mislabeled “Affordable Care Act”: “You have to first pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Biden and Harris are saying, in essence, the same thing: elect us to office, then we will confess our position.  Seriously?

Faithful P&E readers, you need not wait at all: because Judge Amy Coney Barrett will definitely be confirmed and sworn in as the replacement Justice for Ginsburg prior to the election, rest assured that not only will Biden and Harris announce that they favor packing the Court, they will in due course favor: statehood for additional Democrat districts and territories; radical curtailing of the First Amendment; outright abolition of the Second Amendment; elimination of the Electoral College; amnesty, free health care and a “path to citizenship” for 20+ million illegal aliens; demolition of “The Wall;” implementation of a “Green New Deal,” by whatever alias they can peddle it; and, of course, a ban on fracking and fossil fuels.  Memo to Slow Joe: how’s that plan comin’ along to get Air Force One airborne with batteries?

These folks are intellectual termites.  Where is the Orkin Man when you really need him?  The bottom line here is that Biden and Harris do not care at all about preserving the fragile “independence” of the Supreme Court.  Of course they favor packing as many leftist judges onto the Court as they think they can get away with in order to dilute and marginalize the votes of the few remaining conservatives now there.

If elected, their goal is to relegate the conservatives’ opinions to dissents alone, with the expanded and “enlightened” super-majority of the packed body issuing the controlling opinions.  That is not “Equal Justice Under Law,” as now preserved over the West portico entrance to the Supreme Court building.  Biden, Harris and the political apparatchiks and enablers behind them seek instead to throw “Justice Under The Bus.”  Unconfirmed rumors persist that Biden has already entered into a remodeling construction contract with Cancel Culture Demolition, LLC, to make the necessary changes to the portico.

Stated otherwise, if you liked the Volksgerichtshof courts of Nazi Germany, you’d probably like a Democrat-stacked Supreme Court.  Oh, and a stacked Senate, too, following statehood for Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico…, and maybe more.  The only real “pre-existing condition” hobbling Joe Biden is stupidity.

Vote carefully in this election… very carefully.

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  1. We have been dealing with the leftist infiltration of all our national, state, and local institutions (such as school boards and local city councils) for a long time. It is an organized long term plan of the far left to infiltrate and control by the far left Marxist organic intellectuals and permanent persuaders under the explicit Marxist plan put forth about 100 years ago by the head of the Italian Communist Party Antonia Gramsci, which Gramsican’s gradualists call “The Long March Through the Institutions.” They’ve been at it for generations for the last 100 years and are at the apex of their hegemony in the institutions and thus control virtually all of our national institutions. If Trump had not won the election they would have come forward and out of the woodwork and totally taken over under Clinton and moved the nation to a Socialist one, which to the Communists is just one more step towards Communism, which the Marxists and Gramscians believe is a Utopian form of government. Karl Marx wanted to do it fast via violent revolution. Gramsci argued to do it slowly and gradual via societal evolution revolution caused by infiltration of societies institutions over multiple generations, and gradually getting “consent” of the people for the slow socialist changes. And seeing what we are on the receiving end of now, they have done a pretty good job in achieving hegemony and control in most all our institutions. If Trump does not win re-election I fear it will be over for our Constitutional Republic and further communists ideas will be forced onto us via “coercion” of the state and violence Karl Marx style, instead of slowly obtained generational societal giving-in “consent: as Gramscians have successfully worked on to get us to this point See: Gramsci, Alinsky & the Left: https://themarketswork.com/2017/02/11/gramsci-alinsky-the-left/