by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

(Sep. 16, 2020) — A week or so ago, your faithful servant offered a post captioned “Open Letter to Rational Democrats.”  The post you are now reading is an update to that prior one, as matters have in the meantime necessitated it.

First, the prior post referred to the “Democrat Party” in three places.  One commenter (“Luke”) took umbrage at that “epithet,” noting that the real name of the group was the “Democratic Party.”  The commenter posited that if the goal of the post was to appeal to rational Democrats, a better approach would be to avoid “mocking the name of the group.”  Fair comment.

Accordingly, apart from the fact that the “epithet” has been in general, “non-hostile” use since the 1940’s, henceforth your faithful servant will refer to that political group as the “Party of the Democrats” (“POTD”) – not to be confused with “PTSD” or “post traumatic stress disorder” – and to its leaders as the “POTD Leaders.”  This compromise is utilized because the name preferred by “Luke the Commenter” remains, as a linguistic and intellectual matter, difficult to accept…, sort-of like the woefully mislabeled “Affordable Care Act.”

Second, since the first open letter to rational Democrats appeared, yet additional evidence mounts that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are precisely the species of “leaders” the nation cannot tolerate in power.  Chief among those examples is the continuing droning of POTD Leaders that the answer to BLM rioting, looting and anarchy in the streets is…, wait for it…, wait for it…: defunding the police.

These insane calls for “police reform” and “social justice” come from POTD Leaders even as two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were nearly assassinated as they sat in their patrol car in Compton, California.  Worse, the “peaceful protestors” of Compton immediately congregated at the hospital where the deputies were taken, in nearby Lynwood, California, and chanted outside, “We hope you ******* die!”

Really?  These are the folks to whom the POTD Leaders pander and genuflect?  These are the humanoids to be championed as “social justice warriors” as they block the hospital’s emergency entrances?  Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey – yes, Virginia, a Democrat – on Monday, less than 48 hours after the Compton assassination attempt, was advocating that all police officers should be disarmed and deprived of non-lethal riot response tools such as tear gas, rubber bullets and bean bag rounds.

Tell me again how this invective from POTD Leaders like Markey is anything other than lunacy on steroids.  Rumors that after Markey issued his disarmament call, he was escorted by his private security detail to a lobster thermidor dinner with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi at a Wuhan COVID-19 shuttered high-end Boston French restaurant… remain unconfirmed.

And when it comes to defending African-American police and chiefs of police, the POTD Leaders are AWOL (for the non-veterans out there, “absent without official leave”).  Apparently black lives matter, but the lives of blue-black cops don’t.  Memo to rational Democrats: wise up; wake up.  Your leaders are selling you and your families out and, along with them, the country.

And the Harris-Biden tick…., oops…, my bad again…, the Biden-Harris team is most assuredly not the solution.  Interestingly, recent gaffes by both Slow Joe and Ineligible Kamala – both referring to their “team” as the “Harris-Biden Administration” – leave one wondering: if elected, legally or not, who the heck will really be in charge: a cognitively-impaired septuagenarian or another usurper of the presidency?   Talk about a Catch-22 dilemma.

Perhaps the answer to the Harris eligibility question will come from that judicial paragon, the Hon. Emmet G. Sullivan, the U.S. District Court Judge now presiding over the quo warranto complaint challenging Ms. Harris’s constitutional bona fides as a natural-born citizen.  Time will tell…, but the clock is ticking toward November 3, 2020.

Again, dear rational Democrats…, and we know you are out there…, the one simple way to avoid the Catch-22 presented to you in November is to put aside your distaste for President Trump and his “tweets” and do the right thing for your country.  You don’t have to re-register as an Independent or Republican – as did once-Democrat Ronald Reagan – you just need to re-think what direction this nation should be taking.

Reject the invective and toxic vitriol of your POTD Leaders.  You will feel better in the morning and your descendants will thank you for your courage and patriotism.

Stay tuned… more to come.


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