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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020


(Sep. 7, 2020) — This post will constitute an open letter to the – hopefully – millions of registered Democrats out there who remain rational Americans.  Democrats who, like registered Republicans and Independents, are saddened and repulsed by the actions of looters, rioters and fake “protesters” who are dedicated to the destruction of the nation’s history, its culture and, eventually, the very Constitution which has since 1789 provided the blueprint for the most prosperous, benevolent and successful nation the planet has ever known.  Oh, and the destruction of the very document that protects their right to “peaceably assemble”…, but not to violently loot and destroy.

With any kind of luck, Democrats who are regular visitors at The P&E will understand the gravity of the upcoming election and will share the post with others who may not be regular visitors.  The issues are more important now than at perhaps any time in recent decades.

Up front disclosure: the purpose of the post is to appeal to your sense of patriotism as an American, not as a member of a political party.  The post will also attempt to moderate – if only slightly – your humble servant’s customary disdain and sarcasm for liberal policies and principles.  Instead, the focus will be on the more immediate problem: the hijacking of the erstwhile “normal” Democrat Party by leftists, progressives, Marxists and “leaders” who have become the antithesis of democracy.

The present leaders of the Democrat Party care not for the preservation of our history – warts and all –, but instead want to destroy it, along with, by way of example, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and all other “symbols” of the claimed “systemic racism” of the nation.

They refuse to call Marxist organizations and cabals by their true name, but instead hide behind claimed principles of “justice” and “equality” while tolerating – and on occasion even encouraging and subsidizing through the posting of bail for those arrested for crimes – chants of “what-do we-want: dead-cops; when-do-we-want-it: now.”  And please, spare me the platitudes that this has anything any longer to do with “Black Lives Matter.”  It does not.

Seriously?  The absence of cops and the abandonment of “law and order” is a recipe for disaster in America’s large cities, most governed by Democrats.  It is, by definition, the sanctioning of anarchy.

Your leaders have abandoned you and along with you, your country.

As but the most recent example of how your “leaders” have abandoned you, note that the Speaker of the U.S. House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was just caught on camera in the E Salon SF, a “pandemic shuttered” beauty salon, violating, with expected impunity, the very inflexible rules which she seeks to impose upon you as well as everyone else… except her… and those she favors.  Rumors that she has arranged for a similar beauty salon “blowout” for fellow San Franciscan Kamala Harris remain unconfirmed.

Adding insult to injury, the Speaker now claims that she was “set up” and disingenuously “accepts  responsibility” for “being duped.”  That is the response of a kindergartner, not the response of the person third in the line of succession.  Pelosi apparently thinks that you, as well as everyone else, are stupid and cannot see through that adolescent excuse.  Little wonder she is whispered in the halls of the House of Representatives to be the Democrats’ Marie (“let them eat cake”) Antoinette.


Moreover, your leaders such as New York Governor Andrew (“send-them-back-to-the-nursing-homes-to-infect-the-elderly”) Cuomo; the across-the-aisle detested Mayor of New York City, Bill (“give-it-a break, fellas”) De Blasio and the clueless mayor of Chicago, Lori (“a-haircut-for-me-but-not-for-thee”) Lightfoot all adhere to the same principle: people are serfs who should do as their “leaders” say rather than as they do.

Moreover, the person your party has selected as the candidate to replace President Trump could not bring himself to denounce the violence sweeping over the nation’s cities…, that is until “focus groups” and “polls” indicated that the violence was negatively impacting his campaign.  He cannot bring himself (even now) to disavow the linking or redirecting of the website for “ANTIFA.com” to that of the Biden-Harris campaign, although Snopes.com (no friend of conservative fact-checking) labels it “mostly true,” with the caveat that it could be a “hoax.”

If you are honest to yourself, you must acknowledge that your leaders have given new meaning to the terms “hypocrisy” and “double standard.”  And yet, they still expect you to blindly accept their word that, because “Orange Man Bad,” you must vote for the Biden-Harris ticket in November (or this afternoon if you live in a state allowing early “mail-in” ballots.).  They are taking you for granted and laughing about it.  They have taken minorities, mainly African-Americans, for granted for decades, but they are now taking all Democrats for granted.

Worse, they are taking you for suckers.  While not required, you may want to take a cue from someone who was once a union-loving, card-carrying, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but who matured to become one of the “gold-standard” conservatives in the nation’s history: Ronald Reagan.

To reiterate, this post is an appeal to your intelligence, common sense and the rational lobe of your brain as an American.  Your political party and the “leaders” you elected to manage it have been hijacked by radicals, progressives and people who have no concern over or respect for the history, culture and innate benevolence of the nation.

Yes, many problems remain which need to be overcome.  But looting and torching not only the physical infrastructure of the nation, but also the principles and ideals of a constitutional republic unrivaled in the history of the world is neither good nor prudent.  You can take this to the bank: that is stupid.

“Protest” in Portland, OR July 22, 2020 (Wikimedia Commons, CC by 4.0 International)

Your leaders have aligned themselves with people who chant the adage from the Vietnam War era: “In order to save the village, we must first destroy the village.”   It is one thing to chant an adage; it is quite another to napalm Portland and Kenosha in pursuit of a Marxist “worker’s paradise.”  And remember, you live in the village, too, and if you think you and yours will be immune from the ravages of a hyper-progressive or Marxist regime…, think again.

On the other hand, no appeal to rational Democrats such as is this post’s intent would be complete without acknowledgment that President Trump is not without his flaws and faults.  Many people of all political persuasions – including many Republicans – are chagrined over his tweets and public comments.  Many would say that he needs to “dial back” his remarks as being “unpresidential.”  But when the mainstream media becomes an appendage and wholly-owned subsidiary of the “Orange Man Bad” cabal now guiding the Democrat Party, his responses seem a lot less “unpresidential” and a lot more “human.”

As an American – not a Democrat, or Republican or Independent – put yourself in his position: how would you react after you had been accused of being Hitler reincarnated; being a Nazi; being a murderer; being a domestic terrorist; being a KKK-sympathizer – unlike the documented Joe Biden infatuation with his “mentor,” KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd –; and being worthy of assassination?  All of those accusations have been hurled at President Trump, and he has reacted as most rational human beings would.  And it is driving your leaders crazy.  Correction: crazier.

Like him or loathe him, President Trump has presided in the three short years of his first term as president over the most dramatic and successful economic recovery the nation has ever experienced until China loosed a viral pandemic across the globe, and with it, the crippling of much of what he had accomplished.  And you think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can do better?  Seriously?

As measured in terms of renegotiated trade agreements; restoration of military preparedness; historic reductions in minority unemployment figures; and overall improvement in all sectors of the lives of Americans – and in particular, the middle class – this president’s accomplishments have been without equal.  Go ahead, deny it to those with whom you interact in public, but admit it when you mark your 2020 general election ballot.  Stated otherwise, do you really think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are up to the task of restoring that which President Trump has already proven an ability to do?  You can deny it to others, but you should stop deceiving yourself: mirrors don’t lie.

Communist revolutionaries Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, 1961.  Employing guerilla warfare, Castro ousted Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista in 1959, converting it to a “one-party communist state)  (Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

In closing, your faithful servant again appeals to the rational elements of your American brain.  Think long and hard about how you will vote in the upcoming general election, because a rejection of President Trump for a second term will very likely set the nation on a course which could soon rival that of present-day Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea.

You don’t need to abandon your party or even re-register your political affiliation, as did Ronald Reagan.  But you should do the right thing.  Even if you think you don’t owe it to yourself, you owe it to your kids, their kids and their kids’ kids.

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  1. During the 2016 election, I closely watched the parade of Republican candidates. Very quickly my favorites, laid waste during primary elections, and soon after it was apparent that Donald Trump had overwhelming support to win the nomination. Being a Republican and living in California is difficult. There are few options available for objective news, still I knew that this unconventional, non-politician had a chance to be my next President. I watched the conventions as Bernie got sidelined despite huge support by his party. I watched the debates, with Trump and Hilary and watched Hilary lie and boast. I watched Trump attack her from all sides and she had little to say to defend herself. When it was all over, Trump succeeded. It’s been a tremulous term for Trump; the media and the Democrats painted a target on his back, focused for his takedown. Instead, Trump stayed true to his word and executed his plan to bring back the economy. He addressed the trade deficit, brought back jobs from oversees, lowered taxes for the middle class, rebuilt our military, guaranteed the integrity of the Supreme Court by nominating honest judges, reduced illegal immigration and regained international respect for the US. Yup, he’s nonconventional, but what’s so conventional about the demise of the US? So, here we are 4 years later, and it would appear obvious to any logical citizen that the only candidate with the track record and ability to rebuild the US AGAIN is Donald Trump. In 4 years the Democrats have had nothing to contribute to strengthening the US economy, nothing to contribute to keeping the US safe, and nothing to contribute towards getting a handle on the immigration problem. They’ve been focused on bring down Trump. The Democrats couldn’t even come up with a candidate dynamic enough to give Trump a challenge. I can only hope November 4th comes quickly, so we can get over this nonsense and move forward rebuilding the US.

  2. The name of the organization is the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. If you’re trying to speak to Democrats, mocking the name of the group makes it really tough.

  3. IMO If Donald Trump had been more “presidential” when running against Hillary in 2016 we would now have Hillary as America’s president. Donald Trump was the only Republican who could win because he was the only one who would take the fight to his enemies. That is no easy task when the enemy owns 98% of the media. I and many others recognized this right away and knew why Donald Trump was not going to be “presidential”….. and that his enemies would like nothing better than for him to “tone it down” and not be as outspoken as he wanted. When many of your supporters are telling you to do the same thing your enemies want you to do……you probably should ignore both and just do what you believe will work. That worked for Donald Trump and he beat Hillary. The media and Trump’s other enemies…..like the Marxist Democrats and RINOs, would love to see President Trump be more “presidential”……but if Donald Trump wants to remain President Trump…….he will do more of what gave him his victory in 2016…He just needs to be careful and not stop the Democrats when they are self-destructing……