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by OPOVV, ©2020 

Image: AnnaliseArt, Pixabay, License

(Sep. 25, 2020) — “Cheyenne War Dance” (1:25)

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. If you could see me, I’m back on my corner about to waylay this lady. Excuse me, lady, but would you like to be on radio? Roving here for ‘Pulse,’ the ever-popular TV show, or used to be.”

“I suppose so since I’m just taking a walk with no particular place to go and no schedule to keep.”

“Okay, so what’s your name and what do you do?”

“My name is Jane and I’m a professional poll-watcher: I watch polls.”

“I always thought poll people were only around during voting season.”

“That is true, but I’m also a housewife, a mother of two, so I have a full-time job.”

“You look a little aged to have kids.”

“Not if my kids are 39 and 44.”

“Well, as long as you put it that way. So let me ask you your take on this election, like, is this a normal election or otherwise?”

“Let me put it to you this way: my husband is a Trump person, as I am. And this is what he said to me this morning: ‘I believe that Trump will have a landslide and I want to be a part of it, so even if he’s going to win, I want to be a part of the win so I’m definitely voting.’ And he’s not alone, at least judging by what I’m hearing.”

“So the Democrats aren’t changing their tune on illegal immigrants taking jobs or supporting the Chamber of Commerce, the people who are anti-American if there ever were any.”

“Here’s the thing: Americans don’t have a clue what really happens when a country implodes. The Deep State has a lot of the pieces in place, starting with law enforcement made up of non-Veterans — by design – and complete control of the mainstream media with all their puppets in place.”


“Democrats, people who believe that today’s Democratic Party is yesterday’s party of JFK.”

“And it’s not?”

“JFK believed in capitalism and was an arch enemy of Socialism.”

“That he was.”

“Here’s what Trump did: he put patriotism back on the front burner; he told China to take a hike; and he made America Great Again. And off I go to continue my walk. Bye.”

“Goodbye, Jane. It seems to me that if Hillary embraced what Americans really wanted, she might have won the 2016 election, but because she and the other Democrats haven’t a clue what Americans really want, Trump won big, just as he is going to do again, but this time even more. Trump is going to landslide as never someone land-slided before; it’s going to be that big.

“And that’ll do it for this program except to say that the China virus is just another name for a particular flu strain. Oh, and if you’re a cop arresting a maskless mother watching her son play football, I think it’s about time to be looking for another job; I mean, for real. Getting the orders to arrest Christians singing Amazing Grace (3:52) would be the time for the cops to look at the mayor and the City Attorney for the real lawbreakers. Let’s get real, people: for the cops to earn our respect, they better start standing up for law and order instead of running away when they’re being shot at. And to use the excuse of, ‘I was only following orders’ doesn’t mean diddly when our cities are burning and children getting killed.

“Another good show. I’m heading back to the General’s house for burgers: my treat.”

G.I. Blues” (2:30)


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