by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 13, 2020) — A website clone of The Post & Email appearing to have been taken down Thursday by its host company, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is back online as of Sunday morning but likely before.

Since June, within hours of our publishing an article, the website,, reposts it without permission or attribution and removes all source links.

Contacting the “owner” and AWS have thus far proved futile despite the latter’s stated commitment to rooting out “abusive” content, including plagiarized material.

After publishing our article reporting that the site’s pages yielded only “Error 502” messages just after noon EDT on Thursday, the site was mysteriously restored, scraping that story as shown in its “National” navigational tab modeled after our own.

We therefore now see AWS as part of the problem and sent a “last request” for it to remove the site permanently or face “formal legal action.”

Screenshot of home page, 10:18 a.m. EDT, 09-13-2020

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  1. That site looks AI driven. There may not not be any their there. If it is AI driven that may be a good sign in a bad way. AI may have learned how important an ubiased grand jury is unfortunately not having learned yet how important copyright is. I can’t see this story spreading doing anything helpful for the bad guys.

  2. It’s probably deliberate harassment tactic by the far-left to throw rocks in your path and to make you deplete your time and resources fighting a battle with them and thus you have less time and resources researching, writing your articles, and running your newspaper. JMHO.