Fox News (Faux News?) Continues to Disregard the U.S. Constitution by Withholding Critical Information from the Public


by Tom Arnold, ©2020

(Jul. 29, 2020) — [Editor’s Note:  The following was sent Wednesday evening to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and dozens of other media figures, Justice Department officials and congressmen.]

It appears that by the end of next week, this will have happened 3 times in the last 4 general elections!

In 2008, the constitutionally ineligible candidate was “Barack Hussein Obama.”  In a bio published in 1991 which remained intact and unchanged for sixteen years until 2007, “Obama’s” birthplace was reported to be British Kenya.  Do you, who are reading this, think that “Obama” forgot to proofread his own bio for all those years?  Actually, he most likely wrote it, or at least gave information about himself to the publisher.  Later, “Obama” even attempted to prove to the American people including “birthers” that he was born in Hawaii by producing a copy of what he claimed was his long-form birth certificate.  Only problem is-  THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE WAS FORENSICALLY EXAMINED AND TURNED OUT TO BE AN AMATEURISH, PIECED-TOGETHER, COMPUTER-GENERATED FORGERY!

In 2012, “Obama,” the fraud, was re-elected.

In 2020, Sean Hannity reported on FNC’s television program “Hannity” Tuesday night, July 28th, that an enhanced photograph of Joe Biden’s press conference notes strongly implied that Senator Kamala Harris would be Biden’s running mate.  The announcement of the running mate is scheduled for next week.  Only problem would be-  like “Obama,” Harris is constitutionally unqualified to be the VP or the president!  Although she was born in the United States (Oakland, CA, dob 10-20-1964), her father Donald J Harris, an acclaimed economist and university professor, was NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN, NATURALIZED OR OTHER, AT THE TIME.  In fact, he was a Jamaican citizen (who had emigrated to the United States in 1961).  Senator Harris’ mother Shyamala Gopalan was a Tamil Indian who had emigrated from India to the United States in 1960.  Neither parent had been in the United States for the necessary time of five years to be naturalized.  One other fact worthy of note is that Senator Harris likes to portray herself as being black, but in reality is a Jamaican Tamil Indian.

SO, FOX NEWS (Faux News), THERE YOU HAVE IT.  YOUR ORGANIZATION WITHHOLDING IMPORTANT FACTS FROM YOUR VIEWERS AND LISTENERS AND DISREGARDING OUR COUNTRY’S US CONSTITUTION FOR 3 OF THE LAST 4 GENERAL ELECTIONS!  Do you, as one of journalism’s “4th Estate” government watchdogs on behalf of the people, feel the least bit responsible for what is happening in our country today?  Do you suppose it has anything to do with failing to know about and abide by our US Constitution?  Do you further suppose that it has anything to do with the deceiving and dumbing down, caused by you and others, of our citizenry and electorate?  SHAME ON YOU!

Tucker Carlson Discusses “Birtherism,” Kamala Harris Background – The Post & Email

Tucker Carlson Discusses “Birtherism,” Kamala Harris Background – The Post & Email

Sharon Rondeau


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