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by Tom Arnold, ©2020

Don Lemon, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 International

(Jul. 11, 2020) — This is the title of Don Lemon’s new CNN audio podcast.  That’s right —  “SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION.”  Keep this in mind as I tell you the following.

According to Lemon, the podcast will be:  an analysis of America’s racial divide; an in-depth look into “the reality of being Black and Brown in America”; and Lemon wants guests that are “right for the moment, and that doesn’t mean the biggest name or a famous face.”  In short, he declares, “the best guests are everyday people.”

Really, Mr. Lemon!  What if I wanted to be a guest on your podcast?  I certainly am not the biggest name or a famous face.  Just an ordinary American citizen.  Or, as you call it, “everyday people.”  Only thing is —  I DIFFER WITH YOU ABOUT QUITE A FEW VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.  I’ll list them for you and anybody else who might be reading what I have to say.  Maybe you can be kind enough to respond to me, but I won’t be holding my breath!

First of all, if, as you claim, “silence is not an option” today, WHY HAS IT BEEN PREVIOUSLY?  I’m talking about the misinformation, the willful lies, and the CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE which you, CNN, and others have practiced (you might say SYSTEMICALLY!) for the last decade plus about BARRY SOETORO, aka “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”

“Obama,” although elected president (twice), was NOT A REAL, LEGAL president.  He was and always has been constitutionally ineligible for the high office.  He was not a natural born American citizen (Article II, Section 1, Clause 5), i.e., born in the United States to biological parents who also were both American citizens.  I contend that “Obama” was born in the foreign country of Kenya, as described in his bio published in 1991 which remained intact and unchallenged for sixteen years until 2007 (and I presume you know what happened then).  And, too, his father, Barack Obama Sr., was never a U.S. citizen.  He was a British citizen born and raised in Kenya.  And, with “owning” slaves in his family’s background.

In addition, “Obama” was NOT our country’s “first African-American” president.  His actual ethnicity (look it up!) was 50% white, 44% Arab, and only 6% black.  He was and is best described as an ARAB-AMERICAN not an African-American.  So, in case you don’t get my point, “Obama” was in no way America’s first African-American real, legal president.  He does have the “distinction,” though, of having been our first Muslim president.

So, Mr. Lemon, you ask what’s my point?  It’s actually quite elementary.  “Obama” deceived the American people and electorate, even including his own blindly-worshiping supporters.  He was a racially-motivated leader who divided America and stalled or reversed much of the progress that had been made since the emancipation of slaves.  And, HE WASN’T EVEN AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN HIMSELF!  I repeat:  he was best described as a Muslim Arab-American.

This, Mr. Lemon, had to affect our country and its people in a negative way.  How would you feel about being, for all intents and purposes, a victim of corrupt and unconstitutional actions of your own government?  Perpetrated on you and our citizenry as a whole by a phony black unlawful president who you helped to elect.  On second thought, I suppose that very little if any of this (and, believe me, there is much, much more that I and other patriotic Americans could tell you about) bothered you too much, because back then, SILENCE WAS AN OPTION!



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  1. A “bit” of hypocrisy????? I find a deluge of Biblical flood capacity of hypocrisy. Everything in this item is correct, fuhrer obama wasn’t black, wasn’t eligible, and did everything he could do to create racial strife and destroy the country. He wanted to, and is still trying to, create racial strife and “fundamentally transform” America into a puppet state of the New World Order.