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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Photo:  National Archives, Virginia, Fredericksburg, Battery D, Second United States Artillery.; 1863; Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs, Record Group 165

(Jul. 6, 2020) — Lamentably, the Nation inches closer to civil war.  We’re not there yet, but we seem to be on a path headed in that ominous direction.  The original American Civil War, taking place between 1861 and 1865, was fought primarily over the issue of slavery, with the Union North seeking its abolition, and the Confederate South seeking its perpetuation.  That war claimed the lives of between 620,000 and 750,000 Americans from both the Union and the Confederacy.

The present state of civil war we may now be approaching will, hopefully, not claim anywhere near that many American lives.  But rest assured, if it does happen, it will claim more than zero lives.  But at this point, sad to say, it is naïve to believe otherwise.

Indeed, many on the Left will claim that a series of deaths of certain African-Americans in the past few years as a result of clashes with police already constitute the first victims of the new civil war.  Most recently, the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks have set off a tsunami of rioting, arson, looting and general anarchy across the nation, from Seattle to St. Louis to Minneapolis to Washington, D.C. to New York City to Los Angeles to Atlanta… and dozens of cities and towns in-between.

As a result, many Americans have already died, including black police officers, white police officers and innocent bystanders as psychotically insane “defund and dismantle the police” movements take root.  New York City goof mayor Bill (“Do-as-I-say,-not-as-I-do”) de Blasio now presides over skyrocketing murder and felony crime rates, and finds reason to blame it all on President Trump.  He is a stupid, demented, Democrat elected official.  He needs to resign or be removed from office.  Now.

And all this is in addition to the exponentially greater number of “black-on-black” killings spawned by common criminality, occurring primarily in decades-old Democrat-controlled cities.  More black people have been shot and killed so far in Chicago alone this year by black killers than by all white, brown, black, Asian or albino police officers nationwide.  Combined.  Tell me again that “systemic racism” permeates police departments.

The Left, Antifa, the violent wing of BLM2 and the propaganda piranhas of the media care not about the towering mountain of black-on-black killings.  Why?  Simple: because those killings undercut – more precisely, eviscerate – the comical narrative that the “systemic racism” which exists across “white America” and purportedly infests every police department in the country is the root evil.  In fact, it is the Antifa goons and BLM2 thugs who constitute the essence of “systemic racism” in this country.

To merely state that the deaths of blacks by white police officers are a law enforcement “pandemic” – a contention barfed up by the Left and the Democrat officials in control of the major cities where instead it is black-on-black killings that are the pandemic – is to reveal its absurdity.  These Antifa and BLM2 losers do not care any longer about the deaths of Floyd or Brooks.

In fact, they could care less: the deaths provided only the “crisis” incendiary match which Democrats preach “cannot be wasted” to move on to the main event: the destruction of property, historical artifacts, cultural norms…, oh, and the removal of President Trump from office.

One of the co-founders of BLM – self-avowed Marxist Patrice Cullors – confirms that their main objective now has little to do with protesting Floyd’s or Brooks’s deaths, but more to do with removing President Trump from office. Stated otherwise, all they care about now is destruction of all things “normal” merely for the fact of destruction, including the presidency of Donald J. Trump.  They are the poster child nihilists of 2020 America.

Photo: Frederick Douglass, National Archives

With equal zeal and hatred, they tear down statues of Washington and Columbus as emblems of “white privilege,” along with statues of abolitionists Frederick Douglass and Hans Christian Heg.  Without differentiation, they spit on the statues of Washington and Douglass with equal contempt.  As John Wayne observed: “Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”   Rioters are bad, but stupid rioters are worse.

And as for the person who did the most to end slavery in the Nation – Abraham Lincoln – they vilify him and vandalize his memorial on the National Mall.  They are unhinged anarchists intent only on destruction.  Period.  The only “change” they seek is that wrought by arson, looting and the metastasizing of general chaos across the nation.  And the Democrat National Committee, the Gray Trollop, the WaPo and MSNBC swoon, giddy over the prospect of having the opportunity to again blame President Trump for all of it.

Here’s a troubling case in point.  In Portland, Antifa rioters recently stormed and vandalized the Gus Solomon Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.  Judge Gus Solomon was an ardent civil rights advocate…, not that such mattered to the Antifa jerks intent on defacing the structure named in his honor.  The attack on the courthouse led police and U.S. Marshals to drive the “peaceful protestors” back and arrest one of the ringleaders.

In this video clip, one can see the arrest taking place.  But look carefully: as several of the police and marshals shield the officers making the arrest… multiple bright green laser dots can also be seen “painting” them.  Yes, Virginia, those green laser dots are the same type of targeting lasers used on guns to pinpoint where a fired bullet will hit.  Some targeting dots are red; others are green or other colors.  Regardless of color, they are laser targeting devices.

The laser dots target or “paint” the torsos, helmets and heads of the personnel defending the courthouse.  The dots – likely coming from hand-held laser “pointers” detached from any weapon – are being aimed at the courthouse defenders by the Antifa troops in order to fake or provoke them into responding with deadly force in reaction to a perceived imminent threat of being shot.  And if that happens, aided and abetted by the megaphones of the Fourth Estate piranhas and the hapless, drooling sharks of the ACLU, they will scream: “Police brutality!”

These are not the tactics of peaceful protestors.  These are the tactics of provocateurs, agitators and anarchists.  These people have abandoned any semblance of rational thought.  They are psychotic.  They are the bread and butter of the Democrat Party.  They are the future of the Nation in the catastrophic event that Slow Joe Biden is elected or, by Democrat chicanery, rendered illegally victorious in November.

Photo: National Archives

Accordingly, whether President Trump wins in November or his opponent wins (rumor has it that Biden may not even “make it” to the election…), the Nation, most sadly, needs to prepare for another civil war.  As they say: “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.”  Many of the indicators are already on the horizon, from record gun sales to demands that Mount Rushmore be destroyed to BLM2 thug demands that, on pain of severe punishment, one cannot say “all lives matter” without infringing on its de facto appropriation of the words “black lives matter.”

So, valued P&E reader, vote very, very carefully in November.  And hope and pray that the green dots of Antifa become a thing of the past… along with that group of misfits itself.  That goal can be accomplished only under a second Trump Administration, because you can bet the farm that it won’t succeed under a Biden (or whoever will be pulling his marionette strings) presidency.

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst.

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  1. Interesting comment, Adam F. Could very well be.
    What I think is a certainty, though, is that no matter which political party wins in November, there will be considerable violence before, during, and after the election process. Could last for months if not years.
    So, who’s to blame? That’s easy. “Barack Hussein Obama” (ethnicity by far more Arab American, 44%, than African American, 6%, which is commonly disputed by the Left resulting in one of the greatest underlying reasons for today’s racial problems, BLM’s misunderstanding, etc). Our own CIA (which chose and groomed “Obama” for the presidency). The U.S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts Jr in particular (knew all along about “Obama” not being a natural born American citizen but swore him in anyway and since refused to address the NBC issue). Nancy Pelosi and most members of the Democrat Party. Spineless and turncoat Republicans. The Joint Chiefs of Staff who don’t seem to understand or comply with the chain of command (the Commander in Chief is their superior officer deserving of respect and the one from whom they take orders). Anarchists, looters, and vandals posing as protesters. The national News Media (whether complicitly or ignorantly has withheld the whole truth and lied to the American people since 2007-08, not to mention distorting and re-writing history). A criminal justice system which expounds that everyone is treated equally and that no one is above the law.
    Oh well, I am telling you The Sick Treasonous Truth (part of a book title). Mind you, I am just an ordinary American citizen (a military veteran and retired peace officer), but one who has spent more than a decade expressing myself thousands of times to influential and powerful persons in our government and the media. I have been met with silence and rejection. I have even been told (by the OIG DOJ) that I do not have “permission” to communicate any more with them! For all practical purposes, you might say that I have been disenfranchised. May God Bless America and help us try to save our republic.

  2. Lincoln’s War was NOT a Civil War! The Confederate States of America was another political entity and no longer part of the [u]nited States of America. Look at the definition of “Civil War” in 1861, not the NEW definition used now. As for it being about “Slavery”, four (4) UNION SLAVE STATES kept their slaves throughout Lincoln’s War. duh! The Confederate organizations in the 1950s were bribed to accept the term “Civil War” for Lincoln’s War or The War of Northern Aggression or War between the States, etc. Continuing to use the term “Civil War” only perpetuates the “Big Lie”.