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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Photo: Derek Simeone, Flickr, courtesy Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

(Jun. 23, 2020) — The Black Lives Matter (“BLM”) movement exists in two components.  One is the relatively peaceful effort to legitimately protest police excesses – anecdotal and otherwise – and work for greater understanding and détente between blacks and whites in America.  This component is typified by African-American conservatives like Kira Davis, who recently articulated rational concepts facilitating these goals on the Dan Bongino YouTube channel.  Let us call this the “BLM1” component.

On the other hand, the other component – let us call it “BLM2” – is a virulent and malignant tumor – enjoying, ironically and for the moment, “charitable organization” status under the Internal Revenue Code – being allowed to metastasize in various primarily Democrat-controlled cities and states (e.g., Seattle, Washington) and led by “trained organizers.”  These folks are self-avowed “trained Marxists…” who pride themselves on being – purportedly – “super-versed on ideological theories.”

If by “ideological theories” it is meant that a BLM2 goon understands that he/she can launch a Molotov cocktail farther using a honking-big slingshot or portable trebuchet than by simply hand-throwing it, then the statement makes sense.  Maybe the two Brooklyn lawyers accused of lobbing a Molotov into a police cruiser skipped the class where slingshots and backpack trebuchets were being discussed.

On the other hand, if the BLM2 claim of being “super-versed” is intended to convey the impression of being able to handle rational or intellectually complex concepts…, it fails.  Miserably.  There is nothing intellectual or rational about arson, looting, vandalism, destruction of statues, assaults on police and innocent bystanders or murder.  Those are the goals of anarchists and, in this case, the BLM2 folks.

In an interview with Jake Tapper (who else?) on CNN (where else?), one of the founders of the BLM2 movement, Patrice Cullors, confirmed that “our goal is to get Trump out.”  Wait…, wait…, were we not solemnly told that the purpose of the movement was to protest the death of George Floyd, eliminate “police brutality” and heal the divisions between and among different races?

While Cullors admitted that addressing the death of Floyd was important, she emphasized that the end-game goal was “to get Trump out.”  As Rahm Emanuel counseled while serving as Chief of Staff to the Second Usurper-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

One of the BLM2 co-founders with Cullors, Alicia Garza, also confirms that the movement has close ties to the George Soros “Institute for New Economic Thinking,” a thinly-veiled “destroy-capitalism” venture.  Hmmmm…. what better way to destroy capitalism than by torching and looting the very fruits of capitalism – small businesses – and toppling statutes of disfavored historical figures.  ISIS and the Taliban got nothing on what BLM2 would like to see happen.

Separate from, but enjoying a symbiotic relationship with BLM2, is Antifa.  President Trump has suggested that the Antifa movement be declared a domestic terrorist organization, although its amorphous and relatively unregimented structure may make that more challenging.

Naturally, United Nations personnel have voiced “grave concerns” over the impact that such a designation would have on “chilling” Americans’ First Amendment rights of speech and expression.  One Fionnuala Ni Ailain, the “Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms,” observed in reaction to the suggestion that Antifa might be labeled a terrorist organization: “International human rights law protects the right to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.”

Memo to Fionnuala: tell that to the widow and son of retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn and the wife of Las Vegas police officer Shay Mikalonis, shot during a BLM2 protest and now a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down and tethered to a ventilator for the rest of his life.

Given the symbiotic relationship between Antifa and BLM2, and recalling that old “duck” analogy, if they walk, talk and act like domestic terrorists, both capable of hurling (or launching) Molotov cocktails and other incendiaries, maybe they actually are domestic terrorists.  And the wearing of masks – not for health purposes, mind you, but for camouflage purposes – does not help to differentiate the BLM2 thugs from the Antifa goons.  Both movements are populated by equal-opportunity destructive troglodytes.

These, of course, are the “peaceful” objectives of the Antifa and BLM2 zombies as they march beneath signs reading “Kill a Cop – Save a Life” and “%#@& the Police.”  Tell me again how peace-loving, tolerant and well-intentioned these intellectual misfits are.  Even Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan now says the “summer of love” in CHOP is coming to an end…, and it only took a few arsons, rapes and one murder to bring her to her senses.

Not satisfied with the mere destruction of tangible property through arson and pre-positioned bricks for tossing through windows of businesses, private cars and police cruisers, BLM2 tactics have more recently turned to even more insidious weapons: speech and thought restrictions.  This is 1984 thirty-six years later.

One of the latest examples of this BLM2 appropriation of the English language takes the form of the firing of the head of a Pennsylvania charter school organization for having the audacity to post a comment that looters associated with the BLM2 movement “disgusted” her and that… wait for it…, wait for it: “All lives matter!

Credit: Frederic Guimont, Wikimedia Commons, Free Art License

This is insanity.  This is speech policing.  This is speech disciplining.  The next thing on the horizon will be thought policing.  How, you might ask, can one’s thoughts be policed?  Easy: if you do not proactively, loudly and frequently articulate the prescribed “correct” narratives – “kill a cop, save a life;” “%@#&” the police;” “ONLY black lives matter” – your silent thoughts will be branded a part of the problem instead of a part of the solution.  And if you are not a part of the solution, you will be punished.  Remember, Big Brother is watching you.

Corporate America – cowering on the sidelines and marinated in collective “white capitalist guilt” –falls all over itself trying to out-donate its fellow capitalists with tribute being showered on BLM2.  Led by the loons at Ben & Jerry’s and the Kaepernick fools at Nike, the corporate sado-masochism bandwagon seems to be building steam.  Dumb.

This is, in fact, the goal of the left, the progressives, BLM2 and – let us not forget – the Democrats.  Unless you welcome the continued destruction of the institutions, laws and principles upon which the nation was founded and, for the past 233 years, have produced the most prosperous, benevolent and powerful nation in history, it is your patriotic duty to vote…, every…, single…, Democrat…, up…, for…, election…, or…, re-election…, out…, of…, office…, in…, November.

Boom.  Done.  Full stop.

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