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by Chief New Leaf, ©2020

ArtsyBee, Pixabay, License

(Jun. 17, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. OPOVV asked Roving if he would step aside and let me, Chief New Leaf, take over to speak my piece. I am especially grateful to the editor to approve of this action, to even care enough to hear what the American Indian has to say on the collapse of the rule of law and common sense. Make no mistake about it, even though there are many factions vying for political dominance in the United States, they share one common trait: the overthrow of the Constitution.

“Let me start off by stating that your system of welfare has hurt more than helped, that your immigration system is in tatters and that your law enforcement is the world’s biggest joke. You have shown absolutely no respect for the environment, yet you say you do while allowing strip-mining on a colossal scale. You proclaim your love of clean water while using leeching ponds containing millions of gallons of such toxicity that if an aquatic bird lands, it dies a most painful death.

“Your welfare state pays out more per child, so there is no incentive to have smaller families; you lower the payments to the mother if the father or father substitute is listed as a member of the household. You haven’t improved the inner-city high school scores at all; quite the contrary: the scores have steadily declined since the 1960s. The most amazing thing is that your politicians keep promising a quick fix when you all know that you’re already a generation behind.

“You have allowed Madison Avenue to control your destiny, never considering the consequences of bad choices. But you are not alone; you have the Chinese and others to point to for the shared failure of reproducing like field mice. You have traded conviction for convenience – shopping over sitting in church – and the payoff is that you do not respect your elders or remember past generations. You display so little reverence for the past that you wantonly destroy any reminders of whatever came before yesterday; you are void of ancestral respect and ignorant of history. Let me ask this: of what cultural benefit is a statue of Christopher Columbus dumped in a lake, or the Battle Flag of the Confederacy taken down, never to fly again?

“The Civil War was fought over States’ Rights, in case any of you wondered. Slavery as an institution was on its way out and would have been eradicated within ten years, Civil War or not. Destroying Confederate statues just shows how ignorant some of you people are: one would think they would admire those who upheld personal freedom, but apparently not.

“Which brings us to the Black Lives Matter movement, the most blatantly, overtly racist movement in the history of America. I, and the rest of the Indian nations, have signed treaties with your most sacred document, the Constitution. You pay homage to false ideas, ideas such as it is you who are to blame whereas everybody has a shared responsibility for the failures of the few less-than-brave politicians who looked the other way to pad their campaign coffers.

“We count by moons whereas you count by seconds; we see the world go by in chapters while you look at it by letters; we see and interpret with deliberation while you react to stimulus without forethought, hence your ‘protests’ invariably turn to looting and burning because your police fail to gain and keep control. You don’t act by what you say: you proclaim equal justice and let an impostor act as your president; you had a Secretary of State who used her position to gain riches at our expense of us citizens.

“You send young men off to a war that is unwinnable in Afghanistan, while the Russians look on in disbelief that you could be so stupid to think to accomplish what they couldn’t. But it gets even worse when your president is so overwhelmed by Deep-Staters who continually let in whole Somalia villages, day after day and Muslims from wherever, let alone fail to deport your millions of illegal immigrants and DACA recipients. If you don’t have any respect for your own laws, how can you expect anyone to have respect for you?

“So, it is with great clarity and determination, coupled with sadness, that I make this announcement: we will not sit by and watch our country be taken-over by any faction that is not 100% pro-Constitution. A high percentage of our men are Veterans, the highest percentage of any sub-group within the United States. Furthermore, all of our police are Veterans, something we learned a long time ago while you people did not, to your detriment, as witnessed in Portland, Oregon, a few years ago and what we are witnessing today in Seattle, Washington.

“And speaking of Seattle, if any of our mayors would have acted as she did, the police would have arrested her. Enough said about that.

“I think that will conclude my talk. I would advise not to use the words ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ until you know what the words mean. The blacks of America know not what they complain about; not what they talk about; and not a clue what they are all about except to act like spoiled brats who want, want, want without work, work, work. Good luck with that, by the way, and see how far it gets them. And with that I will conclude my talk by giving the crew a thank-you and wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“How did I do? Maybe I should have pointed out that the American Indian has had it much worse than anybody else in this country. I understand we’re going over to Roving’s house where we’ll have burgers: his treat.”

That’s My Story” (3:48)

Chief New Leaf

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