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by OPOVV, ©2020

Kelderreisen, Pixabay, License

(Jun. 3, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. For those who are watching us on the tube, you’ll notice that we’re back in the little church on Hawthorn Street with Rook Dunkin. Thanks for the invite; by the way, what do I call you?”

“Good manners dictate that I be addressed as ‘The Rook,’ but I prefer to be called by my old handle, ‘Pastor.’  Thank you for coming, and now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll conduct my emergency sermon sermon.”

“By all means.”

“Hello, and welcome to our little church on Hawthorn Street. As you can see, ‘Pulse’ is with us again so I’m sure everyone will sing in tune; and Joe, just mouth the words, if you would please. Joe is notorious of forever being out of tune. Take it away, choir and parishioners.”

If the Lord Wasn’t Walking by My Side” (2:00)

“Thank you, one and all. Please be seated. I’m not going to waste our time saying one word about bad cops and the warning signs that were ignored, but I will mention that we don’t have the license to break God’s commandments, as was written by the hand of God in stone.

“Used to be that the church was the cornerstone of every hamlet and neighborhood of our land; used to be that television stations would sign off at midnight; used to be if you didn’t pass a grade you were held back until you did. Well, what happened? In the town I grew up in, every store was closed at six Saturday evening and open at nine Monday morning. So what happened?

“Some blame it on chasing the dollar while those of us in the clergy tend to believe that Americans are turning away from the teachings of the Bible, specifically the Golden Rule. To put it another way, many have just turned their backs on caring about those who are less fortunate than they. That said, there have been so many scams, starting with Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony in Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination process, when we tend to believe whatever we choose to believe, regardless of the facts.

“The same goes for the Russian Collusion Hoax that gripped the country for over three years. We are still waiting to hear apologies from all those less-than-honest folk who make overinflated paychecks to lie to us day after day, year after year.

“Perhaps I digress because the object of today’s sermon is to reveal the meaning of the phrase ‘personal responsibility’ to oneself and not to a larger cause, be it Western Civilization or the satisfaction of cooking the perfect over-easy egg. Just because we may not succumb to rules and laws that we may not even be aware of, ignorance is not and has never been bliss. We all know that calling a theft by any other name or excuse is still, when it is all said and done — when all the excuses and fantasying has been extinguished — is still theft. The Devil whispers, ‘Thou shalt not steal’ as the ‘protester’ thrusts the tip of the skateboard into the display case window (that would do an Olympian javelin thrower proud) to scarf-up imported scarves.

“The defense of ‘temporary insanity’ has probably been the most misused excuse that imaginative defense attorneys have come up with to date. One really has to stretch credibility to believe that ‘they know not what they do’ and then run like roaches when they see the flashing blue lights. So the thieves know what they do; will they display a conscience or will they blame others for their shortcomings for never being nominated for the ‘Person of the Year’ award for ‘Community Service,’ ‘Truth Teller’ or erect a statue to Lady Justice in their honor?

Professor Zorkophsky has suggested that the riots are a planned diversion to switch the focus of the failed coup attempt by Obama and the Dems. Instead of any facts emerging that General Flynn was purposely set up by the heads of the FBI and DOJ, 24-7 television coverage of stores looted and women being sucker-punched by hate-filled children who wouldn’t know a double helix from a mop are being shown in a continuous loop.

“Proof of what I’m saying is this: how many of the stolen Rolex watches will be returned to the store? How many of ANY stolen item will EVER be returned to the rightful owners? How many of the thieves will atone for their crimes against their fellow Americans? How many will blame everyone else for their lapse in judgment except themselves? I dare say each of them will live the rest of their lives trapped in a corner, with the only way out to confess to themselves that blaming others is not the key to a successful life.

“But that’ll never happen, will it? Nobody takes responsibility anymore, do they*? Will any of the rioters turn themselves in or will they hide behind closed doors, never realizing that it is they themselves that have become their own worst enemy? Look, if you talk the talk, you got to walk the walk, but not one of them will ever walk the walk, will they? Will even one of them realize that the mistakes they made will be with them for the rest of their lives?

“And will any of them ever come to Jesus, repent of their sins and join with us to make this a better world, or will they live every day in hate and disappointment, fugitives from the very law they proclaim to love enough to change but not to follow?

“I believe that the rioters have no affiliation with George Floyd and that a peaceful protest and rioting are two different and separate animals with absolutely no relation. That the rioters took advantage of peaceful protests is a given, and what also is a given is the fact that our educational goals of the requirements that citizenship entails: to live and vote responsibly, have failed miserably.

“And that’ll do it for us, for now. Please turn to page 317 in the hymnal and sing along with the choir.”

Bringing in the Sheaves” (2:20)

“And that’s it, folks. This is your Roving Reporter (RR), on behalf of the pastor, his flock and the ‘Pulse’ crew, wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good sermon. Burger time: my treat.”

[*nobody takes responsibility any more, do they?: Just look at Bernie Sanders.]

[This is the edited transcript of the television program that is no longer available on satellite, a P&E exclusive.]

Take the ‘A’ Train” (2:54)


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  1. This couldn’t be any more spot on in every comment. The rioters are punks paid by Nazi war criminal George soros to pillage and burn, and to change the focus of the lamestream propagandists to prevent the corruption of the devilcrat party being focused on.