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by OPOVV, ©2020

Minnesota State Patrol confront protesters in Minneapolis, May 29, 2020.  Credit:  Lorie Shaull, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

(Jun. 2, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the place to hear it here first. Hello, my name is Roving and we’re here at our university to interview Professor Zorkophsky about the political forces at play that allows destruction and chaos to reign paramount in our land, but before we do we have Chief New Leaf with us via Skype. Hello, Chief; how are you doing today?”

“How yourself, Roving. I am in Minnesota watching your land burn because your Democratic Party has raised a bunch of flaming idiots, controlling a ‘feel sorry for themselves’ generation of not acquiring a work ethic, starting with getting up and getting to work on time, thanks to Welfare, Affirmative Action and other failed programs.”

“But you can’t lay all the blame on the Dems.”

“No, of course not. Look, there are two very important lessons that we must acknowledge: education and the Draft. We must teach our children how to reason (so they can compete in the workforce) and we must have everyone have a stake in their country, protecting our – and their — way of life.”

“No free ride?”

“No free ride.”

“I agree, so where do we start?”

“The only way to respond to violence is by overwhelming violence, and by retreating, aka to the governor of Minnesota as ‘redeploying,’ to hide, aka to the governor of Minnesota as a ‘holding area,’ gives the thugs a license to loot with impunity, as the mayor of Baltimore did to her city in 2015.”

“So what about the National Guard?”

“I was living in New Orleans when a hurricane was approaching so the mayor gets on the tube and said that the cops and The Guard will shoot looters on sight. Guess what? There was no looting, as in none; nada; not one loot. See you around.”

Commercial: “I Love You More Than I Can Say” (1:28)

“And that was the Chief. And now we have Professor Zorkophsky with us to explain what the heck is wrong with the some of the people in our country. Take it away, Professor.”

“Break curfew? Guess what? You just volunteered to be in the Marine Corps: get on the bus and the next stop will be Camp Lejuene or Camp Pendleton:  End of story. And make it stick; run them exactly as they were during WW II, Korea and Vietnam. No exceptions. Or…”

“Or what?”

“Give them a one-way ticket to any Socialist country that will take them. By the way, I would appreciate it if you would address me as ‘Zork’ as long as we’re in my relaxing office. I doubt if any other country would want anything to do with such worthless losers. Russia wouldn’t take even one of them: they want workers, not slackers.”

“So what about George Floyd?”

“Maybe change the requirement for hiring the police in the first place, but no matter how you cut it, those four who murdered Floyd are not the only bad apples out there. The percentage of Veterans on our police forces is basically nonexistent, but the Dem mayors and governors don’t want people who have a direct relationship with the United States Constitution, at any price.”


“Anyway, you give the bums an inch and they’ll take a mile. And forget reason; throw it out the door. And now let me show you my working model of an ion propulsion car. Let’s go on down to the underground garage; the elevator is over this way.”

“I’m sorry, but we’ve run out of time and so, on behalf of the crew and Zork, this is your Roving Reporter (RR) wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” (3:39)


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