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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Wikipedia, public domain

(May 19, 2020) — Wait… did I hear that correctly?  Did Attorney General Bill Barr just say with respect to John Durham’s work delving into the origins of the Deep State attempted coup d’état that “[a]s to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man. Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”?  Did he just say that?

To the untrained ear, that sounds a lot like Mr. Barr may have decided to take a cue from the James Comey crib sheet of how to identify a series of defalcations and crimes, and then declare that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case?”


Faithful P&E readers, understand that Attorney General Barr is light years ahead of his predecessors – both in the current administration as well as, clearly, the Obama administration – in terms of restoring faith in the rule of law and its equal application to all.  But his statement, if accurate, should give one pause to reflect.  With each passing day, and sometimes hourly, empirical evidence mounts that, at minimum, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., was not only aware of the seditious plan to oust President Trump from office by whatever means necessary, he likely orchestrated and presided over critical components of the plan.

This, by the way, is the same “POTUS” who “wants to know everything we’re doing” (Emphasis added) in the now-infamous text messages between FBI co-conspirator/paramours Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

Barr’s statement apparently included this nugget: “The Durham investigation is trying to get to the bottom of what happened. And it will determine whether there were any federal laws broken and if there were, those who broke the law will be held to account. But this cannot be and it will not be a tit-for-tat exercise. We are not going to lower the standards just to achieve a result. The only way to stop this vicious cycle, the only way to break away from a dual system of justice, is to make sure that we scrupulously apply the single and proper standard of justice for everybody.” (Emphasis added).

Wait… “everybody?”  Like in “everybody except Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.?”  And… “[t]hose who broke the law will be held to account.”  And how about “Our concern over potential criminality is focused on others.”  Really?

Surely there must be some misunderstanding here: if Barr’s goal is to ensure that the Department of Justice under his leadership is to “make sure that we scrupulously apply the single and proper standard of justice for everybody….,” how can that goal be met if Obama and Biden are excluded?

Moreover, if that exclusion extends not only to indictments or prosecutions, but in addition creates exclusions for “criminal investigations” as well…, then there is, as candidate Donald Trump used to say on the campaign trail, a “YUUUGE problem.”  One is reminded of Napoleon the Pig’s statement from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal; but some animals are more equal than others.”  Barr’s statement seems to be saying: “All people involved will be subjected to bigger than zero investigation, but Obama and Biden will be subjected to zero investigation.”

One can only hope that Barr will soon “clarify” his statements.  Perhaps the qualifier he used – “based on the information I have today” (Emphasis added) – is the answer.  “Today,” he (Barr) may have no information which would lead him to believe that Durham’s work would involve criminal investigations of Obama or Biden.  However, that does not mean that tomorrow…, or the next day…, or next week…, or at some future date before the running of a statute of limitations, additional information will be brought to his attention warranting a full-blown criminal investigation of both Obama and Biden.

Or perhaps this is laying the groundwork for lulling Obama and Biden into a false sense of security, while preparing to target some of the other “players” in the conspiracy, indicting and/or plea-bargaining them in exchange for their cooperation in revealing the really bad stuff relating to Obama and Biden.  Hey, turnabout is fair play …, right?

Time will tell whether Obama and/or Biden will be indicted.  Many believe that not only will no indictments of Obama or Biden be forthcoming, but that no indictments or prosecutions of anyone involved in the “soft coup d’état” which the Deep State and its media enablers attempted will happen.  Why?  Because the Deep State is far deeper, wider and toxic than we have yet imagined.

Cross your fingers and hope that Mr. Barr “clarifies” his statements soon.




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  1. Can ‘Obama” be immune from prosecution even though he was not a “REAL” (constitutionally qualified) president? After all, in addition to the other crimes which he committed (the list is very long), he STOLE the presidency twice. He deceived and lied to the American electorate. He has few, if any, valid personal Identification Documents. Everything else about him is sealed by Executive and CIA Orders. All of this and everything else that he did while in office, or tried to do, sounds like TREASON to me!
    What do you call it, Rush Limbaugh? How about you, Chief “Justice” John Roberts? And, William Barr? WHAT ARE WE, THE PEOPLE, TO THINK WHEN YOU SAY THAT NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW?
    Allow me to tell you about something that, in my mind, is in a sense related (even if a bit distantly) to all of this. I have no criminal record, am a military veteran, a retired law enforcement and criminal court officer, and a law-abiding and peaceable 76 year old citizen. Yet, I have been told that I am on the FBI “Watch List” (not yet verified). I can tell you this, though, for an absolute fact- I have been informed that I “DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION” to continue to contact the OIG DOJ with my accusations that “Obama” is a criminal usurper of the presidency.(i.e. censoring me and depriving me of my 1st Amendment rights).
    Why am I being subjected to this quasi-unlawful or unconstitutional treatment? Actually, I think I know why, and the answer is that I am a “Birther!” Not a criminal and not a “traitor” (unlike what FOX NEWS said to me several years ago and for which they have never apologized or showed any corporate good will or citizenship).
    So, somehow, our society and system of criminal justice has, for lack of a better description, been turned upside down. Frankly, I assign much of the blame (if not all of it) to, you guessed it, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” and his co-conspirators. And, it looks like they are going to be dealt with with kid gloves! In the case of “Obama,” it appears that he is going to get a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card- for TREASON.
    Guess what- it doesn’t matter what you and I think!

  2. You want to know how dangerous these people are on the left? The governor of New York State put infected people in nursing homes, the Health Secretary of PA pulled her own mother out of a nursing home before mandating that nursing homes take covid patients.

    Do these really seem like incompetence?

    An incompetent person would have left her mother in the nursing home. An incompetent governor wouldn’t have glommed all of the ventilators and then claimed credit after distributing them…he wouldn’t be that clever. Why didn’t he have enough stockpile, he didn’t want it. There’s no proof, but as soon as you see senseless lockdown restrictions, you know something is wrong. Look at the state that has made it illegal to touch other people’s tennis balls. You don’t make such rules without express purpose. In this case, they are telling us, this was on purpose…and we’ll all be aware of that very soon, if we’re not on top of everything.

    Have you ever seen the video where Loretta(?) Fuddy…I think is her name…dies in a gentle water landing of an aircraft into warm water. Wearing a life jacket, she drowned. She was alive for at least fifteen minutes after all of the passengers got out of the plane. This was three weeks before a grand jury appearance for Barry’s birth certificate, which she provided to the WH. From what I’ve seen, she and Stanley were both members of subud, an obscure (in the USA) sect.

    Hillary and Barry allowed an ambassador to be dragged through a city while they partied and the following day Barry went to Vegas for a rally. They are letting criminals out all the time. During this lockdown, they’ve let out over a thousand in Dallas, alone. Tell me something (and someone else has asked this very question), if masks are so effective in arresting the transmission of this virus, why didn’t they just put masks on these criminals in prison?

    Yes, they aren’t just competent, they are killers. If you think that there is an ounce of goodness that comes out of the DS for any purpose, you better start looking around more. When they do something that we feel is good, trust me, there’s a reason they’re doing that…to get you to leave them alone.

    More than just eating chocolate and ice cream and appearing on late night TV, they are in the business of overturning this republic and EVERY LITTLE THING it represents (or ever has represented), at all costs….lie, cheat steal, kill…even tell the truth (if it favors the UN’s agenda) to get to the goal.

    If AOC says something that makes sense, there’s an ulterior motive. If Michael Moore comes out with a movie blowing the lid off of renewable energy sources, you better understand the stakes are higher than he is letting on. That’s a trojan horse with agendas to demonize capitalism and call for depopulation…and the truth is that VERY FEW left-leaning people will see it. Its intended audience was the right, to see if they could throw a monkey wrench into the spokes of any momentum we might have.

    As an example, let’s say that you have a friend who is on the fence and you decide to gather evidence in order to show them that renewables are a scam. Your go-to would be MM’s film, because it so comprehensive. Your friend watches it and comes out ultra-sure that what the world needs is fewer people and fewer capitalists and no capitalism.

    When a film is released for viewing by the left, everyone in Eastern Europe sees it within weeks. I don’t know a single person here who has seen Michael Moore’s film, except myself and one other person. So, it was not meant for viewing here. And I’m glad. They are globalist enough here.

    Just a reminder, we need to win the election. We need to keep the senate, at least…etc. Those have to be our goals. The rest will be taken care of in an appropriate way at the appropriate time.

  3. I’m thinking your (2nd) last statement is correct. The deep state is far deeper, wider and toxic than anyone can imagine….and I would bet far more dangerous :(