Adapting After a Life-Changing Injury


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(May 19, 2020) — Being involved in an accident or some other incident that leaves your physical and mental abilities altered is something no one wishes to go through. Unfortunately, many people have suffered these types of experiences and it has altered their way of life, some more significantly than others. It can be difficult to adjust to these changes at first, to accept your injury and how it has affected your life. As hard as it can be at first, it’s important to try to remain positive and learn to adapt quickly to how an injury like that has changed your lifestyle. If you’re currently recovering from an incident like this, here are some tips on how you can start to recover and move forward with your life.


With medical bills, legal bills, and general expenses adding up after an injury like this, financial stress can increase dramatically, especially if you’re unable to return to work. This might be a temporary issue, but for some, their injury has been significant enough so as to limit their employability. Some people even have to step down from their current job roles. If you are facing such an issue, you could file for Social Security Disability insurance, which could help to alleviate some of the financial pressure you may be facing. You should also look into other financial aid options to help keep you afloat while you get yourself back on track.

Home Modifications

You may also have to make some modifications to your living space if your injury has caused limitations to mobility. For example, if you are now having to use a wheelchair, having ramps or a chairlift installed in your home will be necessary for your comfort and ease of access. If you don’t need to use a wheelchair but require a little extra support while you’re on your feet, having handrails installed on your staircase, in the bathroom/shower, and so on could also be beneficial to you.

Mental Health

Experiencing a traffic accident, a fall, or any other incident that has led to a significant injury could be traumatic. This trauma, combined with the reality of how your life has been altered because of it, can be very overwhelming at times, and many people need to speak to a professional therapist to help them overcome this part of the healing process. It’s natural to feel angry and frustrated if you’re facing this type of experience, but it’s not good for your mental health to keep those emotions bottled up. If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or angry over your circumstances, consider organizing an appointment with a counseling service to help you.

Physical Therapies

You might be sent to have physical therapy as part of the recovery process. This can be painful, but you must keep your appointments with your physical therapist and make sure you are doing the correct exercises at home. If you don’t, this could slow your recovery process and could cause you further pain in the long run. Always follow the advice of your doctor or other medical professionals.

It will be a challenging time in your life; at times, it might even feel impossible, but it is important to remain positive and practice good self-care when recovering from a severe injury. There is plenty of help available to you.

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