by Fredy Lowe, ©2020, CFP

(May 19, 2020) — We begin again with a single-worded-declaration, where a multitude of men the world over have fought and died defending, once heard only in the solitude of our quarantined whispers, will soon be heard loud-and-clear as the outraged populace takes to the streets in one unified voice, all because our destructive forms of government no longer derive their power from the consent of the governed.


Totalitarian governors saw a pathway to create devastating levels of fear and obedience in their constituents

The evidence is now overwhelming that when these totalitarian governors saw a pathway to create devastating levels of fear and obedience in their constituents by falsifying the magnitude and death counts of the Wuhan virus and closing all non-essential businesses to restrict economic activity, all for the single-minded-purpose of destroying President Trump’s MAGA economy, they took it, the people and their livelihoods be damned.

You may have seen this video showing the courageous Doctor Ivette Lozano screaming out to be heard that their pandemic is a hoax, that HQC is the cure:

Doctor Ivette Lozano

It’s posted here again because we must believe her and forward it to others. Know why Democratic governors and their complicit media must silence Dr. Lozano. To them, the inexpensive and readily available HQC can never be seen as the cure. They must protect the huge profits which will come from their mandatory vaccines, such as Bill Gates-funded GAVI, and, in turn, the enormous kickbacks to line their pockets, the people and HQC be damned.

In response to my article this past Friday, a commenter called Freedom Girl from New Jersey gave not only credence to my opening declaration, but my assurance to portray her governor, the neophyte, Phil Murphy, as an illustration of other un-American-totalitarian governors, where Whitmer (MI), Northam (VA) or Cuomo (NY) and others are each easily interchangeable here with Murphy where all, when pushed, will fall back in unison about how their unconstitutional edicts were done only for our safety, during “a public health emergency crisis!” the people and their Freedom be damned.

We can be assured that the Republican Governor, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, who refused to lock down her state, didn’t need or owe allegiance to Barack Obama to get her job. But, unfortunately, for the locked-down people in the Socialist State of New Jersey, they cannot say the same for Phillip Hussein Murphy, because he did.

It can be seen as nothing more than empty rhetoric, or hypercritical of Obama, when he faulted Trump’s response to the pandemic as an “absolute chaotic disaster” while making sure his man in the trenches, Murphy, gave his constituents an absolute chaotic and disastrous plan he called his “Road Back” for reopening the now fundamentally-transformed state of New Jersey. And, as of today, Murphy will only open under the ambiguous dictate of ‘Until Further Notice’ – which is code for at a time of Obama’s choosing.

  1. Watching for 14 days for trend lines – This is so that, at any given moment, Murphy’s DC-bunker handlers can reinstitute lockdowns with mandatory vaccines.
  2. Expanded testing – This is a code word so all fearful people will think they must be tested. The more tests, the greater potential of fraudulently finding more false-negative sick people.
  3. Robust contact tracing – This, too, is a code word to get fearful people accustomed to the coming mandatory contact-tracing app on their phone so Murphy can know where you shop, eat, go, who you associate with, during every minute of every day. For freedom-loving Americans this is a totalitarian dictate which should be categorically denied. Flush a Fone for Freedom!
  4. Isolation and quarantine – As with #1 above, this is being done for your health and safety.
  5. The creation of a restart and recovery commission – Like all good dictators, this would be Murphy’s imaginary version of the Ministry of Wuhan Virus Compliance and Vaccine Screening Command & Detain Authority, the people and their reopening be damned.
  6. Ensuring NJ Resiliency – Here he uses the cliché: “Because we are all in this together – We Are Jersey Strong!” the people and pride in their state of New Jersey be damned. All must contact their local representatives to stop this madness!

Governor Murphy has become so drunk with his newfound power over people’s lives

For a comparative reaction, look up the Hong Kong Flu where 3-4 million people died worldwide from 1968 through 1969. No, politicians in those days were not involved in a full-court press to overthrow the Presidency of Donald J. Trump. On Max Yasgur’s farm in upstate New York during the summer of ’69, none dared question the hundreds of thousands gathered shoulder-to-shoulder in the open fields of the Woodstock Music Festival.

But today, they have forced medieval medical philosophies upon a highly-technical, modern-day society, for indisputable rule over the people. If you do not recognize this as a totalitarian overthrow by your local government, you’re just not paying attention. The people of a free society must be given the opportunity to make free choices. Social distancing is not only a medieval theory, but to demand it of your constituents is nothing short of communistic control. A person who is wearing one of Murphy’s mandatory masks is unknowingly breathing in their own carbon dioxide, the people, their freedom of choice and clean air to breathe be damned.

Governor Murphy has become so drunk with his newfound power over people’s lives that he stopped a springtime tradition in Southern New Jersey where families came together, harmlessly driving (w/windows up) through the tulip fields of a Republican farmer. The Marxist-Minded Murphy deemed it non-essential! Shut it down! The farmer and your families be damned. After losing millions, hopefully, when the farmer regains his composure, he will retain legal counsel and sue the state for theft of services.

The people and their constitutional right to bear arms be damned

The more we look into Murphy’s totalitarian policies and edicts, the more fitting the name Phillip Hussein Murphy becomes. The novel dictator disregards the fact that trust is a two-way-street and somehow justified in his demented mind that his constituents could not be trusted in open-air-parks, the people and a walk in the park be damned.

And then, by another edict, he closed all gun ranges in New Jersey, and when asked by a reporter why he didn’t deem these facilities protected by the 2nd Amendment, to be an essential right of the people, his asinine response was, “A safer society, for my taste, has fewer guns, not more guns.” Only the corrupted mind of a totalitarian could possibly think that HIS TASTE overrides the sacred words, ‘…shall not be infringed,’ written clearly in our 2nd Amendment. So much for that document he swore to uphold; the people and their constitutional right to bear arms be damned.

Phillip Hussein Murphy is the most deadly virus to ever violate the good people in the state of New Jersey

Today, most people find themselves restlessly waiting in our current War Of Words, but, as Law Enforcement Today reported this past week, we are starting to see the nation on the brink of “mass civil unrest,” where obviously King Murphy bears much of this potential “unrest” on his shoulders.

Phillip Hussein Murphy is the most deadly virus to ever violate the good people in the state of New Jersey, and the people’s only cure is to recall it. Presented herein are only limited exhibits for the case to be prepared by The People of New Jersey v. Murphy. All must be mindful that there will be many in his administration, along with New Jersey’s base of hard-core liberals, who will strongly disagree and fight back.  But, take comfort in knowing that millions of citizens, including a multitude of those whose lives he has destroyed, can now organize and come together – Recall Murphy Now!

And, by their nature, atheists who would shun The Lord’s Prayer, allow me then to close with – Thy Will Be Done. Amen.

Fredy Lowe served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and the New York City police Department. He has been a citizen journalist for nearly ten years writing for Canada Free Press, Before It’s News, Conservative News & Views, Ammoland, The Post & Mail, and others.

He and his wife Pat, now of 50 years, are the proud parents of two children and six grandchildren. Fredy prays daily for the safety of our President Donald J. Trump, for our Armed Forces, for our Police Officers and especially for our country during this extremely volatile period of time in our nation’s history, and he asked if you would take a minute to pray together with him. Thank you.

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