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by Sharon Rondeau

U.S. Army Captain’s insignia

(Mar. 10, 2020) — On Tuesday morning, The Post & Email learned from a family member that a former U.S. Army captain whose story we covered beginning in June 2016 is deceased.

As we reported, in 2014 the soldier was sexually assaulted while on active duty and suffered a traumatic brain injury at the hands of his attackers.  He also was financially victimized through fraudulent signature loans, the perpetrators of which have never been identified.

The soldier’s power of attorney at the time reported difficulties in obtaining his medical records through Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as well as treatment for the soldier’s trauma.  However, she believed he was over-medicated and that a “cover-up” of the crimes committed against the soldier was ongoing.  “Millions of soldiers and Americans suffer from mental illness,” the former POA told us on October 15, 2016. “Looking at the stats, how many soldiers are really suffering from mental illness versus how many are just given a ‘mental illness’ diagnosis to disprove their credibility?”

Last April, we reported that a fellow soldier accepted a plea agreement with the government in connection with multiple electronic thefts of the soldier’s savings from his Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) account.  The monies were eventually restored, his former POA said.

The soldier was discharged from the Army in early 2017 and experienced several setbacks in his new civilian life, the former POA told us. Police are investigating his death, she said on Tuesday, and more details will be provided when they are available.




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