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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 2, 2020) — Over the last week, a number of readers and observers expressed a range of reactions to the publication of a chapter by Pastor and “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups about the reported forgery of Barack Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate as reported here, here, and here.

The work appears as “Chapter 3” in the book, “Shadowland” by Dr. Thomas R. Horn, published by Horn’s company, Defender Publishing.  Defender has been publishing Gallups’s books since 2018.

Gallups’s writing of the chapter last fall brought about the unexpected end of his longstanding professional and seven-year friendship with former detective and private investigator Mike Zullo, who conducted a 5+-year probe into the image posted in 2011 at whitehouse.gov purported to represent Barack Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate from the State of Hawaii.

The probe was authorized in August 2011 by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, prompted by the signatures of 242 constituents concerned that if initial analyses of the online image finding it problematic proved accurate, their votes in the 2012 election would be disenfranchised.

At an initial press conference on March 1, 2012, Zullo declared the “long-form” image a “computer-generated forgery” and Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form also inauthentic.

Beginning in late 2012, Zullo was a frequent guest on Gallups’s radio show to provide updates on the investigation, which ended in December 2016.  The two also appeared together on other shows to discuss the investigational findings.  In 2013, they traveled to National Harbor, MD to the annual CPAC conference, where Zullo presented evidence gathered from the investigation to several past and present lawmakers and other close followers of events in Washington, DC.

In January 2019, Gallups and Zullo announced they planned to write a book about the investigation which Zullo later revealed was the outgrowth of a years-long mutual agreement to be realized when the “time was right.”

The bond between Zullo and Gallups began to break down in late September, just weeks after Gallups began promoting the chapter on his show, and Gallups’s insistence on going forward with writing the chapter alone and including it in Horn’s upcoming book.

For his part, in email correspondence Horn had also told Zullo, after Zullo voiced concerns about it, that he would not publish the chapter in “Shadowland” or at any point in the future.

Neither Horn nor Gallups has responded to emails as to why a chapter about a criminal investigation into Obama’s government identification was included in a book about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the late Jeffrey Epstein, and “the Occult Elite.”  Most strikingly, Zullo’s name appears nowhere in the chapter, with Gallups even taking the additional step of methodically excising it from previously-written material by document examiner Reed Hayes, who Zullo formally hired and consulted about the birth certificate.

Gallups has claimed an overwhelming positive response to his chapter after “Shadowland” became available on Kindle on January 5. As of this writing, comments on the Facebook page of ppsimmons, the media outlet Gallups co-founded in 2008, which specifically mention the birth certificate, are in fact negligible.  As of early Saturday afternoon, The Post & Email located only six comments invoking the birth-certificate probe on the book’s Amazon “U.S. Reviews” pages.

The individuals with whom The Post & Email spoke and some of whom have met Gallups, indicated bewilderment, surprise, disbelief and even a sense of sadness that Gallups violated Zullo’s trust by writing and publishing the chapter after promising Zullo just the opposite.

The Obama birth-certificate investigation bears no connection to the subject of “Shadowland,” Zullo told us, adding that he believes its inclusion in the book “will prove damaging to the integrity of the investigation.”

Mike Volin, founder of WheresObamasBirthCertificate.com, said that after the publication of our recent articles, two of his followers called him to ask, “What’s up?” to which he recalled telling them, “It is what it is; Carl has abandoned Mike Zullo’s trust and just decided to make some money on the book, and we have to move on.  It’s unfortunate.”

A retired psychologist, Ph.D., and long-term observer of the birth-certificate investigation told us:

I wasn’t necessarily a follower of Freedom Friday, but because I’m very interested in this particular subject, I always made it a point to put it on and see if there was anything new being said. I am not diagnosing Carl Gallups in any form or fashion, but the way I feel about this is that in the beginning, he did a lot of good. He was helpful in trying to get this information out when people were thinking it was a crazy conspiracy. Truth tends to be different than that. Mike Zullo took a hypothesis and did the work on this, so it’s really sad. The piece that I worry about now with Carl is not just the lack of trust with the relationship, which is huge, but it’s the intent. The intent is damaging on other levels. I personally witnessed this family go through a lot. When I think about what Mike did as a volunteer and then continue to do it and get harassed, I say to myself, “What bravery, and we don’t have that bravery anymore in this country.”

And then I think about what Carl did, and I think, “What a coward.” It’s cowardly behavior vs. “bravery” behavior, but it’s sad because of their relationship. I still believe this is going to go somewhere, and when it does, he will be cut out. I hope this doesn’t damage the whole situation. I can’t say for sure what’s going on in Carl’s mind to so easily dismiss Mike and portray that he was the investigator – that it was “all about me.” How does someone trust someone like this again? I followed all the shows, and I was happy that somebody was out there supporting Mike like that, but then to turn around and cut him out…

Carl wasn’t the investigator in the actual dealings, but he was an investigator in terms of putting all of the pieces together so that he could report it on his show. That may be what he was thinking, but when you couple that with some of the other aspects he’s put forth, you have to wonder, “What was the true intent here? Why would he feel so important to eliminate Mike from this? Why would a pastor do that, and that makes me wonder, “Well, is he really a pastor?”

It’s strange behavior and out of character for someone who is a proponent of always doing right. It makes me wonder, “Is someone asking him to do this?” There’s just something strange about the whole thing.

I think it was a cowardly way for someone to optimize attention for yourself or your book or radio station. We need more bravery in this country. The actions appear to support a cowardly position. To not even call him back is not right. The word “righteousness” comes to mind.

Miki Booth, author of “Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i,” revealed to The Post & Email in an interview last week that she organized the gathering at Zullo’s home which took place after the final presser on December 15, 2016.  She met everyone who attended, Booth recalled, including Gallups.  “It went from six people to about 30 people on the list,” she said.

Comments on Booth’s Facebook page in response to our initial article include:

On February 22, Booth posted:

My book published in 2012 chronicles the efforts of birthers like me in exposing obama for the deep state fraud he is. The book was written prior to Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s investigation which proved the obama birth certificate released on April 27, 2011 is indeed a manufactured forgery. One of the first copies I mailed complimentary was to private citizen Donald Trump who knew obama’s birth certificates were fake. I have faith he hasn’t forsaken us. It’s about timing. I referred to what is now commonly called “deep state” as the “powers that be.” The players haven’t changed. We the #Birthers challenged the deep state and we all suffered retaliation in one form or another…

One post from a Zullo supporter was shared more than 50 times, Booth said.

Another longtime observer of the birth-certificate investigation told The Post & Email that she believes Gallups’s motive in publishing the chapter amounts to one word:  “money.”

After Zullo asked Gallups to call him to discuss the chapter last September, Gallups first responded apologetically, then became hostile, emails show.  “It was like those emails came from two different people,” Zullo said. “And it gets worse.  In a rather embarrassing, sophomoric attempt to regain control over an indefensible position Gallups went as far as attempting to bully me into submission by stating I needed to do some major bridge-building back to him or else.  He said if I did not he had nothing left to say to me, and that I really needed to think about the long-run ramifications of my challenge to him and went on accusing me of being irrational. I am sure Gallups’s ego does not like being called out and confronted but I can assure you I am not the one who is irrational.  This is part of the reason I believe his actions are in fact punitive and self-serving in nature.

Gallups never called him, Zullo said, then initiated the severing of their six-year-old agreement and relationship.

Zullo is particularly troubled, he said, with the inclusion of the birth-certificate chapter in a book whose author says details illegal and abhorrent activity allegedly taking place on Epstein’s private island, Little St. James.  Zullo said that the birth-certificate investigation work was performed using facts, scientific analysis, and evidentiary standards and believes it does not belong in a book filled with latent conjecture and inference.

This writer observes that Horn’s writing style, and Gallups’ in Chapter 3, attempts to connect people and events, often drawn from a photograph or inference of participation in illegal or cultish activity, without conclusive evidence.  Assumptions were also made by the mainstream media about the Obama birth-certificate and “eligibility” issues without any investigation.

“I never associated Barack Obama as the person creating the phony birth certificate,” Zullo told us on that point.  “I said, ‘Maybe he doesn’t even know, maybe he does, but I have zero evidence to prove this either way.’ To level a charge either way would be irresponsible.    I don’t do ‘guilty by association’; when you do that, I think you are bearing false witness. Just because some high-profile people may be at a gathering at the same time or taking a photo together does not mean they are partners in crime. Didn’t we learn that by watching the false accusations against Trump? Take a picture with someone and then you’re falsely accused over a photograph.”

“Wordsmithing a narrative can also be very deceptive,” Zullo continued.  “Let’s look at Carl Gallups’s deputization and the way he’s portrayed it, for example.  Let’s be frank about it:  it is 110% meaningless; it absolutely means nothing.   But look at the way he’s wordsmithed it to give an impression of importance and authority. He constantly leads off with,  ‘I was deputized by Sheriff Arpaio. Because of my LE experience … . I worked closely on this..’  Just because he believes this narrative does not make it true, but that’s what people are going to think, and they’re going to believe that he possessed something that was so important to the Sheriff that this needed to be done.  This is just not true.  Gallups is now desperately trying to maintain a fleeting resemblance of credibility by telling his audience in carefully-chosen wording he has spoken to the Sheriff.  Well, Sharon, initiating a call with the Sheriff and the Sheriff not giving you any further information are two different things. Trust me:  all of Gallups’s informational highways are closed. He’s out.

“Arpaio deputized honorary positions of others during his six terms as sheriff, not one of them were involved in any law-enforcement or investigative activities,” Zullo said, a designation to which another observer referred in the context of Gallups’s having overblown the honorary designation from Arpaio which conferred no law-enforcement authority.

“I actually think his last response to me was premeditated,” Zullo added of Gallups, “because there’s no justification for it.  If you go to the very first email with him, he starts to challenge my observation by saying, ‘I’m shocked at your response.’  Now think about that:  I asked him one question, and that’s what I got back.  That’s what makes me tend to think that this is a manufactured crisis for an ulterior motive.”

“Carl Gallups and Tom Horn were or are pastors,” Zullo continued.  “Is this the level of ‘integrity’ Carl says he has?  That ‘man of integrity’ rap is just a pre-justification for an action he is about to take or give justification for having taken them. ​He uses that as a shield to give the impression that his actions are of a moral character, ‘righteousness.’ But there’s nothing righteous about him not respecting the rights of the individuals who did all the work and breaking an agreement for nothing else but selfish motives.  The entire thing is crazy if you think about it in the purest sense; none of it makes any sense. However, when you attach an ulterior motive to it all it all falls in place.  Why the urgency just now? He couldn’t have waited 12 more months; it’s only been seven years? There are reasons for this and it didn’t just happen in a vacuum.  Gallups and his publisher had to conspire together over this situation. Remember Horn saw the original chapter as referenced in his email to me stating he was not going to use it. He is the author of the book so you know he absolutely read the re-edited copy that now appears in the book. Gallups needs to keep Horn happy, needs to keep the income stream flowing, and to shore up the fallacy of being an expert on the subject for TV audiences. This is all about ego and dollars.”

In a further observation, Zullo said that Gallups’s chapter bears no mention of Mark Gillar, a citizen researcher who Zullo said contributed significant time and assistance to the investigation.  “Here’s a guy who just did it and sacrificed time, and Carl Gallups did nothing but talk and build up his audience and inflate his own reputation,” Zullo said.

Zullo told The P&E that Gallups’s acting as an unofficial media outlet was actually strategically planned and viewed as expendable in its overall purpose to the investigation. “This is in contrast to the role of Mark Gillar,” Zullo said. “Mark had an indispensable role in the investigation. His time and talents over five years were invaluable to me as an investigator to the successful conclusion to the investigation.”

Zullo said that for every hour he may have spent with Carl Gallups on the phone over five years, he probably spent six in conversation with Gallar. Zullo said he and Gillar worked together for years and that working relationship led to the discovery of the incriminating evidence that was ultimately confirmed by two forensic experts.  “Mark knows more about the actual document investigative work from his direct involvement than Gallups ever possibly could because of the simple fact that Gallups was just not involved,” Zullo said. “Mark lived it, Mark worked it, Mark helped solve it.  Carl only talks about it; that is a major distinction.”

Finally, Zullo said, “People who observed Carl say this is a departure with no basis in fact.  So if he wants to start taking his own advice, perhaps he needs to start looking at his own spiritual condition.  The saddest part about all of this is I watch as a man, a pastor, absolutely obliterates his very own Christian Witness before the eyes of my entire family and now your readership. My children actually trusted him at one time.  Sadly it appears the mask has come off.  That to me is the real tragedy here.  But if you want to look at this in natural terms, this is bowing down to the god of mammon and ginning up favor with your handlers and hyping book sales in hopes of profiting in the future.  He is just using the investigation for his own financial reward at this point. That is plain for all to see.”





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  1. While many things are possible, there’s still no evidence that Zullo (or anyone else) ever presented anything to any authorities.

    Like President Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”

  2. “Why has Obama not been charged in court or by military tribunal with the serious crime”

    Because you have to have proof and you have to present it to authorities or the public.

    Zullo saying he has proof is not proof. Zullo says he will present the evidence at the right time and to the right person. That may never happen.

  3. Bob68-

    In answer to the question “Why has Obama not been charged…”

    You know why not, and you have expressed it eloquently and persistently for a long time including in your current comment. You have my admiration, like so many others on this board.

    Allow me to add my two cents worth. Of course, I know that the Courts do not “charge” anybody. However, I’m particularly disgusted with Chief “Justice” John Roberts and his merry men and women on the U. S. Supreme Court! They admittedly have EVADED the NBC issue for years. They have aided and abetted Obama’s crimes and treason. I thought that they were supposed to be the guardians of our CONSTITUTION!

    Shame on them! Shame on them! Why do these mere mortals, not unlike you and me albeit I guess we qualify only as peons, get to have LIFETIME oversight and control of all things important to our society? Guardians of our CONSTITUTION they are not! GODS they are not! I say get rid of them all and, especially, their traitorous leader, John Roberts.

  4. This comment was offered up by the author of this article, but not specifically addressed to anyone:

    “Your comment contains patently false information and your purpose is therefore transparent. The Post & Email does not serve as a purveyor of “fake news.””

    Since the above comment immediately followed my comment in a time-line, I wonder if it was addressed to me?? Please confirm to whom it was addressed to.

    Thank you.

  5. Below is a question from Chris Farrell’s comment:

    “Why has Obama not been charged in court or by military tribunal with the serious crime of criminally usurping the office of POTUS by fraud and for the ongoing conspiracy to cover-up Obama’s criminal usurpations of the Oval Office involving forged documents and multi-layered electronic files?”
    This is my opinion based on years of evidence and observation: Basically, because many of the same people who failed to do their job and prevent Obama from being sworn-in, both political parties, also violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. At the moment in 2009 when Obama was allowed to be sworn-in his already strong race-protection received a huge reinforcement because many people who should have stopped his usurpation became complicit in the biggest criminal act against American citizens and her Constitution in history, along with those already complicit in the preparation for Obama’s usurpation…. Most all of those complicit people knew, or for the few who may have unwittingly became complicit, soon found out the only thing they could do after Obama was sworn-in was to maintain the cover of Obama as a legitimate president, forever. Doing that kept them free and allowed Obama to do what he was installed by the Globalist/Deep State to do, which was to weaken America in every way possible. They had effectively given America’s government and her military to the enemy. This cover-up was very successful until the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary Clinton was defeated by Obama’s biggest nemesis……Donald Trump in 2016.
    That created the severe panic to remove President Trump from office, which is still on-going because those complicit cannot be sure President Trump will not at some point fully reveal and act on the evidence he has had on The Obama Fraud for years. Doing this could take down the Deep State and drain the Swamp like nothing else will ever do. This is a risk the Obama media and the many complicit in the Obama fraud and/or its still on-going cover-up do not want to continue….. and the desperate attempts to remove President Trump from office do not stop……………………..There is always “more to the story” but in IMO this covers the basics………………….

  6. Has there been a “…successful conclusion to the investigation.””?
    Obama has not yet been interrogated or made to testify before a prosecuting attorney or military tribunal.

    The Cold Case Posse investigation uncovered irrefutable proof that the multi-layered electronic file that was published on the official White House website as authentication that Obama possessed the constitutional eligibility to be the legal sitting POTUS was an amateurishly manufactured forgery not representative of any physical document whatsoever let alone any official government issued document.

    The CCP also uncovered that Obama’s Selective Service Registration Card had been forged.

    Where is the outrage from America’s traditional Fourth Estate? Why do the facts uncovered by Sheriff Joe’s volunteer CCP not enrage every person who takes an oath to defend the Constitution? Why has Obama not been charged in court or by military tribunal with the serious crime of criminally usurping the office of POTUS by fraud and for the ongoing conspiracy to cover-up Obama’s criminal usurpations of the Oval Office involving forged documents and multi-layered electronic files?

    It pains me that two brothers in the Body of Christ Jesus should have come to such a falling out and I hope…, no–I shall do better than hope–I must pray now–that Pastor Gallups and Investigator Zullo will resume their friendship and their fellowship in the risen Lord and Christ Jesus.

  7. Have you ever been in one of those tedious strategy meetings with colleagues when one of them chimes in with the well-worn axiom, “Just think of what we could accomplish if no one cared who got the credit!”

    That quote is generally credited to former President Harry Truman.
    With due respect to President Truman and his famous saying, it is just wrong. While the intention of the quote is noble. It does matter a lot who gets the credit.

    The world should know the guy who pursued this thankless, time consuming, hair pulling, nonpaying, but very patriotic job of investigating that Obama birth certificate PDF on whitehouse.gov. The world should know the guy who kept digging and digging until the evidence was discovered that proved the document a fake, beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Carl Gallups was helpful, but the guy was Mike Zullo. Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves an honorable mention as well.

  8. According to one commenter:

    “Didn’t Mike Zullo say that Carl Gallups’ chapter contained no new information? That the chapter’s contents are fundamentally no different than what one could read here or glean from listening to Freedom Friday?”

    If Mike Zullo indeed stated what the commenter alluded to as above, then common sense tells me that galloping jawbone Gallups’ overall contribution to the investigation of the Zer0Bama birth certificate authenticity has amounted to ZERO and Gallups’ information for ‘the book’ has been freely “gleaned” from the free milk mammary nipple.

    Or, as my USAF- retired brother-in-law used to say: “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

  9. I honestly don’t see how writing a chapter in a book is any different than if Gallups had gone on a radio talk show and said the same things.

    The audience for this book consists of true believers. It won’t move the needle in either direction. And therefore it will have no effect on the reputation of the CCP investigation – that is already baked in.

    As Volin said “It is what it is”

    BTW, didn’t Gillar get paid for the CCP videos he narrated?

  10. We know practically nothing about the finances of the Cold Case Posse because they claimed that as a government affiliated non profit they did not have to file an IRS Form 990 like other tax exempt non profits. The MCSO never released any financial information for the Posse either.

    We know that Mike Zullo received checks totaling $15,000 from the short book that he wrote with Jerome Corsi. Zullo claimed he donated that money to his church. He also received a $10,000 donation from someone named Bill Wolf in New Jersey. Zullo also had a car and free gasoline provided by the MCSO. He lived on an expense account while he was traveling. That included long stays in Seattle when he and an MCSO deputy Brian Mackiewicz were hanging around with Dennis Montgomery. There were other trips too. One to San Diego, another to Seattle with Brian Reilly, the trip to Hawaii with Mackiewicz, and several trips with Carl Gallups. Were Gallups expenses paid?

    We do not know if Zullo was paid or received other compensation from the CCP because those financial records are hidden. Brian Reilly claimed (but it’s not verified) that when he was working with Mike Zullo he said something like “Brian, we have to get you paid”). Therefore, it’s probably incorrect to say that Mike Zullo received nothing for his time on the investigation. From what is publicly known it was not very much but who knows how much came in from donations to the CCP and where all that went?

    In the movie “The Joe Show” Sheriff Arpaio in a candid moment smiles and indicates the birth certificate investigation generated a lot of money for his campaign. I think one could conclude a lot of money was going to the CCP also.

    I think people who donated to the CCP or Joe Arpaio probably have a right to know more about where the funds went and also have all the information gathered laid upon the table. It’s been over 3 years since the investigation formally ended. Maybe there is a story to be told here for a good investigative journalist?

  11. Didn’t Mike Zullo say that Carl Gallups’ chapter contained no new information? That the chapter’s contents are fundamentally no different than what one could read here or glean from listening to Freedom Friday?

  12. Since we don’t know how much was donated, it is hard to know how far it could have gone.

    I seem to recall the sum of $80,000 was donated in the first few months after March 1st, 2012.

  13. Didn’t Zullo write a book with Corsi?

    Now he is against other people writing a chapter?

    And what about all the donations to the Cold Case Posse?

    1. Let’s just be real: this is about integrity, honesty, and morality. It’s about taking a topic that has affected millions of people and reduced it to tabloid trash by putting it in a book. It’s about Gallups being an opportunist instead of safeguarding something that could have a profound impact on this country. It’s not about credit; it’s about betrayal. As evidenced by the comments The Post & Email has received on what transpired, in addition to Zullo, close followers of the investigation feel betrayed.

  14. What “agreement”? To write a book together?

    Nothing is stopping that and they could still have written a book even with Gallups having written this dopey chapter. And they could include the super secret evidence.

    Stop all the whining, stop all the who should gets credit.

  15. An agreement is worth something only if the participatants are trustworthy.

    And people for years have been saying that Carl Gallups was untrustworthy. Those who ignored the warnings were burned.

  16. So Gallups saw an opportunity and he took it. So what? I have not read the chapter but as I understand it, he only used publicly available information. It’s not like he revealed any of the super secret evidence.

    What’s the problem?

    If Gallups had mentioned Zullo’s name in the chapter would everything would be cool?

    Between this and the Fanning feud, it looks like Zullo is upset he’s not getting the credit he feels he deserves.