by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 7, 2019) — During the second segment of Carl Gallups’s September 6 “Freedom Friday” show, Executive Editor Mike Shoesmith and Gallups discussed an article at FrontPageMag.com about Barack Hussein Obama’s life narrative, specifically his claim that he graduated from Columbia University in 1983.

The segment begins at 22:35 in the podcast at Gallups’s website and can be downloaded.

The article, titled, “Obama at Columbia – Or Was He?” quotes a number of Columbia graduates who attended the prestigious school purportedly at the same time as Obama but do not recall ever meeting or seeing him there.

Obama’s claimed alumnus status at Columbia is one of but many unanswered questions and contradictions in his life narrative, including that he was born in either Kenya or Indonesia and not Hawaii, as he claims.

Early in 2011, then-businessman Donald Trump challenged the Obama White House to release proof that Obama was, in fact, born in the United States to demonstrate that he was eligible to the office of the president as a purported “natural born Citizen,” as the Constitution requires.

In April that year, the White House posted a “long-form” birth certificate image which was later found fraudulent by a criminal investigation carried out by “Mike Zullo,” who Gallups mentioned and with whom Gallups has in fact worked closely since the probe’s beginning in August 2011.

Zullo was commissioned by then-Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joseph Arpaio to conduct a cursory, and later, expanded, probe of the image, which concluded in December 2016.

Shoesmith read from the FrontPageMag article:

“But here’s the thing,” Maltz explained. “Not one of us remembers Barack Obama from our undergrad years, nor do we know anyone else who does.” Jamie Miller, a mother of five active in the Columbia alumni association, travels back to New York every five years to attend reunions. “I was in the marching band, I worked on the yearbook, and I was involved in student government, so I knew everyone,” explained Miller, “But I never saw him around.”

“Wow!  This is absolutely shocking, wow!  Can you believe this stuff, Carl?” Shoesmith exclaimed incredulously, to which Gallups responded, “Yes, I actually can believe it, Mike, and the reason I can believe it…because I was so deeply involved, and still am…”

Gallups explained that while the investigation was still ongoing, Arpaio deputized him in an “accountability” role given his position in the media.  “So, yeah, I know a lot about that whole narrative,” Gallups continued.  “There’s so much about his narrative that is fraudulent; it is a fake; it is fabricated; including, of course, the birth certificate that was proffered on the White House website…”

Gallups reminded listeners that “two international forensics documents companies” examined the image and agreed with Zullo’s conclusions that it is a “computer-generated forgery,” a revelation made at the final press conference on December 15, 2016.

Gallups then challenged detractors of the investigation to commission their own experts to conduct a probe of the image and present contrary evidence if it is discovered.  He also recounted that Obama’s first literary agent published a biographical pamphlet in which Obama was said to have been “born in Kenya” and “raised in Hawaii.”

Breitbart discovered the pamphlet and published it in May 2012.

The full statement in the bio had read, “…born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”  In April 2007, two months after Obama announced his presidential candidacy, it was altered to say that Obama was “born in Hawaii.”

At 33:06 in the podcast, Shoesmith quoted Billingley’s closing:

When an Islamic terrorist commits mass murder, the president called it “workplace violence.” He sent planeloads of cash to an Islamic regime that proclaims “death to America” while working three shifts on nuclear weapons. The president formerly known as Barry deployed the FBI, CIA and DOJ to clear his chosen successor Hillary Clinton and undermine candidate and president Donald Trump.

John Durham should ask Barry to explain, under oath, how that was all done “by the book.” As Democrats like to say, nobody is above the law.

Shoesmith then commended Billingsley for writing the piece and opined that FrontPageMag is “finally one of the outlets closer to mainstream now who are finally spilling the beans on all this stuff and pointed out the fact that to this day, we still don’t know who the 44th president of the United States really was.”

“Yeah, you know — yeah, most people don’t; some of us do, and it’s gonna be a shock when it finally comes out,” Gallups replied.

Gallups then said that author and lecturer Tom Horn will be releasing a new book in which a chapter by Gallups will appear.  “You gotta read that chapter,” Gallups said, adding, “It’s going to be monumental.”

In response to The Post & Email’s question about the contents of the referenced chapter, Gallups said:

These 45 pages present a gripping narrative that puts the entire saga in its proper context.

You’ll find out who really, really, really started the whole “birther narrative,” who truly pushed and promoted it from the very beginning. And, it’s probably not who you think it is! You’ll also discover just exactly how the Obama birth certificate investigation is directly tied to the Deep State Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Connections, admissions, shocking Obama supporter claims and attestations, and stunning entanglements that you’ve probably never seen before will be opened up in living color, right before your eyes.

Everything is profusely documented from legitimate mainstream media sources that got buried in Google’s fairly recent search-hiding and document-scrubbing technique. But what Google didn’t know is that we’ve been cataloging and saving these pages and documents, along with their screenshots, for over 12 years. Waiting for a moment like this!

The current lies, obfuscations, and misdirections will be blown out of the water by their own words and “news” revelations from many years ago. They’ll simply not be able to deny what is catalogued in this chapter. It’s a studious documentation of their own contextual words, their own websites, their own news agencies, and their own anchors and hosts. And so much more!

This one little chapter – in the midst of an even larger panoramic book – is going to shake the Deep State to its core. Just watch.

Planned release – first quarter of 2020.


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  1. Bill O’Reilly, when he was at Fox News claims they sent an investigative team to Hawaii and found proof that Berry was born there. Soooo? somebody is going to have egg on their face.

  2. Carl Gallups says “Some of us know who Obama is.”
    Myself and millions of other Americans would like to know, too!
    What’s the point in keeping your knowledge (assuming you really do have it) from the People?
    Another year, you say! Another book?
    Tom Arnold (military vet, retired law enforcement officer, writer of limited recent success, and not now nor ever was an OBOT).

  3. [Captain] Leland Stottlemeyer wrote:
    “So is there agreement that there are in fact people who say they remember Obama when he was a student at Columbia?”

    As long as there is agreement that there are in fact more Columbia students and faculty who say they were there when Barry claims he was there, some of who say they attended/taught the same classes he would have attended had he been there, who say they do not remember him.

    So is there agreement that there is in fact no one who can prove Barry did not say what he said in the video I posted a link to in my previous comment?

    How about agreement that the mathematical odds of one person in the world having as many abnormalities, resolved and not, in their birth/citizenship/identity/personal history as Barry has are astronomical at best…and in addition have that same one person in the world be living in America…and in addition to that have that same one person living in America be a candidate for POTUS/CiC. As tennis star Johnny Mac famously yelled at the Wimbledon referee for calling his first serve out (tv replay not used by tennis referees at the time showed it was in): “You cannot be serious!”

    [P.I.] Adrian Monk

  4. The most frustrating thing about the entire Obama fraud is knowing the truth and realizing those you are presenting with that truth, whose job is to act on it, are complicit in the crime. Seems to me corruption has spread so wide and deep the truth is now whatever the criminals and their complicit media want it to be.
    Truth is difficult to prove and without independent, unbiased arbitrators it can be…….impossible.

  5. “…It’s my opinion that Hamilton would turn in his grave if he ever learned that his fear of foreign powers stealing our nation finally came to pass. An illegal alien/foreign born Kenyan Muslim and Indonesian citizen usurped the reins of our government and “improperly ascended into our highest councils.” >>> http://www.americanresistanceparty.org/050313.htm

    Who owns this usurpation?

    ANSWER: We the People, the first three words of the US Constitution.

    Since 08-28-08, virtually our entire millions-of-minions-US-Government-citizenry (some of whom might live in your neighborhood or be a relative) HAS PERFORMED AS COMPLICIT LAWLESS LACKEYS IN PASSIVELY OR ACTIVELY COVERING-UP FAKE presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II.

    Pray that nbC-President Trump will play his Trump Card to IDENTIFY islamic INFILTRAITOR, SOETORO-OBAMA II, as part of Trump’s 2020 VISION.




  6. @Captain Leyaland Stottlemey
    “Thanks for the link to Davidson’s “The Libertarian Enterprise” article – had not seen that before. Maybe some journalist can interview him.”

    Here’s the link to Kenyan CitizenTV’s video of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Soebarkah, speaking at the July 2018 launch of Sauti Kuu Foundation in Kogelin Kenya in which, from the 5:50 mark to the 6:00 mark, you can see and hear him say: “Now, three years ago [2015], I visited Kenya as the first sitting President to come from Kenya.” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L36sGc4Id2I

    Maybe someone can prove he really didn’t say that.

  7. http://lf-oll.s3.amazonaws.com/titles/1786/Farrand_0544-02_EBk_v6.0.pdf >>> page 395 of 583 pages >>> mention of “natural born Citizen”

    For all natural born Citizens, like myself, and many P&E commenters, it is obvious from perusing these minutes of The Constitutional Convention of 1787, that the Framers were very, very serious in what they were proposing for a government structure to oversee their fellow US-citizens.

    Today’s argument that the US Constitution is obsolete and made for an agrarian society and that it must, therefore, be abolished or over-ridden by a “living Constitution”, is wholly ridiculous. While the Framers used ancient methods to prepare the text of the Constitution with quill pens, without today’s electricity or I-phones or Xerox machines et al, nonetheless, their deep concerns for the primitive natural impulses of men to lie, cheat and steal power for their jealous selves was always in fashion from Roman times up until today, and, most likely, well into the future.

    The Framers apparently recognized: Nature Rules, and men follow.

    While the Framers did not define “natural born Citizen” (or other terms in the Constitution, like “liberty”), that did not mean, that still does not mean, that anyone can define “natural born Citizen” to suit their primitive impulse to lie, cheat and steal for themselves, like “Citizen of the World” Obama II accomplished and Lyin’ Ted the Undocumented Fed et al have attempted.

    Since the US Constitution in 1787 did not specifically define “natural born Citizen” to mean “born in Kenya” or “born in Canada”, only the primitive impulses of lie/cheat/steal would attempt to define it so today.

  8. Lord Christopher Walter Monckton, (aka) 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is a public speaker and hereditary peer.

    Below are excerpts from Monckton’s 54-point affidavit declaring Obama’s White House birth certificate a forgery;

    “I am over the age of 18 and am a resident of the United Kingdom. The information herein is based upon my own personal knowledge. If called as a witness, I could testify competently thereto. I have a degree in classical architecture from Cambridge University. The course included instruction in mathematics. I am the director of Monckton Enterprises Ltd., a consultancy corporation which, inter alia, has investigated scientific frauds at government level, one of the matters on which I advised Margaret Thatcher from 1982-1986 at 10 Downing Street during her time as prime minister. I have published several papers in the reviewed literature on climate science and economics and was an expert reviewer for the “Fifth Assessment Report” (2013) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. I was that year’s Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. I hold the Meuse-Noble Award for Freedom and the Intelligence Medal of the Army of Colombia for my research on climate change.
    One might also legitimately assign probabilities no greater than 1 in 100 to each of three irregularities in other identification documents pertaining to Mr. Obama. First, there are numerous irregularities in the short-form abstract of his birth record published in the run-up to his 2008 candidacy, including an inconsistency between the text of the abstract and the form of words in use at the time when it was, on its face, issued. Secondly, the Selective Service record signed by him carries a two-digit year stamp contrary to written rules issued by the Department of Defense specifying a four-digit stamp, which, as far as the investigators could discover, was invariably used on all other Selective Service registration records at that time. Thirdly, his Social Security number carries a three-digit Connecticut prefix even though he had never lived there and all adjacent Social Security numbers with the same three-digit prefix that the investigators could trace were issued to residents of Connecticut. Taking these three additional irregularities together with the 13 irregularities in the White House document, the probability that Mr. Obama’s identity documentation is true falls from 1 in 75 quadrillion to 1 in 75 sextillions (1 in 75,000,000,000,000,000).

    Even if each of the 16 irregularities were assigned a probability no less than 1 in 2, implying that each irregularity is at least as likely as not to occur in a genuine document, the probability that the documentation is genuine would be 1 in 216, or less than 1 in 65,000. Further, in this analysis I have cautiously left out of account several irregularities – such as the indication that Mr. Obama’s Social Security number fails the official online “E-verify” check – each of which ought to be assigned probabilities no greater than 1 in 2, reducing the probability of genuineness still further. Whichever way the analysis is done, that probability cannot be other than vanishingly small.

    In this analysis, I have relied upon the published results of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation. To the extent that the investigators’ results are reliable and robust, and to the extent that the probabilities I have assigned to each individual irregularity that the investigators have identified are considered reasonable, my conclusion that the probability that the White House document is genuine is vanishingly different from zero necessarily follows. Even if the probabilities I have chosen were to be considered excessively low, the fact that there are so many independent irregularities, even if absurdly high probabilities of occurrence such as 1 in 2 were assigned to each irregularity, would be sufficient to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the White House document is a forgery.”

  9. Hard copies of the student directories, Sundial Magazine, 1983 Graduation program all exist and can be viewed at Columbia University.

    Did anyone get a screenshot of the Patrice Lumumba University’s Distinguished Alumni webpage?

    Is Doug Vogt an idiot or a patriot?

    Thanks for the link to Davidson’s “The Libertarian Enterprise” article – had not seen that before. Maybe some journalist can interview him.

  10. I knew the LFBC was a fake 30 minutes after downloading it on the day it was posted by the WH. After import into Photoshop, a junior high student could have ascertained that it was an aggregate of artifacts.

  11. Too many times we caught the naysayers that dismissed our evidence as conspiracy theories were paid obama operatives (obots). They are doing the same to Trump supporters over the Russia/mueller fraud. The CIA created obama out of barry soetoro and provided him with phony Columbia credentials. He wasn’t there. He was attending Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. They even had him listed as “Famous Alumni” until unwanted attention caused the removal of all mention of his attendance there. What say you @LelandStottlemeyer? Re: Jim Davidson (Being Sovereign) useful idiot or paid operative? What does that make you?

  12. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search for Jim Davidson and Obama at Columbia and found two references:

    A May, 2010 comment (#73) by Davidson in Radley Balko’s blog “The Agitator”:

    “Not only did I meet and talk with Barack Obama at some length, he wrote an essay that was published in The Sundial magazine on campus in 1983. Over the byline “Barack Obama” is a discussion of the anti-war groups on campus, including Students Against Militarism, a group I was a member of. (I was also a member of Young Americans for Freedom.)”

    Here is an archived link to the comment:


    The second reference by Jim Davidson to meeting Obama at Columbia is in an article he wrote for the June, 2010 edition of “The Libertarian Enterprise”.

    “Nevertheless, although I never met Root on campus, I did meet Obama. And Obama wrote an article after attending a meeting of a group I was in, Students Against Militarism.”

    Here is a link to that article:


    There is also this by Michael Wolf (former executive at MTV) on a class he took with Obama at Columbia (the class had only 8 students):

    “He was very smart.”

    “He had a broad sense of international politics and international relations. It was a class with a lot of debate. He was a very, very active participant. I think he was truly distinctive from the other people in that class. He stood out.”

    There are several professors (Michael L. Baron and Lennard J. Davis) who claim Obama was in there classes. Also there are several other students who claim to have met Obama at Columbia including Cathie M. Currie but they are less compelling than Davidson and Wolf.

  13. @ Leland Stottlemeyer,
    Is it possible the appearances in those school publications was similar to how his birth record was “inserted” in the Hawaii hospital records?

  14. There are also those among us that know Obama’s re-election in 2012 was impossible without the voter fraud the existed and occurred to re-elect him

  15. @ Captain Stottlemeyer,

    Could it be that the reason the referenced article never quotes Columbia graduates who say they did know Obama there is simply because none exist, or those who may exist never contacted the author? And could it be that his appearances in two student directories and in the school magazine, The Sundial, do not prove he was physically there?

    Having just finished perusing every link of the first page of links produced by a Google search of “Jim Davidson Being Sovereign”, I suggest you ask Jim Davidson if he remembers actually seeing Barack Obama at Columbia or only his article in The Sundial.

    Adrian Monk

  16. I should make a small edit for Pastor Gallups at the end of this article: “…just watch and pray.”

    I’m sure he won’t mind this one little edit.

    It also bears mentioning that Joe Arpaio is running for the office of sheriff in Maricopa County. That means that as the sheriff he could officially present the findings of his Cold Case Posse investigation to President Trump and the attorney general.

    ‘Sheriff Joe’ frequently said that the reason he had not handed over the findings was that he had no one to hand them over to. We all understood that it made no sense to hand them over to Eric Holder.

    President Trump may yet hold the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa accountable for the criminal usurpation of the office of president of the United States of America and prosecute Obama in a court of law or by military tribunal.

    Everything that Bath House Barry accomplished in the commission of his crimes should be retroactively abrogated as having taken place during the commission of a crime.

    All those complicit in Obama’s two criminal usurpations of the presidency should be held accountable for their treason.

  17. “The article, titled, “Obama at Columbia – Or Was He?” quotes a number of Columbia graduates who attended the prestigious school purportedly at the same time as Obama but do not recall ever meeting or seeing him there.”

    But never quotes Columbia College graduates who say they did know Obama at Columbia or quote the fact he appears in two Student Directories and in the school magazine, The Sundial.

    Someone should talk to author Jim Davidson (Being Sovereign) who claimed to have told Wayne Root that he remembers Obama when he (Davidson) was at Columbia.