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by Bob Russell, ©2020

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Source: website)

(Feb. 28, 2020) — The botox-addled, power-hungry nutcase that sits in the chair of the Speaker of the House of Representatives has once again shown just how unbalanced and full of hatred she is.  She used her “face time” on TV at the end of the State of the Union speech to publicly tear up her copy of President Trump’s speech in which he honored several American citizens, including a 4th grade student who had just been awarded a scholarship to a high-profile specialty school, a member of the all-black Tuskegee Airmen of World War II, and a soldier who had just returned from a combat tour in the Middle East.

It is bad enough that this botox-addled bucket of hatred and disrespect insults our president, but what is even worse is that she disrespects citizens everyone should be proud of, people who are prime examples of what our nation stands for.  This disgusting action was excused by saying the speech was nothing but lies, a lie by pelosi in itself.  President Trump has done much to undo the damage done by the usurper barak obama and his democrat minions in Congress and nutty nan is beside herself with hatred for the man making America great again.  Donald Trump loves America, American citizens, our brave military service people, and the American way of life, something that cannot be said of democrats, and especially not of pelosi.

The economic gains made by Trump have greatly helped blacks, something liberal democrats cannot stand because they want blacks standing in lines begging democrats for scraps when they can be doing so much better on their own.  Black unemployment is at a record low, and that takes away the democrat party hold on them, something the party of racism cannot stand for.

Every time I think pelosi can’t possibly stoop any lower she proves me wrong.  She likes to yap about precedence and tradition until it comes to her following them.  It has long been customary for a Speaker who loses control of the House to resign, but not nutty nan, the wannabe dictator.  When she lost control a few years ago she held on to her position as “leader” of the democrat caucus so when they got the majority again she could exert her power to rule.

The impeachment exercise was one of the most disgusting charades I have seen in my 70 years of life.  The things they falsely accused President Trump of doing democrat joe biden actually did and bragged about it on video-tape, but no democrat wants to talk about that.  The game plan to destroy President Trump and overthrow the government by hook and by crook blew up in her face as she had absolutely nothing to base the sham on, and she carried out the sham by violating every concept of legality known to mankind.  “Hearings” were held in private, behind closed doors without President Trump being given the basic rights to face his accusers nor have legal representation.  The Salem Witch Trials of the 17th century weren’t any worse that what the democrats pulled in this hate-fest.

Pelosi and her hateful cohorts failed in their coup attempt and are livid.  We the People are not being represented by democrats and the tax dollars being confiscated by them are being wasted on an uncalled-for and baseless witch hunt to overthrow the government and seize power for themselves.  Should they ever succeed, the American people won’t have anyone to come to our rescue because we are the nation that has always fought to restore liberty to oppressed people, leading others in the battle for freedom in war after war.  It has always been America standing at the front of the battles, providing the funding and the manpower for wars against oppressors, be they Nazis, communists, or moslems.

The democrats thought they could destroy President Trump and if not get him removed, at least destroy his chance at reelection, but it now looks as if that will fail also.  President Trump has a 60% approval rating among voters so their plan isn’t working as they had hoped; however, I don’t expect this to be the end of their skullduggery.  Instead of getting to work FOR We the People the things I have heard and read point to their trying again to lie and persecute Trump in a new attempt to overthrow the Republic and replace it with a dictatorship controlled by thems, which will lead to an armed insurrection by We the People to restore our liberty.

In doing what she did, pelosi may have violated the law.  Some in the Republican Party want pelosi punished for tearing up her copy of the speech, calling for “censure” or expulsion.  I remember when charles rangel, another corrupt democrat, was “censured.”  All of his fellow democrats scurried to the microphones and cameras to tell what a wonderful man the tax-evading slumlord was and nothing came from it, the same result we will see if madame botox faces censure.  I know that pelosi doesn’t have the honor or integrity to step down, so expulsion is the only real solution I can see.  However, the gop establishment is just as threatened by a swamp-draining so I don’t expect much to happen.

Before this latest development democrats had decided to also target VP Pence in order for nutty nan, third in line for the Oval Office, to take the position she lusts for, the presidency.  The psychotic wannabe dictator, in answer to comments about the speed with which the impeachment came about, admitted they have been working on this for 2½ years.  I heard democrats talking of impeaching Trump as soon as he defeated their darling, hillary, despite widespread cheating and vote fraud perpetrated by democrats and covered up by their friends in the media.  They have been intent on overthrow since the day after the election and are already plotting their next attempt.  They feel it is imperative to get Trump so he can’t continue dismantling their New World Order conspiracy of totalitarianism.

Sadly, it seems very clear to me that the gop establishment is part of the conspiracy and also wants Trump stopped but they cannot afford to be as transparent as the democrats in their treason.  McConnell, Graham, Collins, Murkowski, and the others put up a front to convince voters that they are for us so they can use subterfuge to implement the deep state plan.

Democrats are saying Trump wasn’t acquitted because the trial was “rigged.” as if the House proceedings weren’t rigged.  The sham in the House included secret “hearings” not attended by a representative of President Trump.  I have been under the impression that the Constitution provides for open proceedings with the defendant having the right to defense counsel and to confront and question witnesses against him/her, but this wasn’t allowed by the democrats bent on railroading President Trump out of office so madame botox (pelosi) could assume control of the executive branch and finish the overthrow obama failed to complete and hillary was not able to cheat her way to finishing.

I recently read that adam full of schiff got on a TV talk show and said he had “evidence” of VP Mike Pence being involved in impeachable activities.  Naturally, he didn’t give any more than a hint, not giving anything concrete (probably because he doesn’t want his “evidence” blown out of the saddle before he can use his communistic tactics to mount an impeachment of Pence).  Like the sham they tried against President Trump, nothing will come of it when he is forced to go public because there isn’t anything but hype to it.  Like the rest of the conspirators schiff is so intent on the destruction of the nation he doesn’t care how stupid and/or evil he has to be in his quest for absolute power.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell

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