Stirring Up the Pot (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2020

Image: Clker-Free-Vector-Images, Pixabay, License

(Feb. 19, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the place where the truth is common and falsehoods are rare: ‘The Pulse of the Nation.’ Today we’re broadcasting from our downtown studio, and with us is the General to discuss the state of the world. By the way, General, we never did get your name.”

“Yes, you did: it’s ‘General.’ Now, to your first question: what is the state of the world today?”

“Yes, that was to be our first question and welcome to the show. So what is the state of the world today?”

“I’m glad you asked that question, Roving, and will be more than happy to answer it as long as you put it in the proper format.”

“Oh, sorry. What is the state of the world, Sir?”

“That’s better, Roving; we wouldn’t want to get you in the position of getting demoted, now, would we? We wouldn’t want to be addressed as ‘recruit,’ for example. Be rather embarrassing for a Major to be dressed-down on live TV.”

“If the General will remember, I’m a civilian now, Sir.”

“Nonsense; you took the Oath, didn’t you? Then that settles it. Now, stop interrupting and I’ll answer the question. First I want to say a word about the idiotic Democratic candidates who will say anything just to get a vote: lie through their teeth.

“A little history lesson is required at this time: at some time in the past every group of people has been a slave to some other group. That’s just the way of the world, soldier. So what we have is a bunch of Democrats telling minorities that they deserve better – read ‘free stuff’ – yet for the past century it has been the Democratic Party that has supported the Teachers’ Union in the government schools – public schools – that neither teaches the kids to read, write nor speak proper English.”

“So no Ebonics?”

“Don’t interrupt, recruit. Furthermore, we abolished the Draft and don’t require every citizen to serve the government in some meaningful capacity for two years, even if it’s to pick up the trash alongside our roads. We have way too many voters who have no idea what the Constitution is all about; why, for proof just look at the sorry selection of the Democratic candidates, pushing sloth, ignorance and laziness as the road to success.”

“Excuse me, Sir, but we have to run a commercial.”

Easier Said Than Done” (2:09)

“And we’re back with the General who just told us that the Democratic candidates are communicating on the level of the easily-swayed; people who use the excuse that it’s not their fault for being lazy with no work ethic and those that covet whatever they don’t have because of greed, a great fault, for sure.”

“Very well-put, soldier. Now to my next point: biological warfare. It would be remiss not to mention the coronavirus and speculate on whether or not its release was intentional and if the Chinese have an antidote/vaccine for it already. It is a question that has been asked by every government and I’m not letting out any classified information.”

“That goes without saying, Sir.”

“Now getting back to Socialism: I mean, the so-called Democratic Party of yesterday are the Socialists of today – let’s call a spade a spade, alright? –  has to confiscate the weapons of us law-abiding citizens, understood? Look, there’s no sense in trying to take away the guns from the crooks; I mean, that’s what makes them crooks in the first place, isn’t that right? Those who are not allowed to have guns are the bad guys. We’re the good guys so we get to keep our guns. The time to need a gun is the time they come to take away your gun because once they know you’re defenseless, well, that’s the beginning of the end.”

“Yes, Sir, General, I think that I can speak for our viewers that we agree with you wholeheartedly; I know I sure do.”

“Good for you, soldier. You sound like a Major I once knew. Now to my last point.”

“Excuse me, Sir, but we’re required to take a commercial break at this time; be right back.”

Come Softly To Me” (2:27)

“Okay, General, Sir, you said that you wanted to make one last point.”

“Yes, I do. I want to ask your viewers a question, just one question, and it’s this: do you think your government cares about you, you as a person, as an individual? Do you realize that CAIR is an organization that is anti-USA; that it is Muslim Brotherhood; that the Department of Homeland Security is NOT working to Keep America Great Again, but is actively working against us by importing whole Somalia villages and Muslims from ALL Islamic states?

“And do you realize that the State Department keeps on bringing more and more Muslims* into our country every day; that the Catholic Charities are working hand-in-hand with the government to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims and that the charities are making money for every person they get across our border?

“Do you realize that there are members of Congress who want to flush the Constitution? Do you realize that our Attorney General has no plans to kick the Muslim Brotherhood out of the country; that the 22+ Islamovilles are fine with him; and that mosques ARE NOT UNDER SURVEILLANCE? And, lastly, do you realize the FBI has adopted a ‘hands-off’ attitude in protecting US citizens from Muslims, moderate or otherwise?

“Do you realize that the Deep State couldn’t care less about our country: all they want is money? Do you realize that there never was a guarantee that the USA is forever? And do you realize how very close we are to losing our country, and for real, and for good? Bottom line? Because our government doesn’t care to make us safer, we are not. The government says there are four million Muslims living in the USA but you can bet your bottom dollar that there are at least twice that many.

“And now as far as the DACA freeloaders go, their parents didn’t respect our laws, which is why their kids don’t respect our laws, for if they had, they would’ve taken the road to citizenship legally. I say deport them, the anchor babies and the Muslims and I don’t want to hear any of this ‘We can’t do it’ and ‘It’s too hard’ nonsense. We hear ‘We can’t do it’ from those who don’t want to do it. Let me tell you something, Roving: either we bite the bullet and do what needs to be done or shut up and stop whining about the end of America because as sure as night follows day, we will have lost our country.

“We have allowed Nancy Pelosi to parade around spouting treason, attempting to impeach a president on nothing but hot air; we watched for over a year while Robert Mueller conducted a sham investigation and we’re witnessing Bernie Sanders and the rest of the brainless advocating leaving you unable to protect yourself and your family from the goons, be they in uniform or not. And that’s all that I wanted to say at this time.”

“Okay, thank you, General, for just laying it out for us without the sugarcoating; one thing for sure, General, you’ve never been accused of being a bleeding heart. And that’ll do it and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Muslims: their modus operandi hasn’t changed one iota in the last 1,400 years: subjugate, murder and introduce Sharia Law, and what’s left is a Muslim Caliphate that, once established, the only way out is death.] 

[Las Vegas odds of Hillary ever seeing a day in jail is 6,500:1; the odds of Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) spending the rest of his worthless life down in GITMO is a million to one.]

[If you or I were caught driving without a driver’s license and insurance our car be towed and we go to jail, but if an illegal is stopped driving without a driver’s license or insurance the cops don’t do anything, and why would they? They would be wasting their time since the judges just let the illegals walk. Here’s a fact in 2020 America: an illegal immigrant and a Muslim immigrant get more public (free) services than any of our homeless Veterans.]

Stir It Up” (5:34)


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