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(Feb. 11, 2020) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ your break from the fake news. Hello, I’m your Roving Reporter (RR), bringing you on-the-street interviews with our neighbors to learn what’s bugging them. You all know the routine by now: we tape in the morning, grab a burger on the way back to the studio, and edit and then run the show in the evening. Now for those who don’t get us on cable – we lost our satellite contract – Molly, our secretary, transcribes the show and then sends it to The Post & Email so everyone has a chance to learn what’s really going down. Now we got that out of the way, let’s interview Mary Joe who says she’s a Democratic Strategist. Hello, and what’s bugging you these days?”

“You said ‘your break from the fake news’; that’s what bugging me, Mr. Haughty Reporter. You think you have all the answers; well, you don’t.”

“And I’ll be the first to agree with you; why, the last time someone said they had all the answers they crucified him. Look, each of us has our own individual world view and what works for one may not work for all, but to say something is ‘free’ when in fact it has to be paid for by somebody else, or maybe the payment is just deferred, doesn’t fit under the heading of ‘free,’ so stop saying ‘free college tuition and free health care’ and free everything else.”

“Well, if we did that then we wouldn’t have anything, so there.”

Roving looks into the camera lens.

“You see? If you wanted proof of not being able to talk to a Left-Wing Loony, there’s your proof. We need to break for a commercial.

The Way You Look Tonight” (2:21)

“Excuse me, please, but would you like to be interviewed on live TV? Roving here for ‘Pulse.’

“I will if you promise not to edit my words.”

“Now why would we want to do that?”

“I believe that the paranoids are after me.”

“And I believe you’re right. Let me ask you this: will Hillary ever go to jail?”

“Heck, not even Lois Lerner will go to jail; nobody will go to jail, least of all Schiff or Pelosi. I mean, look at Harry Reid, retiring scot-free.”

“You made your point; thank you.”

“But I want to say one more thing: what about what Obama did to General Michael Flynn: doesn’t that count? And what was the split between Obama and Biden on the Ukrainian and China deal? Was it the same with Hillary’s Uranium One deal; was it half, or was it more? You’re the investigative reporter; find out how much money was deposited in Obama’s offshore accounts. And here’s my train.”

“And off he goes and off we go for a commercial.”

Raindrops” (2:51)

“You know, of course, that Obama is the key; get Obama and the Deep State crumbles; prove that Obama was, from the get-go, ineligible and the house of cards collapses.”

“And you are?”


“So you think they’re going after Biden to get to Obama?”

“Without a doubt, and I wish them all the luck in the world.”

“So do we all. See you around, Stan. Next in line, please. And you are?”

“Bob; name’s Bob, short for Robert. Wish they had that TV show Cheaters on when I lived in California, but then, who knew? I should’ve figured it out long before I did, is all I got to say.”

“Wait a minute, Bob; tell us your main gripe of the day before you run off.”

“My main gripe? Has to be this impeachment nonsense; I mean, after all, three years on the Hillary ‘paid for the Russian Collusion hoax.’ Let me ask you this, Roving: when is enough enough?”

“I say we’re over the threshold now. Let’s break for a commercial and do our last interview.”

Woman, Woman” (3:40)

“And we’re back with Rover: is that your real name?”

“Yes, my parents wanted a dog – had the name all picked out – and then my mother got pregnant and here I am.”

“That explains it. So, Rover, what’s bugging you these days?”


“Oh, where are you from?”

“St. Louis.”

“So you’re saying that your fellow Americans bug you?”

“You got it. Why, what happened to Pelosi and the supporters of any of the Democratic candidates; I mean, really now. Professor Zorkophsky says that if a person believes in delusions – things that are not true – then they are certifiably nuts; isn’t that what he says?”

“By all means.”

“So there you have it: we are surrounded by nuts; by crazy people; by a world filled with insanity. I mean, there’s enough nuts running around loose in the world without adding any homegrown ones. Am I right, or what?”

“Oh, no, you’re right on target; hit the nail on the head; and we all agree with you. The world was a lot safer place before they awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize*. And I’m afraid we’ve run out of time and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. You know, if Newsmax would air Trump’s speeches in their entirety, I think they would be adding viewers, which is a good thing. Burger time: my treat.”

[*Nobel Peace Prize:  Really, now, if Barry Soetoro, aka Obama, had an ounce of integrity he would return the prize and the money — with interest —with a note saying he was nothing but a cheap suit imposter and that he was ineligible to hold the office of president because he never produced a valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE.]

Open G Slide Blues” (2:34)


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  1. I’m with you on all you said, but your last line needs something added. Not only did Obama not produce a VALID birth certificate, but he was ineligible from the get-go…his “purported” (who really knows with no valid BC?!) father was never a US citizen, neither natural born or naturalized. According to our Constitution (before the Dems got to tinkering with it!), Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, parentS (plural) of the person aspiring to be POTUS must be either natural born or naturalized citizens themselves at the time of said child’s birth. Obama was NOT a natural born citizen, and was therefore, INELIGIBLE. How did he slip through? Ask Nancy Pelosi and her merry band of Democrats!