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(Dec. 3, 2019) — From the moment of Christ’s resurrection creating awe among the disciples and the myrrh-bearing women there have been Christian believers in the Middle East. Ancient Christian enclaves could be found in Ethiopia, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon et al. These all predate the advent of Islam the leaders of which exacted conversion by force or by jizya, a tax on non-Muslims which had to be paid if they wanted to maintain their non-Islamic religions. This economic stress caused countless Christians and Jews to either migrate or acquiesce to the new brand of Mohammedan monotheism.

His Imperial and Royal Highness, HRH Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Numan VIII, of the ancient Christian Ghassanid kingdom with its current base in Lebanon, returned for a second interview with host Garrett Roche, author, J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker, and Montessori educator, Patrice Maynard, on Monday, December 2, 2019 on The Monday Morning Show at wgxc.org (90.7 FM,  Hudson NY-USA). The Ghassan family, with its ancient roots in Yemen, Prince Gharios explained, migrated with many Christians into the mountains of Lebanon where they found refuge with other believers who were unwilling to embrace the new Islamic religion.

He explains in detail the historical challenge to maintain the Christian faith in the interview which begins at 1:10:40 in the archive: wavefarm.org/wf/archive/51rh2h

Among other highlights in the interview he urged the audience to review the webpage of One Voice For Christians, an organization with which the House of Ghassan collaborates: onevoicechristians.org There one can learn more about the ongoing efforts to bolster the rights of Christians in Middle Eastern countries where they are in the  minority.

Mr. Froebel-Parker and Mrs. Maynard were not able to make it in to the studio for the interview due to the weather conditions caused by winter storm Ezekiel which closed many regional schools for two days in a row. Froebel-Parker sent in questions which were read to the prince, while Patrice Maynard was able to call in. Host, Mr. Roche, extended an invitation for Prince Gharios to return for another visit whenever his schedule allows.

For more about Prince Gharios’ activities one can visit his website: princegharios.org

A documentary about the Royal House of Ghassan is viewable on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Xt5NBNGa0q8

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