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by Mike Latham, ©2019

By Calilover – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6895351

(Dec. 3, 2019) — Many folks have vacationed, done business or even lived in California.    It truly was a modern-day paradise, and then, over a relatively short period of time, it seemed to all go wrong, very wrong!   But why?  Well, in addition to the natural and manmade disasters, e.g., wild-fires propelled by the Sana Ana winds, earthquakes, inadequate water supply to support the vast population growth, astronomical un-funded out-year liabilities, a massive influx of illegals placing unsupportable burdens on the taxpayers, failing school systems, highest crime rates in the country, it was all capped-off by inept politicians and corruption on a herculean scale.   An investment of a few minutes of your time to watch the attached video will help to partially explain, and to put into perspective, the impending disaster.

You may also realize there is a common denominator (theme) with California and most urban areas in America today.  High crime rates, unemployment, drug abuse, fatherless children, failing schools and control by only one political party for decades, if not for generations, the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

So, if you want to stop the guaranteed gradual destruction of America, you’ll think long-and-hard about your next vote.

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