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by OPOVV, ©2019

Image: Clker-Free-Vector-Images at Pixabay

(Nov. 21, 2019) — “Good evening, staunch viewers and readers alike, to ‘The Pulse of the Nation’ where, when we’re wrong, we admit it, apologize, wring our hands, cry crocodile tears and go on with life. Due to inclement weather, we arranged our schedule to do a book review of another one of Professor Zorkophsky’s bestsellers, ‘How I Treat Insanity: The True Story of Redemption, or Not.’ Welcome to the show, Professor.”

“Thank you, Roving, for the glowing introduction to, I believe, my 67th bestseller. And since we’re in my most pleasant office, please call me ‘Zork’; it makes for a relaxed atmosphere, don’t you agree?”

“I guess I better agree or else, no doubt, you’ll analyze why I’m so stubborn and obstinate.”

“I’d have to charge you, of course.”

“Goes without saying. So, getting to your book, how do you treat insanity?”

“Let’s start with Chapter One, shall we? First, I define insanity in today’s world, circa 2019; I mean, you can’t expect an ignoramus to deal with today’s facts.”

“Give us an example, if you could.”

“For sure: Russian Collusion. For years, day after day, it was pounded into our heads that President Trump was Putin’s patsy and that the money that Obama gave Iran – not one cent – went to pay for weapons of mass destruction. By the way, I define mass destruction.”

“Go ahead and define it for us.”

“Mass destruction: is when every cell in a person’s body stops functioning. For that particular dead person, the definition of mass destruction is entirely applicable: every living part of that person is dead: there’s nothing on God’s green earth more permanent than death.”


“Hold it, I know what you’re going to say: there’s not enough dead since the word ‘mass’ means more and many, but what do you care if you’re the first to die, or the millionth? It’s like this: because we humans breed like rats, there’s too many of us, hence we have such phrases in our language as ‘mass this and mass that.’ We shouldn’t, you know, and because we do – and accept the fact that we do – we’re all over the edge, as it were.”

“You mean we’re all nuts?”



“Hold it; I know what you’re going to say: if we’re all nuts, how can we tell if we’re not? By degrees, that’s how.”

“I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to explain it to me so even I can understand.”

“Okay, because we’re all nuts, the only way to tell if any one of us is nuttier than the rest is to have a common denominator, a baseline, a starting point. And you know something, Roving?”

“No, what?”

“Without this common denominator, we humans would’ve wiped ourselves off the map years ago. But because we have something in common – this common denominator – we’re still around.”

“Somehow I feel a ‘but’ coming.”

“But there’s many of us who either haven’t received the message or, if they have, ignored it.”

“Why? I mean, if it works, why ignore it?”

“Now that’s a darn good question that deserves a darn good answer: fear. Fear is the answer. Here, let me give you an example.”

“Circa 2019?”

“Precisely. In today’s world there’s many millions who are tapped a belief system that allows for no deviation whatsoever. It’s what is called a stagnant philosophy, akin to the Flat Earthers, those who believe that, not only is the earth flat as a pool table, but also is the exact center of the universe, which, come to think of it, may not be so far fetched since any point in the universe is the same as any other point.”

“Earth, calling Zork; you’re going off on a tangent.”

“Oh, sorry. What I was saying is that if your belief system doesn’t account for a changing reality, then the belief must be at fault.”

“Again, in English.”

“I guess I have to spell it out for you: when Muslims move into a community, things happen, and it’s been the same modus operandi for 1,400 years. First are the random rapes and murders, for ‘cultural excuses.’ Next come the rape gangs and murders, for ‘cultural excuses.’ Then you have forced Sharia Law, and still the rapes and murders continue, for ‘cultural excuses.’”

“I’m beginning to see a pattern.”

“Precisely: the war against women goes unabated, and has been for over a thousand years.”

“And since the Sharia Courts are made up of men, the women don’t stand a chance, do they? That’s why they hate our Constitution with its equal rights and free speech.”

“Precisely, which is why we have to deport the Muslims. Islam destroys women’s rights as humans, and that’s the bottom line. According to Islam, women have no inalienable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All taken away, and if they’re so unfortunate to have been born a Muslim, they never had any in the first place.”

“So where is this cure for insanity?”

“Roving, the only cure is to leave; there’s no half-measures possible.”

“Bottom line?”

“Bottom line is to accept the common denominator.”

“The Golden Rule?”


“I see that our time is up and so, on behalf of Zork and the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, Zork. Burger time: my treat.”

I Love How You Love Me” (2:06)


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