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(Aug. 26, 2019) — The contribution of ITIL in the flow of IT service management (ITSM) process has been immense. As an esteemed methodology made up of top-tier practices and processes, ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library has grown to be an eminent name among companies and organizations in and out of IT. The ITIL approach is owned and maintained by the joint venture company Axelos.

As the breakthrough of ITIL launches, so has the ITIL v3 certification. The foundation level, which is the first step in the ITIL v3 certification ladder, has become one of the most sought-after certifications in the industry. In this article, we’ll be discussing the ITIL v3 certification and its overall importance in your career.  Buy now for 19.99$ limited stock.

A closer look of the ITIL v3 Foundation Level

Within ITIL v3 are certification levels that act as a stepping stone to one another. It begins with the Foundational level and is followed by the Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master level. The Foundation level serves as the entry-level certification that introduces to-be ITIL certified professionals to ITIL and the ITIL v3 framework. This credential tests and trains your attentiveness in understanding the core concepts, processes, terminology, and elements in ITIL service lifecycle as well as the fundamentals of IT Service Management. As the level for the ITIL certification increases, your competence must go beyond the basic concepts of the framework and into the more advanced knowledge and practices of ITIL v3. To get back on the Foundational level, let’s discuss the exam format.

Everything you need to learn about the exam

A candidate needs to successfully clear the foundational level exam of 40 questions. These are all in multiple-choice format and must be answered within 60 minutes. Additionally, it is a closed-book exam. If you answer 65% of the exam questions correctly or reach a score of 26 out of 40, you’ll be able to get a hold of the highly-coveted ITIL v3 Foundation level certification. Don’t worry because there are no prerequisites to take this exam. This exam, however, serves as a prerequisite in taking the exams of other advanced ITIL v3 levels. To ace this test, you must study each of the following topics encompassed in the ITIL Foundation. This consists of the ITIL Service Cycle, as mentioned above, the IT Service Management, technology and architecture, as well as competence and training.

An updated version of ITIL v3

In order to match the goals and requirements of the current business environment, an update to ITIL v3 has been made back in 2011. The ITIL v3 2011 update ensures that IT service management is on track with today’s business needs. Furthermore, no new concepts were introduced during the update but improvements were made. These included rectifying various errors and redefining formal processes.

Associated job positions

This certification is ideally associated with job roles like Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, IT Director, Operations Manager, and Project Manager. As a result, holders of this certification gain different career benefits upon procurement of the credential. Below are just a few of the following:

Benefits of ITIL v3 Foundation Certification

  • Understanding of the ITIL Framework

Someone who has the ITIL v3 Foundation Certification is a professional equipped with the basic-level proficiency of ITIL. He or she understands very well how this framework is implemented in a particular workplace. Furthermore, the learning one can get from this certification is important for ITIL Services Delivery and Support.

  • Customer Satisfaction is Prioritized

Companies who are connected to ITIL clearly gains the advantage of its structured approach, practices, and functioning. These include companies and organizations, which are after an efficient IT service delivery at the ever-dynamic pace of the business world. The more understanding you have of the ITIL management, the more competent you become in working with your customers and their specific needs.

  • A bridge to higher level ITIL certifications

Studying for the foundation exam is laying the groundwork for your ITIL knowledge. It basically prepares you for the other four certification levels: Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert and Master. Getting the ITIL v3 Foundation certification also speaks of your ITIL understanding on any of the job roles you’re pursuing. According to Payscale website, the annual salary for ITIL v3 certified specialists is about $100K yearly.

Online Study Resources for ITIL v3 Foundation Exam

  • ITIL v3 Foundation Exam: The Study Guide

Authored by Mike Pieper, this book offers a comprehensive overview of ITIL. It consists of official sample exams for each chapter and cohesively-written discussions of the concepts covered in the exam. This is an affordable material that makes learning how to effectively implement IT Service Management easier. Its thorough glossary of terms is also something you can benefit from.

  • ITIL v3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit

This all-inclusive kit offers an in-depth exploration of the ITIL Framework, IT Service Management and the ITIL Certification itself, through its online courses, practice exam questions, and book. The online courses help you understand the exam objectives easily and soundly.

  • PrepAway

After putting insightful information on your knowledge vessel, it’s time to test what you’ve learned. The best tool you can do this is through PrepAway’s set of ITIL v3 Foundation practice exams. All in all, it contains more than 500 practice questions that are regularly updated by IT specialists. Along with its practice tests, you can also make good use of PrepAway’s training courses and a study guide.

  • Pink Elephant’s ITIL v3 Foundation

Taking the foundational exam is less worrisome when you’re backed by a well-informed and expert instructor who teaches you the essentials of ITIL and ITSM framework. Pink Elephant aids you in learning what you need to in passing the exam through its self-paced online course material.


Hit two birds with one stone by clearing an ITIL v3 Foundation exam. Not only will you benefit as a professional, but the customer and company you’re working for also benefit from the increased productivity brought about by ITIL’s flexible and reliable processes and practices.

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