August 26, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Over the weekend we were treated to yet another attack by the courts on business.  A judge, somewhere, held a major pharmaceutical guilty and responsible for millions in damages because they are producer of a popular – AND EFFECTIVE – opioid, which is being abused by folks on a big scale in many places.

The opioid is available – legally – only through prescription by a certified physician and available only through a pharmacy properly reviewing the physician’s prescription and counting out the specified number of pills – for ONLY the patient specified in the script.

The judge “reasoned” that since this restricted drug is being misused by thousands throughout the country that somehow, the manufacturer is complicit in the widespread addiction that has ensued because the drug, by nature, is addictive.  The instructions (notes) issued by the pharmacy with the script clearly explain the contraindications and warnings concerning the drug.  And most important of all is that drug is very effective at relieving the severe, unremitting pain of terminal cancer sufferers and others whose physical conditions leave them no respite from the torture of pain associated with their particular afflictions.

Addiction is terrible, but for patients in extreme pain, becoming addicted to the drug that keeps them from unbearable, chronic and unremitting pain, it is less of a worry.  That’s what the drug is for and that is how it is distributed and controlled.

Enter the criminal element and the substance-addiction-prone among us.  These folks commit crimes by illegally acquiring, selling, and using these drugs unless NOT prescribed by a physician – a physician who can lose his or her license to practice and can be sentenced to prison for writing inappropriate prescriptions.  The rules are very clear and very strict.

All the above must have been known by the “judge,” yet somehow he wanted to penalize the drug manufacturer because he held that the company knew that this opioid was addictive, yet produced and sold it anyway and many deaths occurred because of its misuse.

Now hold that thought!  Every year 40,000 or so are killed in traffic accidents here in the good old USA.  And it is well-known that the manufacturers of automobiles KNOW that their products may become involved in fatal accidents.  And even though the car companies work with safety organizations to consistently upgrade their vehicles to make them stop better, stay more firmly on the road, and protect the occupants in case of a crash, they sell them anyway.  Gee, I sure hope that the car manufacturers aren’t called before this same judge by some suit that claims that a car company knew full-well that his/her product could cause severe injury or death if misused or involved in an accident…..

Businesses are in business to produce products that people NEED and WANT.  No company can stay in business producing things that no one wishes to buy or doesn’t need.  Can I hear a DOH!

Effective painkillers are absolutely essential to keeping those whom we love and care for comfortable when their conditions require.  It is absolute cruelty to try to deny them of such – often end-of-life – relief.  And to penalize a company for producing effective pain-relieving products – because criminals (that means LAW-BREAKERS) might abuse them is the height of judicial arrogance and public folly.  For shame.  Prosecute the criminals, not LAW-ABIDING COMPANIES!  Or is that too simple?  Sadly, many among us hold this “judge” in high regard now for his “courageous” ruling.

Old Frank

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  1. People have the drug addiction issue completely backwards and thus have all the problems that come from their backwards policies. The people who become uncontrollably addicted to drugs and die are suppose to die from drugs – it’s ‘their time’ so to speak. Death from drug addiction is nature’s way of taking out the trash. If we had freedom, as in free markets then the competition to sell drugs would be so high that the quality would go the top with prices to pennies. Prices for feeding drug addiction being pennies means crimes associated with obtaining the resources to feed the addiction go to zero. The swiss realized this and implemented a free distribution of heroine to addicts starting in the early 1990s and the results were EXACTLY what they predicted from their analysis of the problem – 80% of criminals in their jails committed the crimes to feed their expensive heroine addiction. The gov started giving out heroine for free their crime rate dropped 80% in two years. Most people don’t understand that being a hard core drug addict is a full time job, wake up every day plan and perform the next scheme to get the high-every single day. The worst part is that the criminals who overthrew the government know this and NEED those criminals and their strife to justify their jobs -law enforcement and courts make sure their are plenty of criminals around that they feed off of everyone to ‘control’.

    The thing is that people preventing cheap freely abundant access to those drugs prolong the criminals lives, deepen their need to commit crime and burden everyone else with their existence all the while nature built the perfect failsafe inside the drug addicts body -receptors to get addicted and feed the addiction to a rapid death. Get out of their way, arrest the criminals claiming to be ‘government’, let the free market rage and drug addicts kill thelmselves in happiness as fast as possible. Not letting this happen is insane.

  2. To Old Frank. I agree with you. That Judge didn’t see clearly the problem of addiction. My goodness, why haven’t we pursued a law suit against Liquor, Wine and Beer Producers. I hate to think how many lives have been lost from addiction to alcohol including my mother. It’s like the gun issues. It is not the guns that shoot, it’s the user that shoots. Same goes for cigarettes, vapping, alcohol, gambling, etc. People have to have a sense of consequence. Yes I got addicted to Hydrocodone, but it was due to Stenosis in my back. Once I had the necessary surgery, I didn’t need pain medicine and so I had to taper off Hydrocodone which was easily done over a couple of weeks. I am very sorry this Judge ruled like he did because his ruling could hurt so many that need pain medicine. If people want to escape life with drugs there isn’t any way to stop them. They have to stop themselves. If they chose not to stop then they will suffer the consequence and yes possible loss of life. That is NOT the producers or suppliers of drugs fault. That judge was so wrong in his judgement. I hope Johnson & Johnson and other drug companies will not let their companies be bullied into relenting to the bullies. It won’t cure the problem of addiction. Only users can.