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July 23, 2019

Photo credit: music4life at Pixabay

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Classical education was admired, desired, and fairly widespread in years past.  It included the “classics,” learning foreign languages – even defunct ones such as Latin and Ancient Greek – and history, philosophy, literature, science, and math.   But, more recently classical education was pushed aside in order to speed up the process of becoming a “professional” such as a lawyer, or physician, or an MBA, an engineer, or accountant…. You get the idea.  All of those “extraneous” courses that came with classicism were just “time-wasters” (or so many thought).

But classical education never disallowed anyone from pursuing a profession or becoming a specialist.  Rather, what it did was expose students to the wide variety and colors of real life and teach them how to think and to instill in them the desire to think – deeply – about many things and to consider multiple sides of an issue — to be intellectually curious, and develop a healthy skepticism, as opposed to running with the crowd.

What all this is leading up to is the blindness of so many in positions of great power who, because they devoted so much time and effort to become tops in their fields, likely never spent time to acquire at least a rudimentary understanding of the physical sciences, or to get a firmer grounding in math and statistics, and more than just a skim over the study of world history, geography, and economics.

My biggest disappointment in this regard was the ruling by the Supreme Court that sided with the EPA some years back to identify carbon dioxide gas as a “pollutant.”  The esteemed justices apparently were ignorant of the science in this matter, and to avoid seeming foolish, they instead took the easy way out and “found” that since the Executive Branch and the Congress had created the EPA and empowered it to make rulings within its sphere of authority, any such ruling by that agency would have the weight of law.  And thus, carbon dioxide could be treated as any other, genuine “pollutant” under the law and governed by any subsequent regulations.

This sort of ignorance seems to have caught on with politicians throughout the civilized world who are preparing or seeking to impose policies that will seriously disrupt or harm the flourishing economies and comfortable lifestyles enjoyed today by so many all over the globe.

Through ignorance, carbon dioxide has been declared toxic and thus, must be reduced!  Despite the fact that we exhale this vital gas many times every minute, day in and day out, and that plants MUST have carbon dioxide or die and that they thrive even better in much higher concentrations of this life-sustaining gas, many well-minded, nice people have succumbed to the misinformed “group-think” and join in insisting on drastic changes that would make modern life impossible.

The power of suggestion and the willingness of many good folks to feel guilty about the comfort and ease of their lives lead them to buy the baloney that modern life is “destroying the planet.”  This has led far too many folks, nice folks who should know better, to climb aboard the freight train to poverty – the “anthropogenic climate change express.”

But in truth, incomprehensibly vast oceans of air constantly circle and slide up and down the surfaces of our planet.  Tremendous volumes – trillions of tons — of ocean water and currents that comprise two-thirds of the earth’s surface constantly upwell and flow and cycle cold and warm water to all areas of the planet in cyclical fashion.  And our wonderful Sun, the life-sustainer of our solar system, waxes and wanes with its life-essential energy output – once again, in a cyclical fashion.  And the tilt of our earth in its orbit around the Sun and its daily spin gives us not only our four seasons, but night and day as well.  But all of these mighty forces are puny when compared with an additional one-hundredth of one percent of a life-giving, life-sustaining natural gas entering our atmosphere?  Think!

And the Master of all this majestic beauty, the Creator of All Things, had the foresight to actually create a life-giving and sustaining symbiosis between plant and animal life on His beautiful Earth.  Eons ago, elementary plant life employed photosynthesis to release free oxygen into earth’s atmosphere, thus enabling elementary animal life – single-cell beings — to form and thrive.  The carbon-based animal life used the oxygen to consume carbon and to “breathe,” thus releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere to help the life-giving plants thrive and metamorphize.  And so it (we) began.

As a result of even the slight additional amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere today, plant life is blooming and the earth’s surface is greening.  (Actual satellite photos prove this.)  And more crops are being harvested to feed the growing population on earth.  It’s almost as if our Creator knew what He was doing.  D’ya think?

The fantastical idea that miniscule amounts (in the real scale of things) of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is somehow dangerous, or worse, is “THE CONTROL KNOB” for earth’s climate – the very same climate that has had wild swings long before very many people inhabited this earth – has captured the imaginations of far too many otherwise sentient folks.

Photo: Sharon Rondeau

Please, look at the “science” behind this nonsense.  Carbon dioxide is a gas.  Gases rise and fall and move throughout the atmosphere with temperature and wind currents.  They DO NOT fall to earth and create a “heat-island” effect.  And, years of very accurate measurements – by satellites operated by NASA – show that our atmosphere HAS NOT WARMED despite slight increases in carbon dioxide.  (It remains at a mere 4 parts per 10,000.)  However, surface temperatures are higher for two reasons – the heat-island effect caused by placing temperature-recording devices on black rooftops, above concrete or blacktop pavements and THE DELIBERATE monkeying with the data by the NOAA and NASA data-minders.  They have adjusted earlier records “downward” so as to “prove” that current temperatures are the hottest ever when actually, the 1930s were warmer – Anybody remember the Dust Bowl and the Okies who fled to California when intense drought and heat drove them from their farms?

The deliberate manipulation of climate data, coupled with the constant broadcast and repetition of severe weather events – from everywhere in the world — have led many good people to buy into the farce that somehow, life-giving carbon dioxide must be eliminated – despite the deleterious effects such actions would impose on comfort, ease of travel, the world economy, and a standard of living and ease that is well-earned and deserved.

Please, don’t fall for this nonsense,  Don’t let politicians who are ignorant of the science and math use the deliberate distortion of statistics to implement drastic policies that will impoverish all, reduce comfort, and lower the standard of living for millions.  Climate has changed and will continue to change.  Great ice sheets cover entire continents and then disappear – but you are not to notice such facts.  Climate control is 93 millions from earth and waxes and wanes on cycles.  In doing so, it makes the polar “ice” caps on Mars come and go – there are no SUV’s or AC units or coal-fired plants on Mars…  (Just another thought to ponder.)

Let’s everybody wish that more of today’s “leaders” had spent just a little less time studying law or “journalism” and allowed some time to study history, science, math, and statistics…

Old Frank

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  1. Great article. Learned all this as a high school student –1948-50. Reinforced again in college as a Forestry student 1950-54. I have been telling this to people ever since. Even saw it in a cartoon once — the plants need the CO2.