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(Jul. 23, 2019) — Social media should be a large part of any business’s digital marketing strategy nowadays as it offers endless opportunities to connect with potential clients in an accessible and inexpensive way. It’s not essential to be an expert on social media marketing to create engagement and drum up new business, but it is wise to do some research in order to ensure that your efforts are reaching the maximum possible audience.

Nobody knows a business’s ethos, values and goals better than the owners and employees that live and breathe the company on a day-to-day basis, so creating a social media marketing role in-house can be very successful. There’s a lot of material and advice found online that can help create inspirational marketing and management software such as Hootsuite, which can support scheduling calendars and give insightful reports on performance.

Outsourcing digital marketing specialists is an alternative that may be more expensive but brings industry expertise and knowledge to the table. When hiring a digital marketing agency, look for companies that specialize in your field as they will have a greater understanding of your client base and will know the best way to communicate with them. Just Legal Marketing, for example, are experts on internet marketing for law firms and focus their efforts purely on this area of business.

The four main platforms that can be used to connect with a target audience are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, all of which have unique benefits and qualities:


This long-standing social media platform is usually the first port of call when setting up digital marketing campaigns as Facebook has the largest amount and broadest range of users around the globe. Supporting imagery, videography, and descriptive material, a business’s Facebook page should be the go-to platform for information. Invite potential and existing clients to like and follow the page in order to build a community and spread the word.


Photography is the main focus on Instagram, making it the perfect platform for businesses that have creativity, design, and aesthetics at the forefront. Connect with new audiences and spread the message of the company through hashtags, making content more discoverable as long as they are relevant to the brand.


Short, sharp and to the point, Twitter can be used as an alert system. Update followers on company activity with brief statements and retweet applicable news to keep the feed up to date. This is a fast-moving platform but can work extremely well for businesses if managed correctly.


The platform users look to for inspiration and ideas, Pinterest can work brilliantly for creative industries. Create relevant pins, boards and build a community online. ‘How to’ guides and ‘top tips’ pieces work well here.  It is an excellent space for illustrating the characteristics of a company.

All these platforms can be used free-of-charge if budgets are limited but also offer the option to create sponsored advertisements and paid campaigns to extend the reach of the marketing.

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