by Sharon Rondeau

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(Jun. 22, 2019) — On the June 21 “Freedom Friday” show, Carl Gallups hosted Obama birth certificate investigator Mike Zullo to discuss the “Deep State,” the “Russia” investigation, the “fake” birth certificate said to represent Obama’s original Hawaii birth record posted at whitehouse.gov in April 2011, and “the media behind it all.”

Under the authority of then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, in August 2011 Zullo began what became a 5+-year probe into the “long-form” birth certificate image, discovering it to be a “computer-generated forgery” early in the process.  Gallups has followed the investigation closely both as a broadcaster and later, as a deputized participant, hosting Zullo frequently to share updates with his audience.

Rather than launching its own investigation into Zullo’s claims of forgery and fraud relating to Obama’s government documents, the mainstream media ridiculed the messengers, a technique it continues to use whenever the topic of the Obama “birth certificate” arises.

In an April broadcast, Zullo said that during the course of the investigation, he acquired evidence that there was “collusion” between media executives and the Obama White House to avoid the subject altogether.  Zullo has described the birth certificate forgery as “the foundational lie” of Obama’s “presidency.”

Of late Gallups has spoken extensively about the “Deep State,” which refers to entrenched, unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies such as the U.S. intelligence community, Justice Department and its subsidiary, the FBI.

For the last two years, but particularly since Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was made public in April, evidence has emerged showing that the premise upon which Mueller’s $35 million project was based — that someone within the Trump campaign engaged in “collusion” or conspiracy with the Kremlin — was false and represented a colossal effort to remove Donald Trump from office.

Mueller assumed the probe from the FBI on May 17, 2017, eight days after then-FBI Director James Comey was fired. Trump immediately objected, citing an interview he conducted of Mueller to possibly replace Comey on May 16 of that year as well as a private business transaction between the two that soured.

Despite an extraordinary array of Democrat-supportive prosecutors, Mueller’s team failed to find sufficient evidence that anyone within the Trump campaign had engaged in improper communications with Russians to affect the outcome of the election. On the claim of “obstruction of justice” which apparently stemmed from a separate investigation launched by former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Mueller said he could neither construct a charge nor “exonerate” Trump.

Rumors of the campaign’s alleged connections to Russia began to leak to the press in September 2016 as exemplified by a story by Yahoo! News’s Michael Isikoff. In his article, Isikoff claimed that the FBI was investigating private businessman and informal Trump campaign advisor Carter Page for possible ties to the Kremlin.

The following month, unknown to the American public, Comey signed an affidavit to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) requesting a surveillance warrant on Page based on the claim that he was “an agent of a foreign power,” namely, the Russian government. The affidavit was based on an unverified “dossier” compiled by British citizen Christopher Steele at the indirect request of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton campaign.

The application also included Isikoff’s article for which Steele was the source. a technique known as “circular reporting.”

Although Page was under surveillance for nearly a year, he was never charged with a crime.

Trump’s new attorney general, William Barr, has resolved to discover how and why the Russia investigation was launched within FBI headquarters given the results of Mueller’s investigation.

“Now that we have the Mueller report and the Steele dossier and a FISA court being lied to by government law enforcement…why can people not believe that the Obama administration took a day or two to make a fake birth certificate to make that issue go away?” Gallups asked Zullo at 12:33.

“Just think about it:  these people are brazen enough to try to take down a sitting United States president for no other reason than they didn’t like the outcome of an election, and to them a birth certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper,” Zullo responded.  “It has no significance.  Their ideology says, basically, that anyone is a citizen of anywhere and anyone can be president of the United States; actually factually incorrect, but that’s their mindset and that’s what they believe, and for them, the ends justify the means.”


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  1. I appreciate the reinforcement and the refresher course from another commenter on natural born Citizenship, that of which I learned in grade school, circa 1957/58.

    Although our class members never had the need to go into the depth that we at this website currently are going through, our grade-school class students never envisioned that all of the Obamas, all of the Cruzes, all of the McCains, all of the Rubios, all of the Kamalas, all of the Gabbards, and all of the Jindals of this planet Earth would twist the law of nature and the U.S Constitution into a bowtie-shaped pretzel.

  2. Message posted on President Trump and AG Barr websites today:


    God Bless President Trump + AG Barr = Make America Great Again = MAGA

    WASHINGTON: http://bradmeltzer.com/Nonfiction/The-First-Conspiracy [hanging justice for spies]
    TRUMP: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/38633557-the-russia-hoax [jail time justice for spies?]

    Washington: REVOLUTION

    SPYGATE: Will They Be Held Accountable?

    ANSWER: Follow the DOJ staffing dedicated to any indicting/prosecuting/sentencing/imprisonment of 1 to 100 leading coup-treason plotters; the bigger the staff, the greater the possibility that any number of plotters will be jailed per prescribed law; are committed DOJ resources and “JUSTICE FOR ALL” Will[BARR]power sufficient right now to indict and jail any of these SPYGATE treasonists?


    SPYGATE (= WATERGATE 2.0) began when Treason Queen Pelosi forged the passport of islamic infiltraitor “OSAMA” OBAMA into the White House on 08-28-08: https://canadafreepress.com/2009/williams091209.htm


    1. REVOKE EXECUTIVE ORDER 13489 to unmask Fake presIDent Obama II for all American citizens


    3. ALLOW PRIVATE CITIZENS TO ASSIST DOJ PROSECUTION OF THE TOP 100 “SPYGATER TRAITORS” because U.S. Government employees are too politically saturated to passionately indict and jail one of their own

    Include Obama daily-archivist Sharon Rondeau https://www.thepostemail.com/
    Include Tom Fitton https://www.judicialwatch.org/
    Include Atty. Larry Klayman https://www.freedomwatchusa.org/

    JAIL 100 SPYGATE TRAITORS as a reminder for every year of this century: JUSTICE FOR ALL shall prevail!

  3. Nikita, Both Bushes, Obama, Biden and both Clintons have publicly advocated for the “New World Order”. They are ALL Globalists. Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner, HRC, and at least 30 other U.S. Officials are Bilderbergers. Everyone cannot be President or VP of the United States unless they meet ALL Article II eligibility requirements. A “Citizen” is NOT tantamount to a “Natural Born Citizen”. That’s common sense. These are terms of art which the founders used. Common sense dictates that two terms of art would not have been used if the founders just wanted every “Citizen” to be eligible. The requirement to be a Senator, for example, is that one must be a citizen. To be President or VP, one must be a “Natural born Citizen”. An NBC is “one born in the U.S. to parents who are U.S. Citizens themselves”-Minor v Happersett (9-0), USSCt. (1874).

  4. From this article:
    “Just think about it: these people are brazen enough to try to take down a sitting United States president for no other reason than they didn’t like the outcome of an election, and to them a birth certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper,” Zullo responded.

    Focusing on the phrase “nothing more than a piece of paper, this same negative connotation can be applied to number 43 POTUS when he was purported to say: “It’s just a g***amned piece of paper!” per the below weblink.

    Personally, I believe that GW Bush said that and that he meant it.

    Responsibility for all actions, right or wrong, done within the realm of a presidential administration fall squarely on the shoulders of the Executive Officer of the USA, aka the President, aka the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. For that reason, I believe that the presidential usurpation of aka Barack HUSSEIN Obama could have been avoided if GW Bush would have taken appropriate legal action to stop aka Obama’s presidential candidacy and that of U.S. Senator John S. McCain, III’s because neither were natural born Citizens. And, I personally believe that GW Bush knew it. Rumor has it that some third party candidate for the 2008 presidential election also was not a natural born Citizen.

    Summary: GW Bush allowed an unconstitutional person to usurp the office of the POTUS while he was on his (GW Bush) Constitutional watch.

  5. Quote from Mike Zullo:
    “Just think about it: these people are brazen enough to try to take down a sitting United States president for no other reason than they didn’t like the outcome of an election, and to them a birth certificate is nothing more than a piece of paper,”

    That quote above from Zullo, combined with his quote below describes the non-stop effort to remove Trump from office.
    Zullo has described the birth certificate forgery as “the foundational lie” of Obama’s “presidency.”
    The reason they didn’t like the outcome of the election is because it threatens to expose “the foundational lie” of Obama’s “presidency” and in doing so would take down the Deep State and drain the Swamp……..that’s why there is a non-stop panic trying to remove President Trump from office. Hillary would have meant home free for all complicit in The Obama Fraud, and any Republican other than President Trump would have meant more uniparty establishment politics.
    For the installers of Obama the election of the “birther” Donald Trump was a worst case scenario.
    The fake news media and Fox News often say something like, “these people are brazen enough to try to take down a sitting United States president for no other reason than they didn’t like the outcome of an election.” I’m more than pretty sure they are and have been for years totally aware of the most important reason….they too are complicit in The Obama Fraud and have invested all of their credibility in maintaining the false narrative of Obama being a legitimate president….how can they back out now without severe consequences?……This has been true since the moment Obama was allowed to be sworn-in as the putative president in January of 2009. He was the perfect candidate for the Deep State to use to weaken America…..and would not be criticized or impeached because he was America’s. “Historic first black president”. The plan worked for 8 years.
    Also, the installers of Obama apparently believed that they could not get by with Obama being born outside of the U.S.A., so they changed his commonly stated birthplace from Kenya to Hawaii and then scrubbed the internet of many references of, “Kenyan born Senator Obama”. It took them a long time to get all of them removed. On “natural born citizen” they apparently and with good reason assumed most American’s would accept the lie that, “Born in America”, was good enough for that requirement. The handlers of Obama found out they could fool some of the people enough of the time to make their plan work……………….

  6. Sharon,

    This discussion between Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo about (listen at 17 min. mark) Montgomery’s invention, deep state spying “hammer” software with the ability, not only to fake originating identity, but to implicate innocent people as originators of email messages, should be linked to once each week, well, at least once each month, until VP Mike Pence is inaugurated POTUS # 46 in January 2025.