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(May 14, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ the fix your brain needs to stay afloat. Hello, my name is Roving, as in Roving Reporter (RR), and I’ll be your host while we’re here at the entrance of one of our country’s Islamovilles, of which there are more than 22. Come to think of it, one could make the point that every mega-mosque is, in fact, the center of yet another Islamoville, for instance: Dearborn-stan, Michigan, and Murfreesboro-stan, Tennessee. With me is retired agent Nancy Simkins, who used to be in charge of ‘Suspected foreigners who wish us harm search,’ whose acronym is PIGS. Welcome to the show, Agent Simkins; glad you could make it.

“And I almost didn’t; I had a heck of a time finding my bulletproof vest, but I’m here now and ready to help you navigate one of these displaced ‘Afghanistan Terrorist Training Camps.’”

“We’re not going in, surely you jest?”

“Oh, no, even though it’s a public road maintained by taxpayer dollars, it’s understood that it’s a ‘NO-GO’ zone for us infidels. See the guardhouse on the easement, and the armed guards? No, we’ll use a drone to snoop around.”

“How high are we going to fly over?”

“Three thousand feet; it will be like flying over at 300 feet, thanks to the telescopic lens. See here? That’s the training grinder – the field – where they march and hold public beatings and executions. Now look over here, to the left. You know what that is? Take a guess.”

“I will after this commercial.”

The Mountain High” (2:16)

“Well, offhand, I’d say that it’s a garden; I mean, it’s all dug-up.”

“No, that’s the killing field; it’s the place where our District Attorney will never pull a search warrant, that’s for sure.”

“And why would that be?”

“Because the Islamophobic and the mainstream media would have a field day, that’s why.”

“Because they’re owned by Arabs?”

“That and our own homegrown loonies, you know: Democrats.”

“And what are those, ants?”

“No, just women in burqas. Let’s leave; we’ve been spotted.”

“But we’re on public land; we have a right to be here.”

“Not according to them, and my little 9 mm pistol is no match for an AK-47.”

“So they’re allowed to have machine guns?”

“Where in the heck you been, Roving, on another planet? It’s called Creeping Sharia,‘ or haven’t you heard?”

“Looks more like ‘Sprinting Sharia.’”

“That it does. The Democrats used to give lip service to the plight of the Jews and especially the Christians in the Middle East, like the Christians being exterminated in Egypt, but ever since Obama tried to shove the Muslim Brotherhood down the throats of the Egyptians, every day the numbers of the Egyptian Christians have plummeted, just as their tourist dollars have.”

“They just can’t keep it together, can they?”

“No, they can’t, but then there’s always the really stupid Americans who want to trek through a Muslim country ‘for an adventure’ and end up beaten, raped, tortured and murdered and the guilty never – as in never-ever – see justice, now, do they?”



“So we have Muslim-lovers in our government?”

“More than you have any idea. The FBI is especially infected, and I think the upper echelons of the Pentagon are, also, thanks to eight years of Obama.”

“That’s right, isn’t it? Didn’t the FBI erase any mention of Wahhabi‘ andJihad’ from their textbooks and pamphlets? Wait; let’s throw in this commercial.”

Miss You” (3:32)

“Didn’t want to offend anyone. Ever see that chalkboard the General pushes around, the one with all the murdered Americans by Muslims, starting with the World Trade Center bombing of 1993?”

“I’ve seen it, and, once you see the timeline, Muslims are murdering us in our own country every day. Makes you want to really do something about it.”

“That’s true, but who can you trust? You can’t trust the cops; it would be like trusting the FBI, wouldn’t it? Anyone for a coup?”

“So, Agent Simkins, what’s your gut feeling about all of this?”

“From Some people did something’ (0:42) to the ‘Holocaust gives me a calming feeling’ (1:49), we have the Democratic Party taking the blinders off and telling us what we suspected all along: they want our guns so we’re defenseless. Meanwhile, the Muslim armories – aka mosques – are loaded to the gills; trust me. No more cameras in Muslim-infected areas, either. Now, let me tell you what I told my boss as I walked out the door of the FBI for the last time.”

“Sorry, have to stop you there, Agent Simkins; this is, after all, a family show. And now, folks, let me wrap it all up for you. Oh, sorry, my boss is telling me that it’s that time where I wish you all, on behalf of the crew and Agent Simkins, a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, guys. Burger time: my treat.”

Feel So Bad” (2:55)



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