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by Don Fredrick, ©2019, author of The Complete Obama Timeline

(Apr. 14, 2019) — People, this is getting ludicrous. Facebook suspended me for 30 days for posting this:

“Some (Democrat) women are idiots:”

Seriously? We are not allowed to mock leftist feminists? Are they a protected species? Facebook apparently has manpower and time to waste on blocking humor. This image is certainly not “hate speech.” It is merely an attempt to ridicule (some) women.

This misuse of the label “hate speech” to censor people who do not agree with their ideology has become a routine tactic of the leftists. The left has, in fact, little actual “hate speech” from conservatives to combat. For example, few people say that women should be abused or beaten (well, except for “rappers,” who the leftists somehow find acceptable). In reality, most of the hate speech comes from the left—and Facebook and Twitter seem to allow quite a bit of it.

But notice what is going on. Democrat politicians, media leftists, and censors at Facebook and Twitter are becoming increasingly hostile to humor. Why? Because they know it is effective. They learned well from Saul Alinsky, whose fifth rule in his book Rules for Radicals was: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” Alinsky was right. Regrettably for the political left, conservatives have become increasingly good at using it. Donald Trump in particular is a master of ridicule. That is why the Democrats and media leftists are finding it increasingly difficult to spread their socialist propaganda. Calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” is effective because it reinforces the faux-Indian image people have of her in their minds. (Remember how “Low-energy Jeb” was used by Trump to destroy Jeb Bush’s candidacy?) No one will look at Adam Schiff without concentrating on his neck. Hillary Rodham Clinton literally became “Crooked Hillary” in the minds of tens of millions of voters—even Democrat voters. Joe Biden may be known as “Wandering Hands Joe,” just as Robert Francis O’Rourke is already “Crazy Hands O’Rourke” to many.

Alexander Ocasio Cortez’s absurd “Green New Deal” screamed out to be ridiculed the moment her overview and FAQs were made public. “Darling, we can’t watch TV tonight because the wind isn’t blowing!” has been one of Trump’s ways of mocking her socialist scheme. Trump has shown the cowardly Republicans how to battle the opposition. Fortunately, some have followed his lead. Let’s hope it continues. I certainly will not stop… no matter what obstacles Mark Zuckerberg’s henchmen place in my way.

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  1. I am again serving a (30) day term in the “FB Gestapo” cooler for criticizing Islam. SCOTUS recently ruled that it was ok to “Force” a student to pray Islamic prayers in public schools. I can assure you, THAT is NOT Constitutional. SCOTUS has acted in derogation of that students Freedom of Religion and against the Establishment clause.

  2. Suspended again and again for unless comments in reply to news articles. I dont comment much but do react on many. I am being targeted for being conservative is all I can explain.

  3. “Thirty days in the cooler”- Colonel Wilhelm Klink, Luftwaffe, Hogan’s Heroes, played by Werner Klemperer. Thirty days in the Facebook “Cooler” is what I just got for criticizing Muslims again. Islam/Sharia is encroaching upon our freedoms. My comments involved warnings that Americans received about the dangers of Islamic conquest from John Quincy Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Don’t let this dangerous situation continue. Contact your representative and apprise him or her that this is NOT “a Muslim nation” as Barack Obama claimed. I will not remain silent about Islamic Sharia crimes against humanity. Facebook and Google are stifling free speech at the bequest of our enemies.

  4. Robert Laity wrote:
    “Whether you care to believe it or not. Eight years of the Muslim Obama, in our WH, has led to Islam and Muslims being given great deference over every one else.”

    Here in sanctuary Montgomery County MD, Muslims and LGBTQs and ILLEGAL ALIENS are being given great preference over every one else…including POW/MIAs and KIAs.

  5. During the 2004 election, AOL not only censored my factual comments/retorts about John F. Kerry but abruptly cancelled my then 15 year long membership. They simply didn’t want anything negative about Kerry on their public message board.

  6. Twitter AND Facebook have my accounts suspended. Facebook is censoring ANY criticism of Islam as being “Against community standards”.

    There are countless anti-Semitic rants and hate filled diatribes against Jews as well as many leftist critics of Conservatives being given free reign of the site.

    Facebook and Twitter are facilitating Islamic conquest and dhimmitude. What is Dhimmitude? First Islam conquers a nation by infiltrating it, attacking it from within and any other means to that end. It then undertakes to control every aspect of one’s life under sharia law.

    Being censored to the point of being unable to fight this onslaught by commenting about it is tantamount to facilitating it and being complicit with the Islamic prime directive of conquest of the entire Earth for allah.

    Whether you care to believe it or not. Eight years of the Muslim Obama, in our WH, has led to Islam and Muslims being given great deference over every one else.

  7. I am back in Facebook Jail for criticizing Islam, even though there have been Muslims all around the world, including in our own congress, who have been chanting “Death to America” and/or other similar rants for many years now.

  8. Things are worsening. My Quora account was suspended because ONE person said that a comment I made regarding Obama was “racist and untrue spam”. ONE person resulted in a suspension. I deleted that account. Who needs it.

  9. Thanks Glenn and Sharon. We are all working as a team. There is NO “I” in the word TEAM.
    We MUST do everything that can be done to preserve our founding father’s dream of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” for ourselves and our posterity. We must not let America be subsumed by socialists,communists or shariaists.

  10. Glenn,

    You’re very welcome. And Thank You very much for having Robert’s, and my, back.

    Of course, we all owe a big THANK YOU to Sharron. :)

  11. Robert and Carter, thanks for being point men. Here we have examples (in your postings) that free speech isn’t free and it is costly, especially if it is a conservative view. Indeed, keep doing
    what you’ve been doing…”the darkness will not overcome the light”. Sin only has a season.
    Indeed, keep sowing seeds. Others and myself, “got your back”.

  12. During the 2008 election AOL revoked my (then) 12 year long membership because I refused to stop posting comments critical of Obama on their political message boards. THEY simply did not want anything negative about Obama on their platform.

  13. I have been permanently banned on Twitter after amassing over two thousand followers (a modest amount, I admit) and having written 50,000 tweets. They just do NOT want to hear from Republicans or Conservatives. They never even showed me the alleged offending tweet. Just that it “violated twitter rules”. PFUI on Twitter.