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(Mar. 26, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ where the truth sees the light of day and it’s up to us to make of it what we will. Listen, if you’re a sensitive soul and are afraid of constructive criticism, please, change the channel: we would hate to have any dissatisfied viewers. And if you don’t think Obama was deliberately placed in the White House; that Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama*, isn’t a full-blown member of the Muslim Brotherhood; that today’s military has more than its fair share of Obots; and that Valerie Jarrett and Huma Abedin don’t have a direct connection with Tehran and the aforementioned Muslim Brotherhood; please, for all of our sakes, keep your fantasies alive by not reading another word. Now that we’ve culled the unnecessaries, the unneededs and unwanteds, we can proceed with the show that is being broadcast from our corner, under the awning, across the street from the railroad station where we’ll waylay this young lady.”

“I heard that and I ain’t no lady; I’m a detention officer at one of our high schools. I watch your show so I know you’re pretty opinionated of yourself and ‘Pulse,’ the ‘most popular show in its time slot.’ I’ll beat you to the punch: my name is Agent 99, so what’s the question of the day?”

“Did you cut in line? Hey, excuse me: did she cut in line? She did? Next, please; besides, I bet you’re an Obot, and if it’s one thing we don’t like, it’s Obots. We like people who can think for themselves; people who have realized the Democratic Party of JFK died when he did. Next, please.”

“Hello, Roving; name’s Chuck and read the transcript whenever it’s posted in The Post & Email News.”

“Well, Chuck, the weather is the great determinant as to whether we’re out here on our corner.”

“I’ll buy that. You used to do a lot more traveling; what happened?”

“Our producer took away our gas card. Okay, Chuck, here’s the question of the day: Obama opened the doors for whole Somali villages to enter our country where they have been given all kinds of freebies, more than any of our homeless Veterans get. So, what are the chances that any of these Muslims will ever assimilate and accept the Constitution over Sharia Law?”

“I’d say the same chance that Representative Omar will accept the Golden Rule as her guide to living a righteous life. I’d like to throw something in, if I may?”

“Go for it.”

“I’d like to recommend the Wayne Allyn Root Show to your viewers. And one other thing: even though I miss Jessie Lee PetersonNEWSMAX TV has a whole slew of really competent and entertaining people on all day. Look, FOX NEWS still has a few good people left, but I think the writing’s on the wall; at least that’s my wife’s and my opinion. And here’s my train: bye.”

“What a great plug, Chuck. Good time to take a commercial break.”

Young Love” (2:30)

“Okay, we’re back.”

“Hey, Roving: no collusion-delusion; isn’t it great?”

“Truth will set you free. Next, please. And you are?”

“John, name is John and I work at the lab where I’m the press-release guy.”


“That’s right. I’m writing a play to get people interested in what we do out there.”

“That’s interesting; what’s the play about?”

“Here, I’ve got some of it with me if you care to read it for your audience.”

“Sure, I’ll give it a try:

                              Dating at the Speed of Light

 Electron #1: “Oh, Joan, I’d like to go to the dance but no one has asked me.”

Electron #2: “Don’t be discouraged, Nancy, I’m sure a nice proton will ask you; after all, the dance isn’t for another month.”

Neutrino: “Hey, I was just passing by and I couldn’t help but overhear what you two were talking about; I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but I’ll take you to the dance.”

“That’s it? I’m afraid this is a major disappointment, John.”

“Maybe you’re not into the subject.”

“Oh, yes I am. Does Joan accept the invitation? Does she have to go out and spend all kinds of, what, energy for new shoes? And that reminds me: I’m just your normal red-blooded American male and I really couldn’t give a rat’s, well, I wouldn’t care if my date wore mukluks.”

“I have a feeling you’re one very insensitive macho male who should’ve spent more time at the library rather than in the weight room; maybe then you wouldn’t have such a thankless job. Good day to you.”

“And the same to you, I’m sure of it. Okay, how rude of some people. Let’s take a break and we’ll do one more interview.”

Put Another Log on the Fire” (2:20)

“Okay, we’re here with Miss, oh, I’m sorry; we’re here with a lady who doesn’t want the camera on her or her real name used. What should we call you?”

“Pamela will work.”

“Pamela it shall be. Now, you said you wanted to say something, so go ahead while we aim the camera at the train station.”

“Thank you, Roving. Look, it’s been pretty darn obvious from the start that there’s a major problem brewing, and if we don’t actually do something it’ll get out of hand and then it’ll be too late. Christians and Jews are fleeing [Homelands(1:56)] from the frying pan into the fire. To call Islam a religion is nothing more than repeating the lie, and it sure looks like it’s working overtime in the United States, where we’re so gung-ho on the freedom of religion kick one would think we’re all Puritans who just got off the boat.”

“Not me.”

Photo obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA request, received June 6, 2013, terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, 9/11/12 https://www.scribd.com/document/149027595/State-Benghazi-Pix-31-May-13

“That’s because you get it; that’s because you have a brain that you use; and that’s because you can extrapolate that what’s been happening in Europe — and specifically Sweden – will happen here – which it already has – it’s just a matter of time.”

“I’m with you there. I was a cub reporter, but even I knew that the Beltway Sniper was just your normal everyday Muslim who kills because, well, because he’s your normal everyday Muslim.”

“That’s right, and CAIR collects money so the Muslim Brotherhood can rent trucks to mow people down; to buy explosives to kill anyone at anytime anywhere, and to lob rockets into Israel to murder indiscriminately.”

“So what the heck is CAIR doing in our country? Doesn’t Attorney General Barr know that Muslims kill Jews and Christians alike? 9-11 wasn’t enough of a wake-up call? What the heck will it take?”

“I’ll tell you what: it’ll take the brains that the Democrats don’t have. The Democrat Party is now the NAZI PARTY and the mainstream media is just as wrong about the Muslim threat as they were about the Russian Collusion.”

“That’s right; when a lady who had her cross ripped off her neck at the mall and the press didn’t report it as a hate crime or mention any Muslims involved; all they said was it was a theft. Right, some theft when they rip off the cross and then throw it on the ground; I wouldn’t call that a theft. And they’ve been giving Louis Farrakhan a free pass for over 30 years when he should’ve been arrested and incarcerated for speaking against the Constitution and promoting the same death threats that CAIR is doing. Well, I’m sorry to cut this short, but we’ve run out of time.”

“Just one more point: CAIR wants 80 more armories in California; you know that, don’t you?”


“Mosques, armories: same thing.”

“Thank you, Pamela, and with that, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a good night: Goodnight.

“Another great show, don’t you think? Burger time: my treat.”


All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues” (4:36)


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