Humane Incarceration (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2019

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(Feb. 18, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another news-breaking episode of ‘Pulse of the Nation,’ your source for the facts you won’t hear anywhere else. Hello, my name is Roving and I’ll be your host while we learn what concerns our neighbors. Want to hear a joke? That Jussie Smollett hoax in Chicago is unraveling. Not good? What do you say we get to work and, oh, I remember you; you’re the idea guy; never did get your name.”

“Oh, hello, Roving, how you doin’? I’m on my way to meet with one of our state senator’s office managers about my latest idea and, since it’s my idea, I’ll reap a 10% finder’s fee. I’m really excited about this one, I don’t mind telling you.”

“What’s the wife think about it?”

“Believe it or not, she’s behind it all the way. She thinks it’s a win-win; there’s absolutely no way I can mess this one up.”

“Don’t keep us in suspense.”

“Okay, but I don’t want this to get around until I iron out the details. Look, Roving, no disrespect but you’re not carried by a lot of stations so I guess it’s okay to tell you; it’s not, like, likely to get around; you with me?”

“Thanks for the endorsement. Go ahead.”

“Okay, we all know this Russian Collusion is nothing but a sorry excuse to defrock Trump and to draw attention away from Obama’s fake BIRTH CERTIFICATE, Hillary getting her ambassador murdered, pay-for-play, Uranium One, and so on. Anyway, we hope the DOJ and FBI traitors will go to jail, so the question remains: which jail? Now you can’t expect Obama to spend the rest of his worthless existence locked-up in a cage down in GITMO, can you?”

“I most certainly can, since that’s exactly where he belongs.”

“Well, yes, of course that’s where he belongs, but the reality of the situation is that, if our new attorney general even does half of what’s expected of him, some of those sleazes will go to the slammer. So my idea is that maybe the government buys one of the TRUMP buildings in West Palm Beach, for example. I mean, send them to a really nice Federal Country Club and if that doesn’t pan out, then maybe rent the Palm Beach county jail (which just happens to be really near the Trump International Golf Club, thereby saving on transportation costs).”

“And you think this is a good idea?”

“Think of it as humane incarceration, akin to compassionate combat. Ever think of room service?”

“Oh, I get it; now I know you’re really out-to-lunch. Look, I’m sorry, but I can’t take any more of your ideas. You know what I think? I think you and your wife deserve each other; that’s what I think. Let’s take a commercial break.”

I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” (4:05)

“Okay, we’ve got time for one more; mind telling us your name and what you’re up to?”

“My mother said I should never talk to strangers.”

“I’m not a stranger: I’m Mr. Roving Reporter (RR) and I make my living conducting street interviews under awnings across streets from railroad stations. People invite me into their homes whenever they turn on their television sets or read me in The Post & Email, so there.”

“You’re fake news. And besides, you’ve an overinflated ego.”

“No, I’m the real news. If you want lies, then maybe we should call a spade a spade; will that be all right with you? It will? Then let me say that fake news and The View and all the others are equally culpable of doing our country just as much harm as if they sank the USS Arizona. We say we stand for truth and justice, yet we allow CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to exist within our borders, let alone on our planet, while at the same time allowing Muslims in Congress. So here’s the question of the day: will the new attorney general, William Barr*, act like somebody with an ounce of brains, someone who can think for himself, or will he be a little lost sheep in a herd of like-minded little lost sheep and think of Islam as a religion rather than what it is: death to Jews, Christians and all the other Infidels who have enough common sense to believe those who say, ‘Death to America, the Great Satan.’ Look, if they say they want to kill you, at least be polite enough to listen to them, don’t you think?”

“It’s all just too complicated and here’s my train. Goodbye.”

“And goodbye to you and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Another great show, don’t you think? So the question of the day is will our new AG convince Trump to release the documents, and will he put out a dragnet and round up our enemies and spare no one, and that includes the usual idiots such as Rachel Maddow and Morning Joe? Maybe he’ll do an investigation to see where each and every dollar of Obama’s Stimulus Money went. Don’t hold your breath. Burger time: my treat.”

[*William Barr: Don’t get me wrong: I wish our new AG great success.]

Suzie Baby” (2:52)


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  1. Rchard Schaum   Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 10:22 AM

    Free you sons, daughters, spouse and friends from unjust incarcerations.

    Rand Paul brought this to the floor and it was resolved for all listed in this Private Law with immunity from government and with remedy from the harms done to them.

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