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by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 13, 2019) — Last week, while referencing the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, formerly the Oversight & Government Reform Committee, The Post & Email noted that Chairman Elijah Cummings has invited the public to submit tips on “waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars.”

On Wednesday, we sent the following regarding the reported “computer-generated forgery” evidenced by a “long-form” birth certificate image posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 after much public pressure from then-businessman and real estate mogul Donald Trump. To the public’s knowledge, neither the FBI nor Congress has launched an investigation into the alleged forgery or that of Obama’s Selective Service registration form which appeared in two versions between late 2008 and early 2009.


Upon clicking the “Send” button, we received the following acknowledgement:

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  1. Maybe now that William Barr is US Attorney General the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama will finally be brought to justice ! But I am not holding by breath !

  2. After nearly one decade of The P&E doing the nbC homework for the homeland, maybe now the stars are aligning in favor of this historic daily P&E effort to finally bring justice to Fake presIDent Soetoro-Obama II (SO2):

    1. John Jay, alumnus of King’s College/COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, was the leading proponent and defender of the original meaning and intentions of “natural born Citizen” [nbC].

    HOMEWORK: In any of John Jay’s writings does he specifically define/opine “natural born Citizen”, to be, born on U.S. soil to both U.S. Citizen-parents?

    2. Today’s Attorney General William Barr, alumnus of COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (reportedly along with his alumnus parents), has formally been asked by Robert Laity to investigate the non-nbC condition of Fake presIDent SO2.

    3. President Trump offered $50 million for SO2’s ID records, including records of SO2’s “narrative attendance” at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 1981-1983; a huge monetary offer by Trump that was met with an even larger moral silence.
    BLACK LIES MATTER: https://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/415868-michelle-obama-id-never-forgive-trump-for-birther-conspiracy

    4. Wayne Allen Root, alumnus of COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, claims he never saw SO2 during SO2’s “narrative attendance” there 1981- 1983.



    Thank you, Sharon and Robert!

  3. I have just replicated the submission of Mr. Laity: https://www.justice.gov/contact-us

    Subject: Messages to Attorney General,

    Dear Sir,

    As you have just entered into your new position, this is to notify you about the still progressing enormous crime of the 2008-2016 imposture of the US presidency by some Obama whose identity so far is not verified.

    His imposture includes fraud and constitutional violations.


    – There were 3 press conferences of Sheriff Arpaio with the video presentation that the officially displayed 2011 copy of Obama’s birth certificate was a coarse forgery with impossible content.

    – There were numerous court filing of Dr. Taitz with experts proving the above plus that Obama’s Connecticut SS# does not pass e-Verify, thus is illegal (stolen from a known deceased person). Obama’s military registration was also forged.

    Constitutional violation:

    According to his official bio, Obama was not born to citizen parents, and it remains unproven on which soil. These criteria of being Natural Born were lastly applied to McCain in the 2008 Sen. Res. 511 (replicating the Law of Nation used by the Founders).

    I notified Pres. Trump in 2016 and 2017 about all the above http://judeochristianamerica.org/OpenLetter/ToTrump2017.htm and was trying to draw attention of politicians and law enforcement to it since 2009 via articles http://judeochristianamerica.org/UFOStillAtLarge.htm and Web site http://judeochristianamerica.org/

    I ask you to immediately open investigation and prosecute this enormous crime in the full extend of the law.


    Thank you, your submission has been received. 2/16/2019

  4. Yesterday, I filed a Renewal of previously filed charges against Barack Obama with William Barr, Attorney General of the United States. I informed him of the longstanding efforts of many Americans, including myself, to bring Obama to the Bar of Justice. Furthermore, I provided Mr. Barr a copy of a letter I sent to President Trump and to previous AGUS Jeff Sessions,in 2017, by certified mail. I also filed a statement on the D.O.J. website and received a receipt for my submission. The receipt and copies of my letter to Barr have been sent to Sharon.,here at the P&E.

  5. We The People of the United States of America are a Constitutional Republic with laws ! We The People of the United States of America are NOT a DEMOCRACY OF ANY KIND . The Founding Fathers Created a Constitutional Republic with law because they knew a democracy would not work and devolved into a dictatorship . The left, Rinos and MSM keep using the term democracy to describe our form of government when they know it was never a democracy of any kind . The term democracy is a beard for Socialism !

  6. Thank you, Sharon, for your diligence, 4th Estate involvement (like it’s supposed to be done!), patriotism, service to your fellow citizens, and emphasis on our country’s laws and constitution.
    Bad news for you, Barry/Barack/whoever-you-are, and others of your ilk- THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS THAT I KNOW OF ON TREASON.
    Although it’s simple, brief, authored by me a very ordinary American citizen (but with a somewhat unique perspective), and has yet to sell a single copy, I’ve just been published.
    When I receive the publisher’s complimentary issues (25), most of them will be going to Congress, The Supreme Court, The White House, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, selected journalists (definitely including you, Sharon), and others (suggestions as to recipients are welcome) at my expense.
    Please don’t consider my mention of this to be shameless promotion or an effort to get myself, or even my little book, out in front of the public. I’m ABSOLUTELY NOT interested in that.
    If I can, I want to do my part and help return our country to the constitutional democratic republic which our wise forefathers intended it to be. Under God.
    Again, Sharon, thank you. Thomas W Arnold.

  7. obama’s birth certificate is irrelevant. A natural born citizen is a person born to two US citizen parents on US soil. barry’s father never was a US citizen.

  8. Let me emphasize it again: it’s not near enough to hand deliver this or that report on the imposture of Obama to Steve Womack or GT Thompson; to this or that crooked apparatchik. It’s not near enough to get their treasonous answer and merely swallow it, or to be bounced back with no answer.

    It’s necessary to create a few groups of people so that one group picket their office, the other pickets their home, the third goes to their local party chapter and agitate it for impeachment or recall of that person. All such activity must go non-stop so that the apparatchiks realize that you would never allow them to bury the issue. They must be forced to receive those people which shove them the package of all evidences: perhaps even bringing Sheriff Arpaio or Dr. Taitz or Pastor Manning!

    Back in the USSR the dissidents had the courage and persistence to fight the colossus of the huge evil empire with near zero chances to sway it (and got to prison for many years for their attempts). And here (in the still freest of the nations, mind you) dissidents surrender and stop acting after one rejection of a saboteur…

    It’s futile to hope as though Trump can rock this boat instead of you, instead of us all, the remnants of the patriots of this fallen nation. It’s obvious, that exposure of the imposture is no more Trump’s agenda, nor his ambition. He had clearly capitulated on this issue, ready to bury it forever along with his handlers and the rest of this failed despicable nation.

  9. One of the aspects of this case that is overwhelmingly supported by a vast majority of the public once they understand the issues involved is birthright citizenship, that is, citizenship bestowed on a person at birth as a natural right. Most people will easily understand and agree, the offspring born here of illegal parents should not be entitled to birthright U.S. citizenship, as only those born exclusively subject to the jurisdiction can rightfully be called natural born Citizens.

  10. Last spring here at the Fort Worth Restaurant in DuBois, PA I gave Congressman GT Thompson a Sheriff Arpaio (Sheriff Kit). This was a meet and greet event / dinner event.
    Here GT stated to me that the issue of Obama was “water under the bridge”. Really?

    Over the past several years I have spoken to GT and his staff (in person) a handful of times of the fraud and usurpation of Obama. Additionally, they were supplied with the “Articles of
    Freedom” / The Works Of The Continental Congress 20009. Here, Obama the usurper made
    pages 43 to 45 of being a fraud… Likewise, I have also contacted Sen. Toomey and his staff
    in person and in writing, with an indifferent response.

    The point here is that the effort to expose and have Obama vetted has not died (by others and myself). Further, we know that Trump has other information and evidence from various sources, that Obama is a Usurper. When he forces this issue, it will be decisive.

    The funny thing about water is that it recirculates, another flow under the bridge and powerful force for change will occur… Therefore, Tony is correct about Churchill, “Never… give up”.
    CDR Kerchner, Robert, and others thanks for your efforts.

  11. While Representative Cummings is still working on the reply, let me suggest a draft for his reply.

    Dear Ms. Rondeau,

    Thank you for writing to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. We welcome all input from the people of our nation. That said, we regret that you adhere to false speculations and conspiracy theories smearing Pres. Obama. Such speculation are surely motivated by racism and prejudice against the first African American resident of this nation. For it’s a gross racism to question identity of any black person! It’s a gross racism to demand photo ID or apply to them the law – this white invention for suppression of the black folks. Where is your sense of the white guilt, Ms. Rondeau? When will you stop already exercising your white privilege?!

  12. I would like to share with The Post & Email three paragraphs that are part of a two-page letter that I have prepared for my U.S. Representative, yet to be mailed to him via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The theme of the letter concerns my feelings on the indignities of the Medicare/Tricare-For-Life healthcare system which is an integral component of my Social Security retirement payments. Thanks to Bob68, I was able to apply a few of his words of wisdom to attempt to make my point.

    To wit:

    “The U.S. government became a Constitutional Crisis when your mentor and the remaining 534 Congress members in 2008 allowed an undocumented alien and unconstitutional person to usurp the highest office of the land, which effectively turned over our U.S. military to a foreign enemy. Your first term of office and several terms of office afterwards, fell within the time period of this Constitutional Crisis and you did nothing about this foreign interloper. Knowing that, I believe you do not have the ability to resolve my simple [REDACTED] appointment debacle.”

    “It is my feeling that once our government messed up (willfully ignored and violated Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5) in 2007-2008 and facilitated the election of an ineligible “Obama” (or whoever his actual name was/is), they, the office holders in our government, in all three branches, decided not to risk their elitism and self-righteous reputations to the extent that they no longer can afford to care about or adhere to our laws, our Constitution, and their constituents. Welcome to our decade-long, ongoing Constitutional Crisis.”

    “In my eyes your only redemption, as my U.S. Representative, is to initiate a criminal investigation into the unconstitutional presidency of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, but first you must take steps to unseal Obama’s full lifetime background documentation and release them to the public, privacy laws be damned, because Obama and those that enabled him are an existential threat to the security of the United States of America. My request for an [REDACTED] examination is small peanuts compared to that task.”

  13. Thanks Sharon,

    In a call about 3 months ago to the office of my Congressman, Steve Womack, a staff member was put on the phone who said he could, “Speak for Congressman Womack”. He said I was making, “duplicitous”, calls to the office and, to paraphrase, “the issue of Obama’s eligibility is settled and no evidence I or anyone else could provide, including if they came to the office in D.C. to discuss and present the evidence…..was ever going to change that”. This was a couple of weeks after I had sent Womack’s office 2 copies of the, “Sheriff’s Kit”, on the investigation of Obama’s now proven forged birth certificate. I mentioned Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation and he said he believed, “the Sheriff should have saved his money”………..he claimed he has done his own investigation and this issue was settled. I have gotten this kind of BS at other Congressional offices over the years. As I have said as far back as 2009, the crimes committed by allowing an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist to usurp America’s presidency are, “too big to prosecute”, and apparently too big to acknowledge. Nothing has changed except that the election of Trump, instead of the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover of Hillary, has exposed the panic of all complicit in The Obama Fraud as they try desperate, made-up measures as part of plan “B” to try to remove President Trump from office….before he completely reveals and acts on the truth about Barry.

  14. Just before leaving office Sheriff Arpaio sent a letter with the results of the investigation to Congressman Gosar of Arizona.

    Why did Gosar not act on it?

    If conservative Republicans won’t act on the information why would anyone expect Democrats to act?